Mommy Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Rebecca, who has an amazingly beautiful blog. Go and check her out!

Here are the questions:

• Are you a stay at home mum or a working mum?

At the moment I’m a stay at home mum but I’m studying a degree at university so I wouldn’t like to work at the moment as half my week is filled with uni.

• Do you co sleep?

Yes! I used to feel guilty because everyone would say to me ‘he’ll be in your bed when he’s 15!” As banter but I’ve educated myself with co-sleeping. When he’s 3 I’ll try and get him into his own bed and see how he gets on. I breastfeed so co-sleeping is so much easier to feed and it’s amazing in the morning when he’s trying to give me kisses and pokes my face to get me to wake up.

• Would you have it any other way?

No I love Ky it’s hard at times but I couldn’t imagine life without him

• What is your one must have item for your child?

Food honestly i know every child needs food, but I’m telling you when he’s hungry he kicks off major so I need at least something he can munch on.

• How many kids do you plan on having?

I would love to have a big family, I’d love to have 4/5 children, but because my sons dad has no involvement I’m worried if my son will feel like the odd one out if I was to have more children with his future ‘step dad’, so I have mixed feelings whether I want more or not..

• Date Night? How many nights/days do you go out?

Single at the moment but my mum watches Ky every Friday, so I can just chill at home or make plans with friends but if I’m honest I’m loving these chilled nights in bed watching animal documentaries 😂

• Your child’s favourite show?

he Night Garden

• Name one thing you bought before you had your child and never used it?

I would say bottles, I’ve only tried using bottles a few times but he’s refused them even now I’ve Night weaned him from breast he took the bottle for two weeks now he’ll go to sleep without the milk or bottle because he doesn’t like the bottle, it’s weird.

• Your child’s favourite food?

Chicken and seasoned cous cous

• How many cars does your family have?


• Dream holiday with your child?

I’d love to take him skiing when he’s older and to go on the Polar Express

• How has your life changed since your child has been born?

I feel like I’ve realised that I don’t know it all and I’m not as wise as I thought I was and that this is an amazing experience and to embrace it. I’d say I’m definitely more sensitive now I have a child, I cry at everything and I feel like I’m more confident at speaking to people.

• Finish the following sentence… ‘It makes my heart melt to see…

My boy pick up things I teach him and when he dives on me for hugs and kisses. It actually makes me emotional!

• Where do you shop for your child?

I shop in next, Zara for his coats and Primark.

• Favourite make up and skincare product?

At the moment I’m loving esteé Lauder double wear foundation I’m obsessed! Urban decay, maybelline, NYX and L’Oréal.

For skin care I’m loving garnier products lately and skin care from Holland and Barrett’s as they’re natural based products.

• Huggies or pampers?

ampers all the way!

• Have you always wanted a child?

es! People would say to me you’ll be a mum at 16. I’ve always seen myself becoming a mum.

• Best part about being a mum?

ow much love you have for your child and how much love they have for you. I also love the different stages you get to see. I love everything about the development and helping your little one be the best version of themselves possible.

I’d love to tag:

e you all enjoyed reading my answers and I can't wait to see what the responses will be from the people I've tagged!


Louise oxoxo


Drugstore Haul! Boots UK

I’ve needed new makeup for ages so I decided to go crazy and order some new products online which was a gamble remembering shades and just taking a wild guess!

I love Boots I practically live in there. I’ve got a Boots advantage card and sometimes they do deals, for example they buy 1 get one half price on Maybelline products and 3 for 2 on L’Oréal Products.

Here’s what I ordered:

L’Oréal Infallible 24H Matte foundation

• L’Oréal infallible 24H Matte Primer

• L’Oréal Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara

I’ve tried out the foundation before and I fell in love with it, I was using Maybelline Matte and Poreless for a while but it didn’t agree with my skin, so I decided to go back to Infallible.

I’ve also tried the mascara years ago and I loved how wide it made my eyes, and how lovely and long my eyelashes looked.

The Infallible primer is new and I can’t wait to see the results properly. I’ve tried this product twice and I love how it feels on my skin and my makeup lasts a long time. I have oily skin, so Matte products are my favourite, using the primer and foundation together has left my skin Matte all day (however I haven’t worn this product for longer than 7 hours) so I will need to wear this a few more times to see if I still love it.

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer

• NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

I’m really impressed with the concealer, I’ve only used it twice like the L’Oréal primer, but the coverage is amazing.

Again, the setting spray is also new and I’ve only used it a couple times. I’m impressed so far and like I said above, Matte is my favourite because my skin is oily. So far so good, I’ve read up on reviews and they seem amazing, I can’t wait to try this out for a long amount of hours to see how well it keeps my makeup in place.

Maybelline Super Stay Powder

• Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

The super stay powder is amazing and I love how it makes my skin look flawless after I apply my foundation and concealer. I like the fact it’s waterproof and I’m lucky that the shade Sand wasn’t too dark for my skin!

The master precise liquid eyeliner is amazing! I love pen liquid eyeliner I find it easier to apply, with this I get to build up my eyeliner by starting off thin and I’m able to thicken the like to however I like.

• Curls Unleashed Coconut & Avocado Curl Smoothie

First time ordering this product as I couldn’t find the Cantu Hair product. This smells delicious, and I love how my curls look defined with this product. It also works well in my sons hair (I only apply a little)

So far I’m happy about the products I’ve ordered but I’ll have to see how well the products last on my face during long hours.

What’s your favourite drugstore products?


Louise oxoxo

Blogging Tips For Beginners

I’ve been blogging for a year and a half now and I thought it would be good to give you some of my tips that I do to keep my blog active and interesting.


I never used to schedule posts in fact I really didn’t know how to use wordpress properly. I would make posts as I go and be done with it. Making posts and then scheduling them for the whole week, or every two days, weekly however much times you would like to post on your blog, will show readers that you’re active and your views will be stable.

Before I did this, my views would be great one day and then the next day because I hadn’t posted, I would have none.


it spices things up. You can kind of get away with not adding pictures if it’s a brief blog post but if it’s long, it will keep viewers more interested if there’s pictures.

It makes blog posts less boring. You can always get pictures from Pinterest (as long as you link or note that the pictures you’re using are not your own and you note the author) or take your own pictures.


My blog didn’t boom what so ever until this year when I joined twitter. I have mentioned a few times about how amazing twitter has been!

I didn’t want to join twitter or Instagram because I was scared that someone I know would find my blog but now I’m so confident in my blog, I don’t care and the support I’ve got from both platforms has been insane.

Make sure when you join Instagram, twitter, tumblr, LinkedIn (you don’t have to join ALL of those but it’s great because you share your content on there) you use the same name or similar to your blog so that people know it’s you. Also post frequently on there which can be challenging when you’re also juggling posting actively on the blog but there’s apps like Crowdfire & Buffer which help you schedule tweets.

I use Crowdfire it’s amazing. You can create your own automessage to send to new followers which you can then link your socials and blog and it also lets you unfollow people who aren’t following back, you can also follow people who are interested in what your blog is about. For example on Crowdfire it says “keyword follow” you put in keywords such as “beauty” “parenting” keywords that describe your blog and then people on twitter will come up who have used them keywords, so you can follow them which means they’ll be more than likely interested in checking out your page.


The use of tagging is important because it’s how people find you online.

For example my post to do with Nu Skin Toothpaste, my tags are ‘nu skin whitening toothpaste Review’ and that post has received so many views from google because ive tagged it correctly and people who will be searching for a review online will be directed to my page.

Make sure you tag properly so if you’ve wrote a review on a beauty product you could put ‘foundation review for oily skin’ or if you’ve wrote a post on tips for dealing with anxiety ‘how to deal with anxiety’ it will make it easier for people to be directed to your page.


Every blogger goes through a stage where they don’t know what to write. A good thing that’s helped me is if I’m doing something throughout the day and I just think of a title I will write it down in drafts and write the content later or add to it during the week.

It’s normally at night where my mind will spill out all these ideas and I’ll honestly just write titles in my drafts and then add to them during the week.

Some people even get a bloggers diary, which seems amazing to keep organised.


Its so fun and lovely to read other people’s blogs and it’s nice to build a supportive network of people.

By doing this you’re also seeing what they post about and maybe you’ll be inspired, and by commenting and following you will also show that you’re active, which will make other bloggers & readers want to view your page.

It’s nice to show support to other bloggers!


I find that being honest and open and not pretending that your perfect will attract more views and followers. It’s because you can connect and relate to people who are also in the same situation or have something in common with you.

Write honestly and write as if you’re talking to your friend (but of course with punctuation!) this will also make you feel comfortable and words will just flow, and readers will also feel comfortable reading your content.


Having a header for your blog will make it seem more official.

There’s an amazing lady who makes headers for £3 and she also makes media kits for £5. Her email address is: and she’s also on twitter. She’s incredibly talented and will design however you like her to. Do be patient if you do request a header from Katie as she has a lot of requests but she will get round to replying to your email.

If you would like to experiment, I used to make my own by using an app called MocaDeco and I still use this to make my feature pictures for my posts.

I hope this has been some use to you, please email me or drop me a message on twitter or Instagram if you would like some tips for blogging, I’d be happy to help.


Louise oxoxo

20 Things To Achieve Before I’m 30

I’ve been thinking lately of all the things I’d love to achieve in my 20s before I hit 30!

I think this will be great to be a reminder of all the things I want to do and it’ll be great to look back on.

I’d love to hear what you would love to achieve too!

1. Visit the Eiffel Tower

2. Complete university with a grade I’m extremely happy about

3. Learn how to love myself and be confident with myself no matter what others think about me

4. Learn sign language

5. Visit Mexico, Italy and Thailand with my son

6. Be in a career that I love and excited about going to every day

7. Help out a charity for young children and families

8. Meet new people who are real and positive and become close friends

9. Become a vegetarian then eventually vegan

10. Teach my son the best way possible to be compassionate, patient and understanding with others, and teach him ways to deal with stress

11. Finally achieve a Skincare Regime that gets rid of acne and my pigmentation marks

12. Volunteer more in the community and help charities especially for 3rd world countries and for children

13. Cook my own Christmas dinner!

14. Go on a girls holiday that will be one of the best times of my life

15. Honestly feel fulfilled within myself and acknowledge how far I have come and grown

16. Go on a safari in Africa

17. Visit Disney land Florida

18. Design my own positivity diary that could potentially begin a business

19. Become more connected spiritually and learn how to channel my positive eventful

20. Become more thankful for the smallest things and become well spoken & positive like Tyler Henry 😂

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but these things mean the world to me.

Let’s see what my list will be like for my 30s, and let’s hope that I get to be able to achieve these things.

I’d love to hear what you’d like to achieve in your lifetime.


Louise oxoxo

The Versatile Blogger Award!

I’m so happy that I’ve been nominated for my 3rd award for this blog! Thank you so much Lynsey for nominating me, you are honestly so lovely.

Go check out her amazing blog!

Here are 7 facts about me:

1. I had my son at 19 years old

2. My favourite movie is Fantastic Mr Fox I don’t know why but I love how rustic it is and I love The Vow it’s such a beautiful film.

3. I’m 5’7 so I’m very tall

4. Both of my parents are mixed raced, both of their moms are English and both of their dads are Jamaican

5. I love anything spiritual and holistic, my friends call me a hippie

6. I was that obsessed with Buddhism I was going to covert and researched in depth into it. I found zen names and saw Ekai which means ocean of wisdom😂because I was convinced I had all this wisdom at 17/18, which came a shock when I had my son, I really was naive back then, but the name lou-ekai stuck!

7. I have a beauty mark by my nose

I nominate:






I can’t wait to read your facts! And I hope who ever is reading has enjoyed reading mine.

Have an amazing day,

Love Louise oxoxo

Staying Organised With a Baby

When you have a child it’s so hard to keep on top of everything and sometimes that’s okay, because sometimes you really don’t have the energy for it.

Sometimes it’s okay to leave the laundry, to leave vacuuming and to leave organising the washing and ironing, but let’s remember to not leave it to the point where you’re pulling your hair out.

I will also say that it’s sometimes boring doing the same routine every single day. You can switch up your routine and by making days out even if it’s to your local park, library and to a friend or relatives house, getting out the house will make your routine less boring.

I’d recommend researching your local play and stay groups, speaking to other moms is like therapy I tell you because you feel like you’re normal after talking to them about how you feel. Also going to art and craft places for children, researching sensory and activity play for them and taking them swimming is also a good idea.

There’s plenty to do that will stimulate them and keep them occupied!


Here’s my tips that have helped me stay organised with my little munchkin pie, and I hope they help you.

Pack Your Changing Bag The Day Before

Honestly. Have you ever needed to go out the next day and you’re literally stuffing your changing bag with everything possible because you ”might’ need it without actually thinking about what you’re actually putting in your bag? It’s also the panic too and making sure you have all of your baby’s essential items.

Packing your changing bag the day before you’re due to go out is so much easier and having food ready in the fridge so you can just take them out the next day and pop them in your bag.

Packing your nappies, wipes, a spare set of clothes, a toy and your purse and items you might want in your bag will take away the stress of sorting it the next day. You’ll be getting yourself and baby ready anyway which is hard enough!

Set Both Of Your Outfits Out Just Before You Go To Bed

Kind of like the changing bag situation. There’s nothing worse rushing round looking for things to wear and then trying to figure out what you want your baby to wear. I normally check the weather the night before and pick out his outfit and put it on my wardrobe door along with my clothes (I normally leave my clothes in the bathroom on the coat hanger.)

Obviously if the weathers changed you’d change the outfit, or maybe get two outfits out ready so you’re prepared. Having an outfit prepared will be so much straight forward for the next day.

Buy Toy Boxes & Storage Baskets

For your little ones small toys and teddy bears, a toy box is essential so that you can put away the toys rather than them being scattered all over their nursery or in your living room. Even show your baby that you’re putting them away.

When my son was 11 months I’d say “put toys away then” and he wouldn’t do anything but just observe, id do this when it was bath time because normally I’d Bath, read and then it’s time for bedtime.

Doing this will intrigue them and now my sons 18 months I’ve continued doing this and he helps me put away his toys in his toy box. It’s nice when you’re child helps you tidy up haha.

Set an Ironing Day (Mines a Sunday!)

Who even likes ironing anyway? It’s one of the things that bugs me but I know it needs to be done.

I set a whole day where I can iron, I either ask my mum to have him for the day or I iron whilst he’s napping or when he’s in bed.

Depending on the day though if nothing’s gone to plan I’ll iron clothes the day before wearing them so they’re not creased. I find though if I get all my ironing done and his ironing done and on the wardrobe, there’s less stress.

Set Days For Weekly Chores e.g. Change Bedsheets On a Saturday

On a Saturday I’ll strip down mine and my sons bed and change the sheets and on a Friday I will polish everywhere, scrub the doors and handles, and I’ll vacuum the ceiling (yes the ceiling because cobwebs and dust). Setting days and spacing it out will not only be easier than just doing the whole thing in one day because your body will be in utter shock, but you will feel better that you’ve got these things done.

I normally change my sheets just before bath time and I try and get my son involved now that he’s walking. Before I would stick him in his bouncer or his walker, while I went on to do what I needed to quickly do.

Freeze Meals (But Remember To Take Them Out The Day Before!)

Freezing dinners can be such a great help. For example if you make a big dinner and you have left overs, it’s always great to freeze it. Such as spaghetti Bolognese, baby puréed food (in ice cube trays it’s such a great thing to do). You can basically freeze anything just make sure you do a little research.

Like I said about baby puréed food if you make your babies food yourself you can always put them in an ice cube tray, and freeze them and then defrost the ice cubes the day before when you’re due to use them the next day. This helped so much. It takes away the stress of constantly having to make dinner every single day, it’s a quick and easy fix.

Wait Until After Dinner To Vacuum

I’m not sure why but I used to her so stressed trying to constantly clean up after my son throughout the entire day. Now I literally let him trash my place until after dinner time (which is when I’ll normally Bath him anyway) and then I’ll begin to clean up properly.

I make sure I vacuum daily just because he picks up the bits from the floor, but I make sure I leave this until after dinner because there’s nothing more frustrating than vacuuming then dinner time comes, and the floods are ruined again.

Make sure you empty your vacuum though afterwards and pick up any big pieces so you don’t clog your vacuum.

Plan Meals Throughout The Week So You Have an Idea On What You Need To Buy

If I don’t plan what I’m having for the week then I will go to the shop and buy unnecessary things. I’ll also spend twice as much and come out with more junk than actual food.

Planning what you’re having for the week ahead and then going out to buy the food that you need will prepare you and you will have bought everything you would need for the meals ahead rather than just guessing and getting whatever.

Put a Load Of Washing On Before You Go Out or Whilst You’re Doing Dinner

Just remembering to put a load on whilst doing dinner or just before you go out is just cutting down your wash load. By time you’ve came back or by time you’ve finished or ate dinner the load will be done ready to hang out the clothes.

I always put a load on while doing dinner or if I’m cleaning the kitchen.

Sorting your washing into colour piles on the floor whilst putting in the loads is also less stress than going through your pile of washing and just picking out clothes then and there.

In The Morning, or Just Before Bath time Place Bedtime Things On The Bed

I’ve only just began doing this but it’s so straight forward to just get them from the bath, straight into the bedroom to get them changed for bed.

Every morning now I will make mine and his bed, and I’ll put a few nappies, his lavender baby powder and his bedtime clothes on my bed and a fresh towel ready for bath time.

You obviously don’t have to do this in the morning it’s just that we never really go back into my room unless it’s time for nap, but he goes into his own bed now.

It’s just so much easier to sort out in the morning rather than getting them out the bath then remembering to get their clothes.

Try and Stick To The Same Routine

When I say stick to the same routine, I mean breakfast, lunch, dinner, bath and bed.

I mean sometimes times will differ. I always make sure though without fail I will Bath my son around 7:30pm or 8:00pm so he knows bedtime is coming soon.

It’s good to keep a good bedtime routine around the same time so that they will go to bed easier.

Not all the time are you going to get them to bed at the same time all the time and sometimes they won’t sleep through which is perfectly normal. But you want them to be aware that this is now night time, so they’re mentally ready for bed and they know bedtime is soon.

Even though it’s hard to be organised with a child, it’s just nice to have tips here and there so you don’t get too stressed.

I remember the days that every day blended into one, everywhere was a mess and I was exhausted but as they get bigger it’s so much easier to get things done.

Like I said at the beginning it’s fine to sometimes have lazy days, you’re entitled to them but we need to remember to not let it get out of hand.

If you’re finding yourself too overwhelmed and you can’t get things done, ask somebody to help you. Ask someone to have your child so you can get the house or dinner sorted in your own time, or even if you just wanted a break the entire day, that’s absolutely fine.


Louise oxoxo

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What Do You LOVE About Yourself?

It’s easy to put yourself down. I find I do it a lot to make people feel better about themselves, it’s complicated.

I feel like the more I expose my flaws and make them know I’m not perfect, the more comfortable they will feel, but it’s became a bad habit.

This post was hard to make because it’s hard to actually think of qualities that you love about yourself. I would love it if you could list at LEAST 3 things that you love about yourself. This can be appearance, your personality, your habits, your passion for something, whatever you want.

I’ll go first:

The 3 qualities I love about myself are:

How Emotionally Aware I Am – I feel like I’m so compassionate especially since having my little boy. I was always compassionate and caring towards people and their issues they may face in life, but since having my son I really take on a lot of emotion through what people are telling me. Sometimes it’s a great trait because i feel like people can trust me and won’t feel like I’m judgemental.

My Eyes – Only with makeup, but I love how my eyes look if I actually get my eyeliner right and if my mascara is fresh, cause I love how my eyes tell what I’m thinking, can’t explain it. I feel like you can tell a lot by my eyes, and if you observe other people you can read their feelings through their eyes.

My Sense Of Humour – I have the best sense of humour ever. I actually remember saying that I deserve a TV show. I love people who are stupidly silly, who actually don’t care to be daring and who actually laugh about everything and anything like me. I absolutely LOVE clicking with people like this. I also love when in a moment when something funny happens randomly, you quickly turn to look at someone to check if they ALSO found it funny then you both just laugh. They are the best moments ever!

So I’d love if you could get involved and give yourself some self-love.

Speaking about the last point really made me smile!

Be kind to yourself, I wanna hear what you love about you!


Louise oxoxo

5 Tips For When You’re Feeling Low

For me personally my emotions are like a rollercoaster and I’ve been thinking is this all in my mind? (Well duh it is) but what I truly mean, is what if this is what I’ve programmed my mind in thinking? There will be 1/2 weeks in the month when I class this as a negative, emotional week and In that week I’m an emotional wreck, my anxiety is so severe and my mind doesn’t switch off.

Within a couple of days I’m back to my normal self, I’m thankful and I’m positive it’s very confusing but I’m used to it.

Now that I’m in the stages of letting my emotions stabilise, i thought this would be a good post for people who are similar to me, or feel as if they’re completely worn out from their feelings, everything’s going wrong and your anxiety/depression is very much present.

I hope these 5 tips help you.


I completely 100% understand when your anxiety, depression and when you’re feeling so low this is honestly the last thing you want to do. For me it’s just the dreaded thought people will see me, I look unhappy, my eyes tell a lot about my emotions and I do not want to talk to anybody when I feel deeply distressed.

I’ve found that going for a walk especially in the morning in open spaces, when you barely see people, it’s quiet and I don’t know why but the air is always nicer, it feels fresh and you just feel calmer, this always seems to give my overthinking brain a rest.

Even if it’s not in the morning, just getting out somewhere in the day will be a distraction and you will feel much better instead of staring at 4 walls all day.


I used to hear this advice a lot and it used to irritate me because I didn’t get the point.

I began spilling my emotions into my pregnancy diary which I can’t look at to this day because it makes me sick to my stomach reading how emotionally low I was and all the negative things that were happening (which is why some people say to burn whatever you’ve wrote).

Doing this when I felt like I couldn’t speak to people about how I truly felt about everything, really helped calm my mind.

I sometimes write down everything when my mind is full to this day, at the end of whatever I’m writing, I end up writing positive things or giving myself advice, because I’ve unraveled my mind on paper, deep, personal things. It’s therapeutic and it does help a lot.

If I was you I’d get something like a diary or note pad that looks pretty, and also a pretty looking pen. Something that looks great so you are motivated to write in it.


I can’t stand negative and emotional days. But I’ve realised unless I truly feel and go through these days and I try to carry on as normal, it all hits me like a ton of bricks and my emotions are 10x harder to stabilise.

Let yourself feel as in leave the housework, chill in bed, stay in your PJS just have a lazy day. Order food, Watch sad movies listen to sad songs, pour your emotions out and just go through whatever your feeling.

This is completely fine and healthy as long as this doesn’t go into weeks of doing this every day.


Kind of contradicting the 3rd tip, but honestly I mean at the end of the day or whenever, pamper yourself. This sounds cliche and unhelpful but I swear when I’m overwhelmed, feeling lonely and just completely low in mood. If I just spend the longest time just sitting still in the bath, listening to music, even down to washing my hair, applying basically the whole bottle of conditioner, and painting my nails. Something distracting but also nice will make you feel better.

My favourite thing ever is doing a face mask and making myself a cup of tea. That is such a mom stereotype, but honestly I love tea so much that in itself makes me happy and I love the feel of my skin after a face mask.

You can do things such as maybe dye your hair a different colour, change your look/style to something you’ve wanted (I’ve recently had a fringe cut and I love it)

If you’re an active person maybe go to the gym late at night or ridiculously early in the morning so if you’re anxious you don’t need to bump into too many people, and this will realise endorphins which trigger positive feelings in your body which will boost your mood.


Another cliche point but I want to make things clear, every person deserves an amazing support network.

There is no point what so ever having people in your life who are not interested in your feelings, thoughts and emotions.

If you feel like you can’t talk to people in your life and you can’t be true to how you’re feeling inside then you need to question your network of people and connect with people who truly do care.

Talk to people in depth with how you feel who will actually listen to you, give their advice and sympathise with you, not someone who will brush off your feelings “you will be okay!”

Your feelings are valid to you and you need people who understand. If you feel like you have nobody what so ever, I really do think it’s best to speak to someone professional.

Someone professional like a councillor who will sit and listen to your thoughts and feelings. I love speaking to councillors but you have to find one who you feel comfortable telling things to, and actually feel as if they care about how your feeling. It’s nice because that person doesn’t know you and they can’t exactly judge you, these people are here to help you and you feel so much better talking about everything.

If you ever need to talk about things then definitely drop me an email, so you have someone to talk to:


Louise oxoxo

A Letter To My 14 Year Old Self

Dear Louise,

Even though this year will be heartbreaking, you will feel the effects for a long time, eventually the pain lessens and you will feel so much better.

You need to love yourself more and let go of the past of being bullied for your appearance and weight at primary school. Children can be so cruel and are unaware of the effects they have with their words.

You carry much more than your appearance. Your personality is amazing and you should be proud of how mature, compassionate and sensitive you are to others, because not many people are.

Stop worrying about being in a relationship and enjoy being young and enjoy the company of your friends. You will enter a negative relationship because of this, which will have a dangerous effect on your self-esteem and self-worth.

Having said that, you will get through it. You will become more certain about what you want and what you don't want in a relationship. You know the negative signs and you will realise that this relationship wasn't healthy.

Don't worry about drama at school. Focus on your education because everything gets forgotten once everyone leaves.

Stop being so serious! Read these books that changed your life at 17, 'the power' and 'the secret' and learn when you think more positively and act in a positive way, positive things will come to you.

You are perfect in every way, you need to stop wondering and being scared that others will think negatively of you. Love your own company and discover yourself. Live your life for you and embrace your own skin instead of chasing to look and be someone else.

You've got plenty of great experiences to come, whatever you do don't lose who you are and don't stick around people who make you feel insecure and negative. Be aware of the people who surround you, you will bloom into your own unique self, be proud.

Love, your 20 year old self,

Louise oxoxo

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Use A Toner In Your Skincare Regime, Here’s why:

It's so important to use a toner part of your skin care regime.

When I first started getting breakouts my mum was the first person to say to me "why don't you use a Toner?" And I used to look at her as if she was an alien thinking "well what the hell is that going to do?" Without actually looking into it or at least trying it!

Using a Toner has been an important step in my regime and I now can see the difference in my skin when I haven't been using it.

It improves the texture, it prevents breakouts and my skin is less oily when I tone my skin. I do this every time I cleanse and then I apply moisturiser (currently using Fadeout to help acne marks which also contains SPF 25)

Using a toner revives your skins pH balance which often gets disturbed when we use soap and cleansing products. It also adds an extra layer of protection because toners close your pores which means impurities can't penetrate deeper.

Three months ago I saw a offer at Asda 2 for 1 and I decided to buy the Garnier Soothing Botanical Rose Water cleansing milk, Toner and moisturiser. Read all about it in my review here.

I started using this for a month, along with my Shea butter soap and using the moisturiser that is part of the cleansing milk and Toner Botanical Rose water collection.

Seeing the dirt that came off my skin on the cotton pad, even though I had exfoliated and washed my skin was insane.

I use the Toner on my face and my body, it makes my skin so soft and I love it.

I can also feel it close up my pores too.

You can check out other toners which will benefit your skin type, here's an article I've found which has great information and suggestions on toners.

Or check out the rest of the Garnier 96% Natural origin skincare range. I'm yet to try the Green tea gel wash and toner because it says it's for Oily/Combination skin which is what I have.

I picked up the rose water collection because it was the only set I saw in the deal at Asda, and it's worked wonders for my skin so I'm intrigued to know what the others do.

People also swear by apple cider vinegar as this also restores the skins natural PH levels. Read an apple cider vinegar DIY toner here.

I hope you liked my post and I'm hoping it's made you consider to try out toning your skin! Let me know if it's made a difference like how it has to my skin!


Louise oxoxo

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