How To Kindly Accept Other People’s Opinions (When They Are NOT Wanted) – Parenting.

Not only is having a baby hard enough. You have to deal with people’s opinions and anecdotes on how they bought up their children, and how they lived to tell the tale..

“Oh no. Don’t breastfeed you don’t even know how much he’s getting!”

“You should give him a little water, so dehydrated”.

“I weaned my child at 3 months, didn’t do them any harm”

“Don’t listen to the health visitor she ain’t got a clue what she’s on about”

“Put him down! You’ll make a rod for your own back” when hes a newborn, fresh out the womb which he has only known for 9 whole months. Really Hun?

I could write a book on the amount of opinions and criticisms I got from people and I genuinely thought that it was because I was young, but no speaking to older mums they get exactly the same.

People love to give their suggestions and opinions whatever you want to call it.. and yes they are trying to help.

But sometimes it comes across too much, a little judgemental and also a bit forward to push their ways onto you.

I’m a very shy person, and being in this situation was mortifying for me because I was confident in the way I wanted to parent, but yet I found myself having to answer to all these people and having to justify my ways, why I’m doing it this way instead of their way.

It’s ridiculous.

Anyway, back to the point.

Here’s some ways you can kindly accept people’s opinions, when it’s not needed!

Say “I’ll have to try that” even though you have no intentions to.

A bit mean.. But actually a good way to not make them feel like their way is wrong.

They are only trying to help, but while you’re a mum basically trying to get everything together, get yourself back to normal and you’re getting to know your baby, you don’t need suggestions when you haven’t asked for any.

Just tell them you’ll consider trying it even though you won’t.. Secrets safe with me.

Explain that you have done your own research.

The amount of times I made my nan speechless with facts of breastfeeding and picking up my son, was satisfying.

Every single time my nan visited me there would be a negative comment on the way I l looked after my son.

Of course she is from a generation that dealt with children a lot different to how they do now. So it’s not her fault that she is not educated in breastfeeding and the benefits to keeping your child close.

And of course I was happy to deliver these facts to her.

Explain how every child is different

You will get more confident with saying no, and being confident with the way you do things with your child.

People only want to help but it can feel very intruding and patronising when they are constantly telling you what you should be doing.

I’m sure you’re doing a great job and you should be confident that you are doing a great job too!

If you have done a lot of research and have valid reasons why you want to parent the way that you want to, then people should respect your decision.


Louise oxoxo



Life Lessons: Dealing With Life Events.

We are all human, we have a brain that doesn’t stop talking, we have this thing called emotions which makes us feel all types of ways depending on what we’re attached to, and we are all entitled to allow ourselves to breakdown, but the most important thing is being able to rebuild yourself and learn from whatever has caused you to break, so you can grow stronger from this.

Life events will happen as it’s just the nature of the life we live. People will pass away, the people close to you may not turn out to be as close in a couple years time, we might not get the job we want, or the grades we wanted. We might have a breakup to deal with, a divorce, adjusting to motherhood, being a single mom. The list goes on. Life is unpredictable.

As unpredictable life can be and devastatingly emotional dealing with whichever circumstance you’ve been faced with, a lot can be learned once you grieve, express and let go.

I write this naively, but I know how devastating life events can be and how traumatic experiences can have an effect on you, but we can all learn from these events in ways you might not even be aware of.

On a personal note, my mother had to bury my uncle before I was born, in the same year she had to bury her child, this completely flipped her world upside down including the family dynamic because she always said to me ‘you never believe things like this would happen to you’, and like I mentioned above, life is unpredictable.

My brother said before these events happened, my mom was a complete different person, her personality changed after these events happened. I believe and comparing my brothers vision of my mom before these tragic events with the person she is today, she has became a more sensitive and compassionate person which she agrees with.

Nobody deserves to go trough traumatic events, nobody deserves to go through anything emotionally destroying, I can’t imagine what my mom had to go through but she has taken great qualities with this.

Close family friends who have had to deal with losses themselves have turned to my mom for support, and because my mom has gone through the process of grieving and can identify with what that person is going through she’s been a very supportive person to her friends and she was the first person they would turn to.

Of course she could never take the pain away but just speaking to someone who identifies with what you’re going through is great help.

I think a good way of dealing with any sort of pain or traumatic experience is talking openly about them. Talk to a professional who will hold not bias opinion, who will give you techniques that could help you or at least talking to someone you can trust just like my moms friends about similar circumstances can help tremendously.

Trying to cope with things by yourself and bottling everything up is a method for self-destruction. There’s only so much you can hold back and take and this spills out into different areas in your life.

I think it’s fine to cry, express, be angry and to openly express these emotions because it’s real and it matters to you.

Having people around you who are supportive and caring about your circumstances and really take the time to listen and give you advice are the best people to turn to in time of need.

You don’t need anybody brushing off your emotions when you desperately need to let them openly pour out.

Going trough the process and dealing with your emotions, going through whatever you need to and as time goes on your qualities and lessons that you didn’t expect to come from the situations you have faced, will potentially show in your life some way or another and the main quality you will gain is strength.


Louise oxoxo


I went to boots about a month ago to get a new foundation. I wanted to try something different, so I spoke to a lady who happened to be a NYX makeup artist, to recommend me which products to buy.

I’ve had these products for a month now so I want to write my impressions of the products while I keep using them.

I’ve linked UK and USA links to purchase these products.


The consistency of this concealer is thick but that’s a good thing!

I have serious dark circles so the consistency was amazing to me. Also I love the amount of product you get in this considering it’s a concealer.

Because the consistency is thick, you don’t really need to use a lot of product.

I love to use my ring finger putting this on, but sometimes I use my beauty blender.

It’s waterproof and really hides my blemishes and dark circles.


If you don’t set this it will most likely crease. I set it with the HD finishing powder by ‘baking’, and this helps make this concealer last longer.


The NYX HD finishing powder is lovely to apply and it does set my under eye area when I apply the powder, leave it for 10 minutes (while I do my contour) and when I brush off the excess powder. Doing this brightens up my under eye area.

I do find that it does look a little powdery baking but once you apply a finishing spray (I apply NYX HD Finishing spray) this allows the powder to sink into the skin better.


These primers come in 5 different shades.

The NYX makeup artist recommended this because I have pigmentation and dark circles.

The consistency feels oily, but I have to say this does have an impact in hiding my pigmentation and dark circles.

The results are instant!

Once I let this dry I go in with my foundation which has been the NYX Drop foundation which is included in this review..

The primer doesn’t really keep this foundation in place at all. But like I said, it does cover my dark circles and pigmentation for a few hours.

I wouldn’t say it has long wear at all.


I told the makeup artist that I wanted a high coverage foundation but not too heavy on my skin. I explained how much I loved the Estée Lauder double wear foundation (I have the shade Tawny) but when it came to removing my makeup it was long winded.

The total drop foundation is not worth £14. It claims that 4 drops gives you full coverage and maybe this is true if you have flawless skin but if you have acne or pigmentation marks, 4 drops is not going to give you full coverage.

Also if you don’t set this foundation, it’s going to spread easily because of the consistency.

Also take care when applying this to the skin or to a beauty blender because the consistency is watery.

I’ve set this foundation with powder, and setting spray and after 8 hours it still spreads apart on my nose and around my mouth.

I normally wear L’Oréal Infallible matte foundation, and you can get this foundation for £8 and it will stay on your face easily over 8 hours.

I’m disappointed that I spent more money on a foundation that doesn’t deliver. Maybe it’s because I have oily skin. Looking online at reviews majority of them are disappointed about how easily this spreads.

It’s easily transferable too, if I touch my face foundation is instantly on my finger tips.

The colour of this foundation is refreshing. It has yellow undertones also the colour range of this foundation is fantastic. They just need to fix the formula.

I’d say if you’re quickly going out for a short time this would be great to use. If you have errands to do for the entire day and you wear this foundation, you will need to touch up on this foundation throughout the day.


I chose a concealer to use for contouring.

I decided to go for the shade Nutmeg because when the makeup artist swatched it on my arm the tones were nice and I thought this would look good for contouring.

The shade is okay.. but when I’m blending it out it has a orange/red undertone that I dislike.

I deepen this by adding contour powder.

The concealer is creamy and it blends really well. It also lasts all day which is amazing.


I LOVE the NYX Lingerie matte lipsticks. It’s the first NYX product I ever wore and ever since I can’t not have them. I think I’ve near enough tried every shade now. I wear it every single day even if I’m mixing colours.

Push-Up and Bedtime flirt are very similar. They’re a lovely creamy brown colour, they compliment my complexion well. Sometimes I mix this with a lighter NYX matte lipstick such as Lace Detail and this looks nice too. It depends on the look I’m going for.

Push-up is slightly lighter than bedtime flirt but they are very similar in shade.

Silk indulgent is a nice shade but I normally mix this with another NYX lipstick. Sometimes I’ll wear silk indulgent but if I want it slightly more toned I’d dab exotic over the top of it, only a tiny amount and it looks amazing.

I can’t fault these lipsticks like I said, I’m very obsessed with them. They feel amazing on your lips, although if you have dry lips I recommend exfoliating before trying these lipsticks out because matte can be very drying and can cling to dry areas on your lips so it’s always good to exfoliate before trying any matte lipsticks out.


This lipstick is such a lovely nude colour with pink undertones. I bought it because it’s now discontinued and was only £2.

It’s sheer but buildable and really creamy. I wonder why they’re discontinuing the NYX butter lipsticks because I want to try other colours!

It’s very hydrating and it’s nice to put it on top of matte lipsticks too.


This was recommended to use as a highlighter by the makeup artist and I think that’s because of my complexion.

Personally I like to go for light highlighters not medium tones because I think this looks better. I decided to buy it anyway because she said you could also use it on your lips, so I thought this could be useful one way or another.

I did try to use this as a highlighter but I hated it, so I did try this on my lips.

It looks amazing on top of matte lipstick if you pat it in the centre. I was actually shocked.

It also lasts well, I think I want to try this as an actual highlighter for my cheek bones and nose, but in a different shade.


The tail of my eyebrows are very wispy so I thought I’d try a gel.

The gel is really good at keeping your eyebrows in place, especially if you use this before putting on your eyebrow product.

This isn’t long lasting though, as I’ve noticed mid day my eyebrows are peeking out again.

I’ve tried to use this over product, but my powder, dip brow or pencil spreads. Also I recommend using this before foundation, because I’ve found this also spreads the foundation around your eyebrow area.


I’ve used this matte finishing spray in the past and I fell in love with it.

I do think it works especially if you fan your face straight after spraying it. It’s also great to spray after you bake with powder or even if you apply powder. It kind of allows the powder to sink into your skin rather than powder sitting on top of your skin.

It does make my skin matte and sets it well.


I love the shade of this blush, I think it looks lovely. I’m not really a fan of the highlights in it. If I apply a second layer of blush I get this very highlighted effect. It does say it’s an illuminator but applying too much looks crazy for me.

The blush is lovely and it’s very pigmented.

I hope you’ve enriched this review and if you have any of these products and have found better ways to apply or make them last longer (especially the foundation!) I would love to hear!


Louise oxoxo

Self-Reflecting On My Blog

Looking at my previous blog posts makes me feel inspired.

I love the fact I write about positivity and uplifting people up, I love my nature as a person to be kind to people and to let things go over my head. I label myself as naive and that’s fine, but I’m genuinely a good hearted person.

In person ‘I’m not a confident speaker’, it’s 4am in the morning as I’m self-reflecting and I realise the more I keep saying I’m not a confident speaker the less of a confident speaker I will become, because the law of attraction does exist and I write so passionately about this on my blog, so why am I not practicing what I’m preaching!

Why am I so scared to openly express myself physically and openly but not afraid to express my thoughts on this blog?

Only one of my friends actually know that I host a blog and even with talking about my blog for the first time to someone in my circle, I felt anxiety rushing through me in case they thought it was stupid, which they didn’t.

We’re always so critical of ourselves and I want to break that.

I am a confident speaker I know what I’m talking about on paper, so why can’t I openly talk about things that I’m passionate about verbally?

I find when I go to university I’m quiet, I’m naturally a very shy person and overly polite to people.

I have one good friend that I discuss things with, but when I speak to my mom who knows every aspect about me, I blow her ears off about the course, about lessons I’m learning my ideas and what I’m going to write about in my essay, and she doesn’t know what the hell I’m talking about and doesn’t have a response to what I’m saying half the time.

My friend that I’ve known since October has already picked up a lot about me which I’m shocked about because I am naturally a shy person so I feel as if I appear to be closed down, but she’s read me and says what I’m thinking majority of the time and is also into spirituality.

We’re similar in a lot of ways and I do feel comfortable expressing myself 1 to 1 to her outside the classroom, but what she’s excellent at is verbally expressing herself in class, not caring what other people think or whether people understand her perspective, which I admire.

I thought when I began writing this self reflection post it was going to be sad, but I’m actually feeling empowered and motivated right now

The more I speak openly about things the better and more confident I will become about expressing myself, and I shouldn’t have to be afraid of what others think and afraid that I’m not making sense because life is a huge learning curve.

I look back to the times before I had my son, and I was full of fire, I confidently expressed myself I didn’t care what anybody thought and I was headstrong.

I have to honestly admit I was convinced I knew everything, I thought I was mature for my age which I was but in a lot of ways I had a lot of growing up to do and also bad qualities I needed to get rid of.

Motherhood has made me strong in some aspects, but I think in other ways it’s softened me which isn’t a bad thing because I’ve became a more emotionally aware person because of my own life experience as a mother.

Because of the fight I have inside me about my own son and the constant insecure thoughts ‘am I doing a good job’, ‘am I doing enough’ followed with overthinking thoughts about his future and actually knowing I have no control over bad things necessarily happening when he’s older (e.g. negative life experiences from peers) has made my reality scary although I know deep down it’s just the voice in my mind exaggerating a lot of things causing doubt.

I have turned into a control freak in many ways. I’d rather sit there and be quiet, not express myself because I’m comfortable in that spot, I’m controlling the situation in a way because I’m choosing to not go out of my comfort zone because I know if I express myself in that moment and someone tries to challenge me, it will make me uncomfortable.

Im more comfortable sitting on the back shelf rather than being confident and expressing myself openly, no matter how uncomfortable I am, and my friend says to me all the time: ‘Comfort does not enable growth’ and this is so true.

I’m hoping this year I will get better at verbally speaking out. I’m a very introverted person, and I love to have discussions 1 to 1 rather than in a group. I will get better at this and become more confident in myself.

Hopefully I will bloom this year into a better and confident person, an evolved Louise from previous years, with better qualities.

Does anyone else feel like 2018 is going to be positive? Maybe it’s because it’s still January and I’m being cliche, or maybe it’s the 8.. who knows lol

I hope you have a lovely day who ever may be reading this

It’s always positive to self-reflect 🙂


Louise oxoxo

How To Get Fuller Lips

Before I got lip fillers these are temporary things I used to do to make my lips look bigger.

My lips were always an insecurity of mine, now that I’ve had lip fillers many people have seen how confident I’ve become.

A couple months before I made the decision, these things helped enhance the look of my lips which made me less insecure, so I hope that these tips help you too:


You can make your own DIY lip scrub by mixing sugar and honey together to form a paste, and by gently rubbing this over your lips. You can also buy something similar and delicious from lush which I sometimes used, but I find it cheaper and easier to of made my own.

Some people also exfoliate using a toothbrush but I found I got better results by using the scrubs.

By doing this your boosting the blood flow to your lips and also getting rid of any dead skin. By boosting the blood flow your lips naturally will look more full.


Contouring my lips made the biggest difference to the shape of my lips! I normally would contour with a darker lip liner, normally a brown or sometimes even a dark plum red, it would depend on what lipsticks id wear, and the look I want.

I’d contour similar to the picture above. I’d slightly over draw my lips, and I’d also over draw the Cupid’s bow because I hated mine so much, I’d also fill in the centre of my lips just so they look fuller and then I’d apply my lipstick on top and make sure it’s blended.

Have a play with contouring your lips and find out the best technique is good for you, depending on the look you’re looking for.


Over all lip sticks and lip glosses I found that matte lipsticks would make my lips look fuller along with contouring my lips. My ultimate favourite are the ones from the NYX lingerie collection. I’m obsessed. I love the shade “exotic” and I also love “push up”.


So they say highlighting the Cupid’s bow makes the lips look plumper, but whenever I did this, it drew more attention to them being thin and small. Try it and see if it works for you, but also try it without, let me know what you think.

Having plump lips isn’t everything, but if it’s something that makes you insecure I hope these tips are help to you, or if you just want to try it out anyway, I hope doing these tips help you achieve the look you wanted.

Lots of love,

Louise oxoxo

My New Year Resolutions


Late post as it’s nearly the end of January, but we’re still in January so it still counts!

Every year I used to hate people talking about their new year resolutions because I used to think it was cliche, and no one ever sticks to them.

But I decided to finally make 5 new year resolutions easy for me to actually achieve and I’m following them well so far.

1. Stop Worrying About What Other People Think – as a heavy over-thinker I think in the previous years if somebody didn’t like me, or had something negative to say about me I’d always try to prove them wrong. But you can’t please everyone and if someone actually took the time to get to know me, they’d realise I’m actually not that bad, so this year I’m making this my priority.

2. Become Vegetarian – Not so easy but I’m so educated as to why I want to be a vegetarian, it’s something that I definitely want to achieve by the end of the year. Honestly I’d love to be vegan but I want to start off slow. I’ve been practicing meals without meat, and I’ve been researching loads into it. Definitely a goal of mine.

3. Stop Being So Self Conscious – This is hard for me but it’s something I’m practicing now and I’m already getting better at it. The same as the first resolution, I care too much about what people think, and I have bouts of anxiety especially when I’m out by myself it’s something I’m trying to get under control. I’ve learned already that if I let those feelings inside take control I start to act withdrawn and shy and I can’t make eye contact, I can’t stand it when I feel this way because it’s obvious and looks like I’m being rude. This is a major one to accomplish this year and I’ve been doing little changes to improve this. The quote above is exactly how it is with my insecurities and self consciousness but I’m overcoming it, it’s not a way to live

4. Get To Know Myself – As much as I used to preach on this blog about positivity, and finding yourself and all those posts were authentic and true, but I never practice what I preach, but this year I am. Instead of being anxious about the future, I want to discover myself again, I want to enjoy my own company and ultimately love myself. I think this is important.

5. Become More Holistic – Along side the becoming vegetarian, I want to practice holistic remedies frequently. Such as I want to stop using perfume and implement essential oils so that I’m cutting out the toxins in perfume. I basically want to transform into Jhene Aiko this year. I want to wear less makeup, I want to clear my acne through clean eating and natural remedies and I want to meditate and water a million plants in my flat, honestly that is what I want this year lol.

So yes, these are my five new year resolutions. I mean I’ve said ‘easy for me to achieve’ but they are actually difficult. But I know this year I will achieve this as I’m already doing subtle changes.

I know that doing these things will make me happier as a person and will transform me into my greatest self.

So hope you’ve loved reading my new year resolutions, have you made any for this year? I’d love to hear, and are you sticking to them?


Louise oxoxo

Update: Where Have I Been?

It’s been since November since I’ve posted!

And I know this is the second where have I been post i’m just adjusting to life!

I’ve honestly neglected my blog so much, university has been a huge shock for me because I’m constantly researching, doing assignments and also I have to play Mommy once I come out of university, so most of my work is done on the night which I used to spend making blog posts.

Now that I’ve settled into university, and now things are much more organised especially in the mom department, my son should be settled with a childminder soon, I should have much more free time.

As I’ve logged into this I’ve noticed I’ve received more followers and more views on my blog posts so I’m thankful for that considering my blog posts have been non existent since November, I hope you have enjoyed my posts

So yes, hopefully I’ll be making more posts, and I should have more free time doing what I enjoy, I hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas xoxo


Louise oxoxo

Skincare Haul! Mario Badescu Skin Care Products


My skin has been so bad lately.. until I discovered Mario Badescu! I am telling you, why didn’t I discover this range sooner?!

I decided to write a post about recent purchases and decided to put one up to do with skincare as I suffer from acne.

Below is what I think of the Mario Badescu as my first impression, also links to purchase these items..

Mario Badescu


– I suffer from acne on my shoulders it’s so embarrassing but I’ve noticed that my breakouts are becoming less. I’ve used this product for a month, also my skin feels softer and smoother in texture, and it smells floral which I love. I use this every single day without fail and I still have half a bottle left.


– If I’m completely honest, although the cleanser has improved the texture of my skin on my face my breakouts are still present, but slightly reduced. I’ve only been using the product for a month so of course I’ll continue to use it and I’ll see what my over all conclusion is. I suppose because it says ‘Acne facial cleanser’ I’m expecting a quick fix to my skin becoming clear, but it’s a process.


– THIS IS HOLY GRAIL. As soon as I have a spot or an area that has broken out, I put the drying cream on and the next day the area is so reduced and not even inflamed, it’s insane! I love this. The only downfall is the cream comes in a tiny tub. You don’t get a lot of product however, a little goes a long way. The cream is thick and does not irritate the skin. If you do have dry skin I would be careful using this product. I normally use this cream on the night. Mario Badescu,please make a larger tub of product for me! I will pay extra.


– I like the smell of this lotion but I’m not completely excited about this. I think my major put of is that it has talc in and also, although it smells nice and definitely makes my skin softer after using the cleansing lotion, I feel like this hasn’t changed my skin dramatically.


– Similar to the drying cream, you use this 1-2 times a week and can use this on your back, chest, shoulders too which is great. This really does dry everything up, so I definitely recommend an oil-free cream after using this mask. Your skin will feel so soft in the morning especially if you use a toner after you use the drying mask.


– When I first seen the bottle I was like no, this product is going to be gone in a week, but when I used it a small amount goes a long way. I used a pea sized amount and that covered my entire face and my neck, and I used a medium thick dot to cover my chest, back and shoulders. You don’t need to use a lot at all. The cream feels so lovely, not greasy at all (of course cause its oil free), my skin feels so soft. It’s similar to the Neutrogena oil free grapefruit moisturiser, but a notch better


– the consistency is thick and feels so soothing on your skin. I used this cleansing gel on my face and my skin felt so smooth afterwards! I’m excited to see if it makes any difference to my Skin overtime with consistent use.


– When I look in direct sunlight I always see small bumps under my skin and it drives me insane. I try to get rid of them which causes damage to my skin and I end up breaking it because the spot hasn’t surfaced. When I saw the buffering lotion which is for under surface bumps I couldn’t even contain my excitement. You have to shake before you apply, the texture feels almost greasy, but then it dries on your skin. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable.


– Recommended to use 1-2 a week so that you don’t damage the skin. My skin felt so amazing after using this, I love the fact it foams up. I will have to continue using this to see a complete change in my complexion.


– Because of the years of acne especially on my shoulders I bought this to see whether this will eventually begin to lighten the pigmentation that I’m left with. It’s easy to cover my face with makeup but I’m so self conscious of my scars I never wear certain tops because of it. Now it’s under control (that’s to some of these products) I thought I can start to use this mask to lighten the pigmentation. I haven’t noticed a significant difference but I’ll update this post in a few months time


– When I received this in the post it was all mixed together and was a pale pink colour. I was like is this off? Cause online it looked different. When I left it to stand and saw it it was separated and looked like how it was presented in the picture. There’s pink clay at the bottom and it’s important that you leave it to stand and not shake it before application. You apply by dipping a cotton bud into the bottle and applying the clay to surface spots. Don’t make the mistake of not listening to the bottle when it says “don’t apply to broken skin” I recently sabotaged a spot in the day so when I applied the clay on the night it stung but the next day it’s completely gone along with the surface spots I applied the clay with, and that was using it for one night!

So, yes I’m so in love with Mario Badescu I just don’t know why I didn’t discover this before!

I’m thinking to update my skin reaction in a few months time so I can see whether this is really helping my skin or is it giving me false hope, but so far these products are amazing.

Let me know what you think of Mario Badescu Products, what else do you recommend for acne prone skin and scars?


Louise oxoxo

Make Your Eyes Look Brighter!

My eyes look completely different when I don’t wear makeup and that’s because I always aim for my eyes to look awake and brighter which I feel can be enhanced greatly with makeup.

Here are my tips for brighter, awake looking eyes!


Use a concealer that is 1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin tone.

I love liquid based concealers because they seem to dry better and don’t feel as greasy or cakes on my skin but go with whatever you feel works for you! I’m currently using Maybelline eraser eye concealer.

Depending on how bad my under eye circles are I sometimes conceal underneath my foundation, and if I’m satisfied that’ll be fine or I conceal underneath foundation then top it up again on top of foundation then I blend with face powder

Conceal under your eyes strobing outwards almost in a v shape or triangle, so that the concealer isn’t just sitting under your eyes, under your eyebrow and on your eyelids to make the eye area appear brighter. Blend this in so that you can’t see any creases and lines.


Highlighting your brow bone and in the corners of your eyes can make your eyes look so much brighter.

I use a light coloured highlighter from the too faced chocolate bar palette called ‘champagne truffle’. I sometimes use benefit’s high beam highlighter which is liquid form, and sometimes I use both depending on how much highlighter I want to use.


I’ve been doing this step for years and it definitely makes a difference, I can’t not do this anymore when I’m not wearing makeup.

I use a flesh coloured eyeliner – Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Nude – and I line my waterline and sometimes I tightline also using this colour.

I’m not sure why but my eyes look so awake when I also tightline using the nude, better than if I tightline using a darker colour.


Curling your eyelashes DOES make a difference! Once you do it you will be addicted.

I curl my eyelashes before I apply mascara and I hold the eyelash curlers on for 10 seconds then release.

I then apply mascara evenly and then wait for that to dry, then I curl them a few times after and apply more mascara if I need to.

You won’t believe the difference it makes to your eyelashes by curling them. It really makes your eyes look wider.

You can get an eyelash curler from any drugstore.


A good mascara matters because you want the application to be even, not heavy and you don’t want clumpy eyelashes.

The best mascara I’ve ever used would be benefit’s they’re real and this made my eyelashes so long without curling them.

Another good mascara I’ve used would be the L’Oréal Miss Manga which was amazing. L’Oréal have a great range of mascaras, I’ve also used the million lashes and the false lash superstar mascara.


Sometimes winged eyeliner can make people’s eyes look more open or can make your eyes look smaller depending on how you do your eyeliner.

I try and do mine evenly making sure I don’t wing it out too thick. I also find it easy to use an eyeliner liquid pen although it’s annoying when the tip turns weird or it appears to have run out.

At the moment I’m using maybelline precise liquid eyeliner it’s amazing.

Practice makes perfect with winging eyeliner and tape is amazing to use if you’re a beginner! (See tape tutorial here)

I feel like if I line my eyelids close to the corners my eyes appear smaller I’m not sure why, but if I line from the middle and outwards, they look more awake.


Louise oxoxo

Sunshine Blogger Award!

I was nominated by the lovely Rebecca check her blog here, she is an amazing beautiful person and an amazing mother who writes an amazing blog, really do check her out!

Thank you for nominating me for the sunshine blogger award again, this makes me feel so confident in blogging!

At the end I’ll nominate some bloggers and set some questions to answer, before I do that here are questions Rebecca would like me to answer!

1. Name 3 Life goals you want to achieve.

• Travel somewhere magical that makes my sons soul light up, Receive a masters degree and I would love to get married one day honestly

2. One thing or person that makes you laugh.

• Stupid humour! I can’t explain it, unexpected spontaneous moments and when you look at someone who notices the same thing!

3. If you could go back in time to when & why?

• Hmmm id day 60s cause of the hippie phase but there was a lot of racism so wonder how they’d feel about a mixed raced hippie 😂 hopefully because they’re hippies they’d be peaceful, but other than that I’d love to be an adult in the 80s/90s the music, vibes just seem amazing.

4. Name one celeb you fancy. <<
ichael Ealy I can’t even deal with him 😍

5. 3 words to describe yourself. • Kind, Dopey and Drama queen

6. What’s your worse habit? • Getting moody over food and drifting off into other isles whilst shopping

7. What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you? • When I tried on a top from newlook, lace to be exact, and I am telling you I could not get this top off. I spent like 20 minutes in the room thinking do I laugh or cry, so I had no choice but to text my mom the situation as she was outside, so she came in tried to help me out of this top and the top ripped 😂 it was so loud I could of died. We literally ran out of the shop cause we were so embarrassed.

8. If you had a superpower what would it be? • Ability to stop time

9. What is your favourite tv show? • Eastenders and Dr foster

10. Morning person or Evening & why? • I’ve converted to a morning person because of university, you feel more motivated and up for the day when you get up early in the mornings.

11.What actress/actor would you choose to play you in a film & why? • this is so hard because I don’t really know my actors/actresses as I don’t really watch movies. I cant think!

Here’s who I’m nominating:






Here’s my questions to you guys: 1. Would you say you’re pessimistic, optimistic or a realistic person?

2. What’s your favourite song right now, and why?

3. If you could be anywhere right now where would you be?

4. What’s one memory that makes you smile

5. What’s your favourite thing to do that lifts your mood

6. What came first? The chicken or the egg

7. Do you believe in ghosts?

8. Do you have any superstitions?

9. What trait do you like about yourself?

10. Is there anything you would change about yourself? Why?

11. What’s something not many people know about you?