10 Ways To Better Yourself

1. Learn something new

Take the time out to learn something new. We have the internet, the internet is full of so many things you can really educate yourself. You can also follow insightful Instagram pages and even on twitter. Take a class in something that interests you.. do research use your mind and learn something new. Expand that knowledge!!

2. Read books

Not everyone is a lover of books, you can always download audio books! This links in with learning something new.. reading books expands your knowledge and it doesn’t even have to be a book about a subject or factual. It can be an interesting fiction book that has drawn your attention.

I feel like reading grounds me. It’s my quiet space, I’m reading a book dedicating my full attention to this book, I’m silent and I’m using my mind to paint a picture. Not only that, you could write down the meanings of words that you might not know while you’re reading the book and when you’re finished you can research the meanings to these words. This will help build up your vocabulary.

3. Turn a negative into a positive

Making a conscious decision to turn negatives into positives can be difficult at first but honestly the more you do it the more peaceful and laid back you become. Every time you’re faced with a situation, think deeper into it. Why did that person speak to you like that or act the way they did? What have you learned from the negative situation? What have you gained rather than lost?

4. Exercise

You don’t have to join the gym cause let’s face it no one can make you do that. It doesn’t have to be hardcore exercise either, it can just be something little such as walking short distances instead of taking the car or public transport. Doing squats or sit-ups when you are at home. Small but simple changes. Even yoga and stretches would be helpful. This will release tension and also releases endorphins that boost your mood.

5. Meditate

Taking 10 minutes out of your day to do this will be extremely beneficial. Meditating calms the mind and also reduces anxiety and stress. Meditating quiets the mind and also increases your happiness. You can find out how to meditate on YouTube or on google, and you can find music also on YouTube or on Spotify.

6. Write down 3 things you are grateful for every night

This can be difficult but it’s such a lovely habit. You can buy a buy a small book and fill it out. Not only are you practicing gratitude which will attract positivity into your life it makes you aware of what you might take for granted without consciously sitting down and thinking about what you are grateful for. You can even write down 3 good things that have happened that day.

Even if you can’t do this every night as long as some nights you attempt to write down what you are grateful for, it’s good enough.

7. Never put yourself down

Start getting into the habit of actually taking compliments. Don’t make comments about yourself that are negative just so that it’s out there. Just hold your head up high and be proud. I used to verbally display all my insecurities (and still do.. I’m working on it) just so that others felt comfortable about themselves. It’s not fair on myself, or the body/genetics I have no control over the way it was made.

8. Be kind to 1 stranger a day

Everyone is in such a rush every single day. You don’t know whether someone in the street is so high up to the hills with stress, and how one amazing gesture can mean the world to them and impact the rest of their day in a positive way. It’s nice to make some sort of small talk, even if you hold the door open and smile, or make a little comment that is banter.

9. Surround yourself with positive people who uplift you

When you’re trying to better yourself there’s nothing worse than having people around you who are negative, and who don’t uplift you. Never feel bad cutting people off who you feel are holding you back from growing as a person. By doing this you will attract people who are actually interested in your wellbeing and growth.

10. Live for you and no one else

Question yourself. Are you happy with the job you have or the course you might be studying? Are you doing these things for yourself or for competition or for other people such as your parents. Are you fulfilling your passions no matter how out of reach it may seem to some people, are you working towards what you envision yourself being/having? If you’re unsure what you want or what your purpose is, look within yourself and question exactly what intrigues you and what drives your passion.

I hope that you are all on an amazing journey of bettering yourself whether you’re at the beginning of the journey or in the midst of it.

Lots of love,

Louise oxoxo

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