Evolve As A Person..

Change is necessary and it’s never a bad thing to change as a person.

It’s how we grow as people and how we form into our true selves.

Some people hate change and hate how other people have formed. That simply means you might have outgrown these people, or vice versa.

Why are so many people scared of change?

It’s incredibly important to evolve as people, to change bad habits, perhaps become stronger in other areas that were not as strong before.

Maybe you have discovered what you truly want and need. Maybe you haven’t.. but you’re getting there.

I think it’s important as human beings to make the conscious decision to try and be our better selves.

It’s easier said than done.. but it can be done. Do what makes us happy, change those bad habits such as ‘gossiping’ about other people, wishing bad on others, doing negative things. As negativity attracts negativity.

The more positive you do in life and the more you give out positivity, the change in your life will be significant.

Don’t be the same person you were a year ago, see a frequent but better change in yourself.

If you find yourself stuck in the same position and you can’t seem to move forward, look into yourself and discover why this is? Why can’t you move forward.. what are you afraid of giving up?

It’s intimidating to change yourself and really grow as a human being.. I mean that’s the whole purpose to our human lives. Once you begin to evolve, and shed who you once were, the results are addictive and worthwhile.

Positive things are due to happen in your life if you feel the fear and do it anyway.


Louise oxoxo


1 thought on “Evolve As A Person..”

  1. I’ve had moments that I’ve been very bitter in my life and every once in a while it pops up but with the help of reflecting on myself and what I want in life I’ve really began to develop a positive outlook on my weaknesses and how to change them for the better. I write a lot of poetry, a lot of short term goals checklists, and a lot of Gary Vee, Elliott Hulse on youtube. Lol. You are awesome Louise.


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