Have Compassion For YOURSELF

Having compassion for yourself can be difficult especially if you’re so used to ‘getting on with it’.

You might have gone through a traumatic time in your life or you might have been in a low mood over a situation that has occurred. Whatever it is we seem to just ‘get on with it’ and make ourselves busy, and disregard our own feelings.

You might have made a mistake, acted in ways where you feel guilty about it now, and you torment yourself over it.

Spend some time being angry, upset, distraught and allow yourself to feel guilty for that moment.

Acknowledge the fact that this situation or this person has made you feel that way, or there was reasoning behind your actions. Whether it means something to someone else or not, it matters to you.

No, it’s not feeling ‘sorry‘ for yourself. It’s having compassion and showing understanding and love towards yourself.

This process will also allow you to let go of whatever has been a burden to you maybe emotionally, or it could have been effecting you subconsciously depending on how long the situation has been left not dealt with.

For example, I explained a situation with someone a couple years ago and I told her why I disliked eating in front of new people. It was because I was bullied for my ‘weight’ but no one knew at the time I was on steroid tablets which made me look like a balloon and my face was a moon, literally. My appearance wasn’t because I was over eating I was very unwell with Crohn’s disease. Of course children with be children they say whatever they want, but this has had an effect subconsciously for so many years.

When I began to have compassion about that 8 year old who was bullied every day because of her appearance and constantly being called ‘fat’ even though it was the tablets that was ballooning her up twice the size, I’ve now became more comfortable with eating around people. In fact I’ve even made it into a goal to not care too much about what people think this year.

Something as simple as eating in front of people would be so ridiculous to another person, but it was a major issue for me subconsciously, and it took a long time to actually admit it could have possibly been down to when I was bullied as a 8 year old.

Being able to have compassion and stopping what you are doing for once, not trying to escape your thoughts if that’s what you might have been doing, and taking the time out to reflect, maybe discuss with someone you trust or even if you need this alone time to show that sensitivity for yourself so you can let it go for good.

You need to continue to have compassion for yourself throughout your life and you will become a stronger person. You will never want to deal with people or situations that make you feel negatively.

Lots of love,

Louise oxoxo

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