Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Lip Fillers – Louekai

Hello lovelies,

Hope you’re doing well

I thought I’d write some things I wish I know before getting my lip injections!

I currently have 4ml all together which was a buildable process and has taken a year and a half. I hope that this post will be useful if you are considering them done after long consideration and personal reasoning!


It’s scary when your lips are the size of balloons and you really think that they’re going to stay that way. No matter what, my lips are horrendous every time I get lip fillers done due to bruising and this lasts up to two weeks for me.

Some girls that I know who have had them done, the swelling lasts only for a few days so everyone is different, the same goes for whether you bruise or not because of the injections.

I know someone who even loves the swelling because that’s when your lips are at their biggest.

I’m going to insert a snapchat picture don’t laugh! This was on the same day when I had them done:

This was the 3rd time I had them done.


I just wanted to write about this because I think it’s important as I already knew how much to have the first time I had them done. Some places will put in however much filler you ask them to put in, but it’s important you allow your lips to stretch, and you build the filler up gradually.

It’s important to have 1ml as the maximum amount of filler! If you want a subtle affect then 0.5ml would be a great idea but I’ve always gone for 1ml each time because I know it’s a gradual process to getting the lips you desire.


Massaging is key to prevent lumps of filler in your lips that can be noticble.

For example, I didn’t massage my lips when I had my 2nd lot of injections and for a while I had a small lump on my top lip:

This eventually went down a lot and when I had my 3rd injections it improved the bump, as I made her aware of it and she took care not to inject into it and she also taught me how to prevent these bumps.

The best time to massage your lips is within the 72 hour period, and if you feel any bumps, smooth them out using your thumb and sort of pinching the lip, and spread out the filler evenly.


The lady who done my lips told me your first injections deflate quickly and if you want them to last you need to come back the following month, which was true for me.

Mine went down so much by the 4th week I booked an appointment the following week, I would have done anyway because I wanted my lips even fuller.


Depending on how big your lips are and the look you’re after, having lip fillers is a buildable process and you should have 1ml each time to build up how plump you want your lips.

Also your lips need to stretch too, so having too much filler can potentially damage your lips.

Try to be patient although it’s annoying. I mean I’m currently debating whether to get 0.5ml in my top lip, because I just want it a touch more bigger than what it is.

I’ve had 4ml of filler over a length of time.

The 1st and 2nd time frame was a month, the 3rd time I waited 4 months and then the 4th time I waited 5 months.

•• Disclaimer •• it’s incredibly important to do so much research on lip fillers so you know what to expect, the type of filler to get and also how much to get. You also need to research different places that do lip fillers, you need to see reviews and also pictures of the lips that they have done.

You can get plumper lips without lip fillers by following the steps in one of my blog posts which I will link here.

Don’t feel pressured to get lip fillers because everyone else seems to have them or because it might ‘seem’ like the desired look to have fuller lips, I don’t think it’s an issue having your lips filled if it’s a genuine insecurity, but make sure you definitely do research and make sure that you know this so 100% what you want to do!


Louise oxoxo

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