5 Curly Hair Struggles – Louekai

I’m all for curly hair, I love mine when my curls are actually defined, and when my hair is actually in place for once.

But I know the struggles that comes with having these beautiful locks..

1. Your curls deflate

I know when I leave the house my hair is big, curly and looks nice. When I’m out and I look at my reflection my curls have dropped down and I look like I’ve been to the gym for 20 hours.

2. Dry Hair!

In the summer curly hair gets crazy. My hair grows 10x bigger in the summer within the hour I leave the house. I love volume but when my hair is looking conditioned, in the summer there is nothing but frizzy on my head.

3. After washing your hair it takes forever to dry

When you wash your hair it takes hours to dry! I always air dry my hair which takes forever, I know that defusing your hair is supposed to make your curls defined and dry quicker but I haven’t yet tried this

4. Some products are too heavy for your hair

Some hair products are too heavy for your hair, your hair looks overly greasy and if you want your hair to have a little volume too much product can make your hair heavy. It’s exactly the same for my sons hair, I love to use the Cantu Frizz spray on his hair because it’s not heavy at all.

5. Washing and straightening your hair takes forever

Washing your hair and making sure it’s detangled, along with conditioning it is a mission. The same applies when you straighten it! So many sections! And how many times do you have to repeat straightening or blow drying the same section because one strand of hair isn’t dead straight? It’s so long winded.

All ranting aside..

Curly hair is beautiful. I need to get mine cut into layers so I have more volume!

Embrace the curls, so many people wish to have our hair


Louise oxoxo


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