Life Lessons: Dealing With Life Events.

We are all human, we have a brain that doesn’t stop talking, we have this thing called emotions which makes us feel all types of ways depending on what we’re attached to, and we are all entitled to allow ourselves to breakdown, but the most important thing is being able to rebuild yourself and learn from whatever has caused you to break, so you can grow stronger from this.

Life events will happen as it’s just the nature of the life we live. People will pass away, the people close to you may not turn out to be as close in a couple years time, we might not get the job we want, or the grades we wanted. We might have a breakup to deal with, a divorce, adjusting to motherhood, being a single mom. The list goes on. Life is unpredictable.

As unpredictable life can be and devastatingly emotional dealing with whichever circumstance you’ve been faced with, a lot can be learned once you grieve, express and let go.

I write this naively, but I know how devastating life events can be and how traumatic experiences can have an effect on you, but we can all learn from these events in ways you might not even be aware of.

On a personal note, my mother had to bury my uncle before I was born, in the same year she had to bury her child, this completely flipped her world upside down including the family dynamic because she always said to me ‘you never believe things like this would happen to you’, and like I mentioned above, life is unpredictable.

My brother said before these events happened, my mom was a complete different person, her personality changed after these events happened. I believe and comparing my brothers vision of my mom before these tragic events with the person she is today, she has became a more sensitive and compassionate person which she agrees with.

Nobody deserves to go trough traumatic events, nobody deserves to go through anything emotionally destroying, I can’t imagine what my mom had to go through but she has taken great qualities with this.

Close family friends who have had to deal with losses themselves have turned to my mom for support, and because my mom has gone through the process of grieving and can identify with what that person is going through she’s been a very supportive person to her friends and she was the first person they would turn to.

Of course she could never take the pain away but just speaking to someone who identifies with what you’re going through is great help.

I think a good way of dealing with any sort of pain or traumatic experience is talking openly about them. Talk to a professional who will hold not bias opinion, who will give you techniques that could help you or at least talking to someone you can trust just like my moms friends about similar circumstances can help tremendously.

Trying to cope with things by yourself and bottling everything up is a method for self-destruction. There’s only so much you can hold back and take and this spills out into different areas in your life.

I think it’s fine to cry, express, be angry and to openly express these emotions because it’s real and it matters to you.

Having people around you who are supportive and caring about your circumstances and really take the time to listen and give you advice are the best people to turn to in time of need.

You don’t need anybody brushing off your emotions when you desperately need to let them openly pour out.

Going trough the process and dealing with your emotions, going through whatever you need to and as time goes on your qualities and lessons that you didn’t expect to come from the situations you have faced, will potentially show in your life some way or another and the main quality you will gain is strength.


Louise oxoxo


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