I went to boots about a month ago to get a new foundation. I wanted to try something different, so I spoke to a lady who happened to be a NYX makeup artist, to recommend me which products to buy.

I’ve had these products for a month now so I want to write my impressions of the products while I keep using them.

I’ve linked UK and USA links to purchase these products.


The consistency of this concealer is thick but that’s a good thing!

I have serious dark circles so the consistency was amazing to me. Also I love the amount of product you get in this considering it’s a concealer.

Because the consistency is thick, you don’t really need to use a lot of product.

I love to use my ring finger putting this on, but sometimes I use my beauty blender.

It’s waterproof and really hides my blemishes and dark circles.


If you don’t set this it will most likely crease. I set it with the HD finishing powder by ‘baking’, and this helps make this concealer last longer.


The NYX HD finishing powder is lovely to apply and it does set my under eye area when I apply the powder, leave it for 10 minutes (while I do my contour) and when I brush off the excess powder. Doing this brightens up my under eye area.

I do find that it does look a little powdery baking but once you apply a finishing spray (I apply NYX HD Finishing spray) this allows the powder to sink into the skin better.


These primers come in 5 different shades.

The NYX makeup artist recommended this because I have pigmentation and dark circles.

The consistency feels oily, but I have to say this does have an impact in hiding my pigmentation and dark circles.

The results are instant!

Once I let this dry I go in with my foundation which has been the NYX Drop foundation which is included in this review..

The primer doesn’t really keep this foundation in place at all. But like I said, it does cover my dark circles and pigmentation for a few hours.

I wouldn’t say it has long wear at all.


I told the makeup artist that I wanted a high coverage foundation but not too heavy on my skin. I explained how much I loved the Estée Lauder double wear foundation (I have the shade Tawny) but when it came to removing my makeup it was long winded.

The total drop foundation is not worth £14. It claims that 4 drops gives you full coverage and maybe this is true if you have flawless skin but if you have acne or pigmentation marks, 4 drops is not going to give you full coverage.

Also if you don’t set this foundation, it’s going to spread easily because of the consistency.

Also take care when applying this to the skin or to a beauty blender because the consistency is watery.

I’ve set this foundation with powder, and setting spray and after 8 hours it still spreads apart on my nose and around my mouth.

I normally wear L’Oréal Infallible matte foundation, and you can get this foundation for £8 and it will stay on your face easily over 8 hours.

I’m disappointed that I spent more money on a foundation that doesn’t deliver. Maybe it’s because I have oily skin. Looking online at reviews majority of them are disappointed about how easily this spreads.

It’s easily transferable too, if I touch my face foundation is instantly on my finger tips.

The colour of this foundation is refreshing. It has yellow undertones also the colour range of this foundation is fantastic. They just need to fix the formula.

I’d say if you’re quickly going out for a short time this would be great to use. If you have errands to do for the entire day and you wear this foundation, you will need to touch up on this foundation throughout the day.


I chose a concealer to use for contouring.

I decided to go for the shade Nutmeg because when the makeup artist swatched it on my arm the tones were nice and I thought this would look good for contouring.

The shade is okay.. but when I’m blending it out it has a orange/red undertone that I dislike.

I deepen this by adding contour powder.

The concealer is creamy and it blends really well. It also lasts all day which is amazing.


I LOVE the NYX Lingerie matte lipsticks. It’s the first NYX product I ever wore and ever since I can’t not have them. I think I’ve near enough tried every shade now. I wear it every single day even if I’m mixing colours.

Push-Up and Bedtime flirt are very similar. They’re a lovely creamy brown colour, they compliment my complexion well. Sometimes I mix this with a lighter NYX matte lipstick such as Lace Detail and this looks nice too. It depends on the look I’m going for.

Push-up is slightly lighter than bedtime flirt but they are very similar in shade.

Silk indulgent is a nice shade but I normally mix this with another NYX lipstick. Sometimes I’ll wear silk indulgent but if I want it slightly more toned I’d dab exotic over the top of it, only a tiny amount and it looks amazing.

I can’t fault these lipsticks like I said, I’m very obsessed with them. They feel amazing on your lips, although if you have dry lips I recommend exfoliating before trying these lipsticks out because matte can be very drying and can cling to dry areas on your lips so it’s always good to exfoliate before trying any matte lipsticks out.


This lipstick is such a lovely nude colour with pink undertones. I bought it because it’s now discontinued and was only £2.

It’s sheer but buildable and really creamy. I wonder why they’re discontinuing the NYX butter lipsticks because I want to try other colours!

It’s very hydrating and it’s nice to put it on top of matte lipsticks too.


This was recommended to use as a highlighter by the makeup artist and I think that’s because of my complexion.

Personally I like to go for light highlighters not medium tones because I think this looks better. I decided to buy it anyway because she said you could also use it on your lips, so I thought this could be useful one way or another.

I did try to use this as a highlighter but I hated it, so I did try this on my lips.

It looks amazing on top of matte lipstick if you pat it in the centre. I was actually shocked.

It also lasts well, I think I want to try this as an actual highlighter for my cheek bones and nose, but in a different shade.


The tail of my eyebrows are very wispy so I thought I’d try a gel.

The gel is really good at keeping your eyebrows in place, especially if you use this before putting on your eyebrow product.

This isn’t long lasting though, as I’ve noticed mid day my eyebrows are peeking out again.

I’ve tried to use this over product, but my powder, dip brow or pencil spreads. Also I recommend using this before foundation, because I’ve found this also spreads the foundation around your eyebrow area.


I’ve used this matte finishing spray in the past and I fell in love with it.

I do think it works especially if you fan your face straight after spraying it. It’s also great to spray after you bake with powder or even if you apply powder. It kind of allows the powder to sink into your skin rather than powder sitting on top of your skin.

It does make my skin matte and sets it well.


I love the shade of this blush, I think it looks lovely. I’m not really a fan of the highlights in it. If I apply a second layer of blush I get this very highlighted effect. It does say it’s an illuminator but applying too much looks crazy for me.

The blush is lovely and it’s very pigmented.

I hope you’ve enriched this review and if you have any of these products and have found better ways to apply or make them last longer (especially the foundation!) I would love to hear!


Louise oxoxo


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