How To Get Fuller Lips

Before I got lip fillers these are temporary things I used to do to make my lips look bigger.

My lips were always an insecurity of mine, now that I’ve had lip fillers many people have seen how confident I’ve become.

A couple months before I made the decision, these things helped enhance the look of my lips which made me less insecure, so I hope that these tips help you too:


You can make your own DIY lip scrub by mixing sugar and honey together to form a paste, and by gently rubbing this over your lips. You can also buy something similar and delicious from lush which I sometimes used, but I find it cheaper and easier to of made my own.

Some people also exfoliate using a toothbrush but I found I got better results by using the scrubs.

By doing this your boosting the blood flow to your lips and also getting rid of any dead skin. By boosting the blood flow your lips naturally will look more full.


Contouring my lips made the biggest difference to the shape of my lips! I normally would contour with a darker lip liner, normally a brown or sometimes even a dark plum red, it would depend on what lipsticks id wear, and the look I want.

I’d contour similar to the picture above. I’d slightly over draw my lips, and I’d also over draw the Cupid’s bow because I hated mine so much, I’d also fill in the centre of my lips just so they look fuller and then I’d apply my lipstick on top and make sure it’s blended.

Have a play with contouring your lips and find out the best technique is good for you, depending on the look you’re looking for.


Over all lip sticks and lip glosses I found that matte lipsticks would make my lips look fuller along with contouring my lips. My ultimate favourite are the ones from the NYX lingerie collection. I’m obsessed. I love the shade “exotic” and I also love “push up”.


So they say highlighting the Cupid’s bow makes the lips look plumper, but whenever I did this, it drew more attention to them being thin and small. Try it and see if it works for you, but also try it without, let me know what you think.

Having plump lips isn’t everything, but if it’s something that makes you insecure I hope these tips are help to you, or if you just want to try it out anyway, I hope doing these tips help you achieve the look you wanted.

Lots of love,

Louise oxoxo


5 thoughts on “How To Get Fuller Lips”

  1. I am gonna try this. Personally, I have an issue not necessarily with needing fuller lips, but the fact that my lips are 5 different shades. When I was younger it wasnt this way but as I grew older my lips just got easily bruised, no matter what I did they would get hurt and bleed. Slowly they started changing color. I drink water and I feel like this isnt the reason why some areas are darker than others. Anyways it’s a bit frustrating.


    1. That could be down to pigmentation I suffer really bad from pigmentation any type of blemish or cut I get on my skin it turns 5 shades darker maybe try exfoliating them often to see if that helps 😊 but I’m sure they’re still perfect! X

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