Update: Where Have I Been?

It’s been since November since I’ve posted!

And I know this is the second where have I been post i’m just adjusting to life!

I’ve honestly neglected my blog so much, university has been a huge shock for me because I’m constantly researching, doing assignments and also I have to play Mommy once I come out of university, so most of my work is done on the night which I used to spend making blog posts.

Now that I’ve settled into university, and now things are much more organised especially in the mom department, my son should be settled with a childminder soon, I should have much more free time.

As I’ve logged into this I’ve noticed I’ve received more followers and more views on my blog posts so I’m thankful for that considering my blog posts have been non existent since November, I hope you have enjoyed my posts

So yes, hopefully I’ll be making more posts, and I should have more free time doing what I enjoy, I hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas xoxo


Louise oxoxo


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