My New Year Resolutions


Late post as it’s nearly the end of January, but we’re still in January so it still counts!

Every year I used to hate people talking about their new year resolutions because I used to think it was cliche, and no one ever sticks to them.

But I decided to finally make 5 new year resolutions easy for me to actually achieve and I’m following them well so far.

1. Stop Worrying About What Other People Think – as a heavy over-thinker I think in the previous years if somebody didn’t like me, or had something negative to say about me I’d always try to prove them wrong. But you can’t please everyone and if someone actually took the time to get to know me, they’d realise I’m actually not that bad, so this year I’m making this my priority.

2. Become Vegetarian – Not so easy but I’m so educated as to why I want to be a vegetarian, it’s something that I definitely want to achieve by the end of the year. Honestly I’d love to be vegan but I want to start off slow. I’ve been practicing meals without meat, and I’ve been researching loads into it. Definitely a goal of mine.

3. Stop Being So Self Conscious – This is hard for me but it’s something I’m practicing now and I’m already getting better at it. The same as the first resolution, I care too much about what people think, and I have bouts of anxiety especially when I’m out by myself it’s something I’m trying to get under control. I’ve learned already that if I let those feelings inside take control I start to act withdrawn and shy and I can’t make eye contact, I can’t stand it when I feel this way because it’s obvious and looks like I’m being rude. This is a major one to accomplish this year and I’ve been doing little changes to improve this. The quote above is exactly how it is with my insecurities and self consciousness but I’m overcoming it, it’s not a way to live

4. Get To Know Myself – As much as I used to preach on this blog about positivity, and finding yourself and all those posts were authentic and true, but I never practice what I preach, but this year I am. Instead of being anxious about the future, I want to discover myself again, I want to enjoy my own company and ultimately love myself. I think this is important.

5. Become More Holistic – Along side the becoming vegetarian, I want to practice holistic remedies frequently. Such as I want to stop using perfume and implement essential oils so that I’m cutting out the toxins in perfume. I basically want to transform into Jhene Aiko this year. I want to wear less makeup, I want to clear my acne through clean eating and natural remedies and I want to meditate and water a million plants in my flat, honestly that is what I want this year lol.

So yes, these are my five new year resolutions. I mean I’ve said ‘easy for me to achieve’ but they are actually difficult. But I know this year I will achieve this as I’m already doing subtle changes.

I know that doing these things will make me happier as a person and will transform me into my greatest self.

So hope you’ve loved reading my new year resolutions, have you made any for this year? I’d love to hear, and are you sticking to them?


Louise oxoxo


5 thoughts on “My New Year Resolutions”

  1. I promise you yesterday I went looking for you in my followed sites settings because I was like “where is Louise”. And I saw that I did read your last post and I was like “awe I miss her”. And today I saw your post in my readers page and got sooo happy. I am glad you made some resolutions for the year. I have some too, mostly about eating more veggies, working out, and becoming more spiritually aware of myself and my choices. It’s going not too bad, im still committed so that’s good. I hope the year goes well for you and your family. And as friendly as I seem I have inner panick attacks when I am meeting new ppl but I talk myself out of it and accept that if this person doesnt want to talk to me it wont shatter my world, in fact I bet they are just as nervous and I gotta be strong. Idk thats how I talk to myself. Love you Louise. 💋💝


    1. You are honestly such the sweetest! That’s insane that you was looking for me yesterday cause I was planning my “where am I post” and thought about you, you’re so supportive and I really love your post you sound like such an amazing person! Your new year resolutions sound great I’ve also started working out more it’s all about staying motivated haha which is easier said than done, I think we’re similar in so many ways hopefully some day we will meet that’ll be amazing 💗 lots of love 💖

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      1. Definitely, I actually do want to meet you. I was thinking how great it would be to have a bloggers convention. Idk. But I do plan on doing a lot of traveling around the world and I will contact you when im in the UK for sure.


    1. Y e s, I literally want to be a hippy with no exaggeration. I want to eat so clean, and I want to be in touch with nature and nothing but purity around me. I hope you’re doing well, I’m going to have a quick skim over your posts in a little bit xx


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