Skincare Haul! Mario Badescu Skin Care Products


My skin has been so bad lately.. until I discovered Mario Badescu! I am telling you, why didn’t I discover this range sooner?!

I decided to write a post about recent purchases and decided to put one up to do with skincare as I suffer from acne.

Below is what I think of the Mario Badescu as my first impression, also links to purchase these items..

Mario Badescu


– I suffer from acne on my shoulders it’s so embarrassing but I’ve noticed that my breakouts are becoming less. I’ve used this product for a month, also my skin feels softer and smoother in texture, and it smells floral which I love. I use this every single day without fail and I still have half a bottle left.


– If I’m completely honest, although the cleanser has improved the texture of my skin on my face my breakouts are still present, but slightly reduced. I’ve only been using the product for a month so of course I’ll continue to use it and I’ll see what my over all conclusion is. I suppose because it says ‘Acne facial cleanser’ I’m expecting a quick fix to my skin becoming clear, but it’s a process.


– THIS IS HOLY GRAIL. As soon as I have a spot or an area that has broken out, I put the drying cream on and the next day the area is so reduced and not even inflamed, it’s insane! I love this. The only downfall is the cream comes in a tiny tub. You don’t get a lot of product however, a little goes a long way. The cream is thick and does not irritate the skin. If you do have dry skin I would be careful using this product. I normally use this cream on the night. Mario Badescu,please make a larger tub of product for me! I will pay extra.


– I like the smell of this lotion but I’m not completely excited about this. I think my major put of is that it has talc in and also, although it smells nice and definitely makes my skin softer after using the cleansing lotion, I feel like this hasn’t changed my skin dramatically.


– Similar to the drying cream, you use this 1-2 times a week and can use this on your back, chest, shoulders too which is great. This really does dry everything up, so I definitely recommend an oil-free cream after using this mask. Your skin will feel so soft in the morning especially if you use a toner after you use the drying mask.


– When I first seen the bottle I was like no, this product is going to be gone in a week, but when I used it a small amount goes a long way. I used a pea sized amount and that covered my entire face and my neck, and I used a medium thick dot to cover my chest, back and shoulders. You don’t need to use a lot at all. The cream feels so lovely, not greasy at all (of course cause its oil free), my skin feels so soft. It’s similar to the Neutrogena oil free grapefruit moisturiser, but a notch better


– the consistency is thick and feels so soothing on your skin. I used this cleansing gel on my face and my skin felt so smooth afterwards! I’m excited to see if it makes any difference to my Skin overtime with consistent use.


– When I look in direct sunlight I always see small bumps under my skin and it drives me insane. I try to get rid of them which causes damage to my skin and I end up breaking it because the spot hasn’t surfaced. When I saw the buffering lotion which is for under surface bumps I couldn’t even contain my excitement. You have to shake before you apply, the texture feels almost greasy, but then it dries on your skin. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable.


– Recommended to use 1-2 a week so that you don’t damage the skin. My skin felt so amazing after using this, I love the fact it foams up. I will have to continue using this to see a complete change in my complexion.


– Because of the years of acne especially on my shoulders I bought this to see whether this will eventually begin to lighten the pigmentation that I’m left with. It’s easy to cover my face with makeup but I’m so self conscious of my scars I never wear certain tops because of it. Now it’s under control (that’s to some of these products) I thought I can start to use this mask to lighten the pigmentation. I haven’t noticed a significant difference but I’ll update this post in a few months time


– When I received this in the post it was all mixed together and was a pale pink colour. I was like is this off? Cause online it looked different. When I left it to stand and saw it it was separated and looked like how it was presented in the picture. There’s pink clay at the bottom and it’s important that you leave it to stand and not shake it before application. You apply by dipping a cotton bud into the bottle and applying the clay to surface spots. Don’t make the mistake of not listening to the bottle when it says “don’t apply to broken skin” I recently sabotaged a spot in the day so when I applied the clay on the night it stung but the next day it’s completely gone along with the surface spots I applied the clay with, and that was using it for one night!

So, yes I’m so in love with Mario Badescu I just don’t know why I didn’t discover this before!

I’m thinking to update my skin reaction in a few months time so I can see whether this is really helping my skin or is it giving me false hope, but so far these products are amazing.

Let me know what you think of Mario Badescu Products, what else do you recommend for acne prone skin and scars?


Louise oxoxo


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