Wow 200 people following this blog that’s insane!

Thank you so much!

Before I even made my blog private for a month people were still visiting and liking my posts, and following me which made me feel so great and confident about my posts!

I can’t thank you readers enough for following me and taking the time to appreciate what I write, because this is all I want the purpose of my blog to be, to help, inspire and share lots of positivity.

I’m now settled at university and I feel like the people I’ve met on the course have made me awake again to my spiritual self the way I was a couple months ago, the optimistic side of me, the person who always learned some lesson or some sort from whatever I’m dealing with.

So with that being said, thank you for following I appreciate it so much and I’m so glad you like my posts and may more to come.

Lots of love,

Louise oxoxo


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