Mommy Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Rebecca, who has an amazingly beautiful blog. Go and check her out!

Here are the questions:

• Are you a stay at home mum or a working mum?

At the moment I’m a stay at home mum but I’m studying a degree at university so I wouldn’t like to work at the moment as half my week is filled with uni.

• Do you co sleep?

Yes! I used to feel guilty because everyone would say to me ‘he’ll be in your bed when he’s 15!” As banter but I’ve educated myself with co-sleeping. When he’s 3 I’ll try and get him into his own bed and see how he gets on. I breastfeed so co-sleeping is so much easier to feed and it’s amazing in the morning when he’s trying to give me kisses and pokes my face to get me to wake up.

• Would you have it any other way?

No I love Ky it’s hard at times but I couldn’t imagine life without him

• What is your one must have item for your child?

Food honestly i know every child needs food, but I’m telling you when he’s hungry he kicks off major so I need at least something he can munch on.

• How many kids do you plan on having?

I would love to have a big family, I’d love to have 4/5 children, but because my sons dad has no involvement I’m worried if my son will feel like the odd one out if I was to have more children with his future ‘step dad’, so I have mixed feelings whether I want more or not..

• Date Night? How many nights/days do you go out?

Single at the moment but my mum watches Ky every Friday, so I can just chill at home or make plans with friends but if I’m honest I’m loving these chilled nights in bed watching animal documentaries 😂

• Your child’s favourite show?

he Night Garden

• Name one thing you bought before you had your child and never used it?

I would say bottles, I’ve only tried using bottles a few times but he’s refused them even now I’ve Night weaned him from breast he took the bottle for two weeks now he’ll go to sleep without the milk or bottle because he doesn’t like the bottle, it’s weird.

• Your child’s favourite food?

Chicken and seasoned cous cous

• How many cars does your family have?


• Dream holiday with your child?

I’d love to take him skiing when he’s older and to go on the Polar Express

• How has your life changed since your child has been born?

I feel like I’ve realised that I don’t know it all and I’m not as wise as I thought I was and that this is an amazing experience and to embrace it. I’d say I’m definitely more sensitive now I have a child, I cry at everything and I feel like I’m more confident at speaking to people.

• Finish the following sentence… ‘It makes my heart melt to see…

My boy pick up things I teach him and when he dives on me for hugs and kisses. It actually makes me emotional!

• Where do you shop for your child?

I shop in next, Zara for his coats and Primark.

• Favourite make up and skincare product?

At the moment I’m loving esteé Lauder double wear foundation I’m obsessed! Urban decay, maybelline, NYX and L’Oréal.

For skin care I’m loving garnier products lately and skin care from Holland and Barrett’s as they’re natural based products.

• Huggies or pampers?

ampers all the way!

• Have you always wanted a child?

es! People would say to me you’ll be a mum at 16. I’ve always seen myself becoming a mum.

• Best part about being a mum?

ow much love you have for your child and how much love they have for you. I also love the different stages you get to see. I love everything about the development and helping your little one be the best version of themselves possible.

I’d love to tag:

e you all enjoyed reading my answers and I can't wait to see what the responses will be from the people I've tagged!


Louise oxoxo


6 thoughts on “Mommy Tag!”

  1. Hey I just wanted to say I loved your post and the answers you gave for your questions. Can I just say though in response to your answer about having more children; I have 2 kids who have different “sperm donors” (as I call them) who are both not involved (yeah I know I make great choices when it comes to men) and I was worried myself that my oldest would feel left out but both my children are so close and love each other and I try to do my best to show them I love them equally. I have found that it’s the age thing that seems to be an issue at times when the oldest wants the attention that the youngest gets due to the youngest being a toddler and the oldest being mostly an independent child and then my toddler wants to do things that my oldest does but can’t because of the ages if that makes sense? or am I just rambling on? Haha sorry. Anyway I just wanted you to know that you don’t need to worry and that as long as you try to show your child you love him the same no matter what, I am sure he wont feel left out especially when he gets to be a bit of a mummy helper with baby chores 🙂 Emz.


    1. Aww this is a lovely comment to receive on my post and can I just say you seem to be a brilliant mum to your children seems like you adore them very much! Yeah I would love another child but I always had that fear of him feeling left out but I guess as siblings they will grow up close and it’s extra company too xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much! I have had to make many hard choices and had many doubter but i am very proud of myself and how far me and my kids have come and yes i adore them very much. I definitely agree with you about the heart melting moments when they show the good things they inherit from you and when they act like “mini me’s” 🙂 They grow up so freaking fast though it’s crazy! Yeah my 2 have 5 years and a day between them and it definitely helps that my oldest was old enough to understand he wasn’t being replaced etc. x (rambling again sorry aha)


      2. That’s incredible and that seems like an amazing age gap too so at least you can kind of compromise with the oldest one and he will listen to you when you tell him something, that’s amazing! And don’t worry you aren’t rambling you seem like a lovely person! X

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank you 🙂 yeah he listens most of the time and it’s good to have him be a role model for her so that she knows what she should and shouldn’t be doing although they both like to take turns in being mummy at times in term of telling the other what to do and telling them off aha. Ah good. 🙂 Aww thank you, so do you! 🙂 x


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