Drugstore Haul! Boots UK

I’ve needed new makeup for ages so I decided to go crazy and order some new products online which was a gamble remembering shades and just taking a wild guess!

I love Boots I practically live in there. I’ve got a Boots advantage card and sometimes they do deals, for example they buy 1 get one half price on Maybelline products and 3 for 2 on L’Oréal Products.

Here’s what I ordered:

L’Oréal Infallible 24H Matte foundation

• L’Oréal infallible 24H Matte Primer

• L’Oréal Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara

I’ve tried out the foundation before and I fell in love with it, I was using Maybelline Matte and Poreless for a while but it didn’t agree with my skin, so I decided to go back to Infallible.

I’ve also tried the mascara years ago and I loved how wide it made my eyes, and how lovely and long my eyelashes looked.

The Infallible primer is new and I can’t wait to see the results properly. I’ve tried this product twice and I love how it feels on my skin and my makeup lasts a long time. I have oily skin, so Matte products are my favourite, using the primer and foundation together has left my skin Matte all day (however I haven’t worn this product for longer than 7 hours) so I will need to wear this a few more times to see if I still love it.

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer

• NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

I’m really impressed with the concealer, I’ve only used it twice like the L’Oréal primer, but the coverage is amazing.

Again, the setting spray is also new and I’ve only used it a couple times. I’m impressed so far and like I said above, Matte is my favourite because my skin is oily. So far so good, I’ve read up on reviews and they seem amazing, I can’t wait to try this out for a long amount of hours to see how well it keeps my makeup in place.

Maybelline Super Stay Powder

• Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

The super stay powder is amazing and I love how it makes my skin look flawless after I apply my foundation and concealer. I like the fact it’s waterproof and I’m lucky that the shade Sand wasn’t too dark for my skin!

The master precise liquid eyeliner is amazing! I love pen liquid eyeliner I find it easier to apply, with this I get to build up my eyeliner by starting off thin and I’m able to thicken the like to however I like.

• Curls Unleashed Coconut & Avocado Curl Smoothie

First time ordering this product as I couldn’t find the Cantu Hair product. This smells delicious, and I love how my curls look defined with this product. It also works well in my sons hair (I only apply a little)

So far I’m happy about the products I’ve ordered but I’ll have to see how well the products last on my face during long hours.

What’s your favourite drugstore products?


Louise oxoxo


1 thought on “Drugstore Haul! Boots UK”

  1. I love reading a good drugstore haul! I need to try out that eyeliner too as I’m always up for trying new ones! Great post lovely!


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