Blogging Tips For Beginners

I’ve been blogging for a year and a half now and I thought it would be good to give you some of my tips that I do to keep my blog active and interesting.


I never used to schedule posts in fact I really didn’t know how to use wordpress properly. I would make posts as I go and be done with it. Making posts and then scheduling them for the whole week, or every two days, weekly however much times you would like to post on your blog, will show readers that you’re active and your views will be stable.

Before I did this, my views would be great one day and then the next day because I hadn’t posted, I would have none.


it spices things up. You can kind of get away with not adding pictures if it’s a brief blog post but if it’s long, it will keep viewers more interested if there’s pictures.

It makes blog posts less boring. You can always get pictures from Pinterest (as long as you link or note that the pictures you’re using are not your own and you note the author) or take your own pictures.


My blog didn’t boom what so ever until this year when I joined twitter. I have mentioned a few times about how amazing twitter has been!

I didn’t want to join twitter or Instagram because I was scared that someone I know would find my blog but now I’m so confident in my blog, I don’t care and the support I’ve got from both platforms has been insane.

Make sure when you join Instagram, twitter, tumblr, LinkedIn (you don’t have to join ALL of those but it’s great because you share your content on there) you use the same name or similar to your blog so that people know it’s you. Also post frequently on there which can be challenging when you’re also juggling posting actively on the blog but there’s apps like Crowdfire & Buffer which help you schedule tweets.

I use Crowdfire it’s amazing. You can create your own automessage to send to new followers which you can then link your socials and blog and it also lets you unfollow people who aren’t following back, you can also follow people who are interested in what your blog is about. For example on Crowdfire it says “keyword follow” you put in keywords such as “beauty” “parenting” keywords that describe your blog and then people on twitter will come up who have used them keywords, so you can follow them which means they’ll be more than likely interested in checking out your page.


The use of tagging is important because it’s how people find you online.

For example my post to do with Nu Skin Toothpaste, my tags are ‘nu skin whitening toothpaste Review’ and that post has received so many views from google because ive tagged it correctly and people who will be searching for a review online will be directed to my page.

Make sure you tag properly so if you’ve wrote a review on a beauty product you could put ‘foundation review for oily skin’ or if you’ve wrote a post on tips for dealing with anxiety ‘how to deal with anxiety’ it will make it easier for people to be directed to your page.


Every blogger goes through a stage where they don’t know what to write. A good thing that’s helped me is if I’m doing something throughout the day and I just think of a title I will write it down in drafts and write the content later or add to it during the week.

It’s normally at night where my mind will spill out all these ideas and I’ll honestly just write titles in my drafts and then add to them during the week.

Some people even get a bloggers diary, which seems amazing to keep organised.


Its so fun and lovely to read other people’s blogs and it’s nice to build a supportive network of people.

By doing this you’re also seeing what they post about and maybe you’ll be inspired, and by commenting and following you will also show that you’re active, which will make other bloggers & readers want to view your page.

It’s nice to show support to other bloggers!


I find that being honest and open and not pretending that your perfect will attract more views and followers. It’s because you can connect and relate to people who are also in the same situation or have something in common with you.

Write honestly and write as if you’re talking to your friend (but of course with punctuation!) this will also make you feel comfortable and words will just flow, and readers will also feel comfortable reading your content.


Having a header for your blog will make it seem more official.

There’s an amazing lady who makes headers for £3 and she also makes media kits for £5. Her email address is: Katiescornerblog@outlook.com and she’s also on twitter. She’s incredibly talented and will design however you like her to. Do be patient if you do request a header from Katie as she has a lot of requests but she will get round to replying to your email.

If you would like to experiment, I used to make my own by using an app called MocaDeco and I still use this to make my feature pictures for my posts.

I hope this has been some use to you, please email me or drop me a message on twitter or Instagram if you would like some tips for blogging, I’d be happy to help.


Louise oxoxo


7 thoughts on “Blogging Tips For Beginners”

  1. Wish I had read something like this when I first started out blogging, so helpful and the photos you’ve added as so cute! Very aesthetically appealing!!
    Thanks for sharing and I’m sure many have found this so helpful! ✨✨


  2. Amazing, amazing tips, as always. I actually didn’t know about crowdfire (talk about living under a rock) I’m going to use these tips for sure! 😘🌈


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