20 Things To Achieve Before I’m 30

I’ve been thinking lately of all the things I’d love to achieve in my 20s before I hit 30!

I think this will be great to be a reminder of all the things I want to do and it’ll be great to look back on.

I’d love to hear what you would love to achieve too!

1. Visit the Eiffel Tower

2. Complete university with a grade I’m extremely happy about

3. Learn how to love myself and be confident with myself no matter what others think about me

4. Learn sign language

5. Visit Mexico, Italy and Thailand with my son

6. Be in a career that I love and excited about going to every day

7. Help out a charity for young children and families

8. Meet new people who are real and positive and become close friends

9. Become a vegetarian then eventually vegan

10. Teach my son the best way possible to be compassionate, patient and understanding with others, and teach him ways to deal with stress

11. Finally achieve a Skincare Regime that gets rid of acne and my pigmentation marks

12. Volunteer more in the community and help charities especially for 3rd world countries and for children

13. Cook my own Christmas dinner!

14. Go on a girls holiday that will be one of the best times of my life

15. Honestly feel fulfilled within myself and acknowledge how far I have come and grown

16. Go on a safari in Africa

17. Visit Disney land Florida

18. Design my own positivity diary that could potentially begin a business

19. Become more connected spiritually and learn how to channel my positive eventful

20. Become more thankful for the smallest things and become well spoken & positive like Tyler Henry šŸ˜‚

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but these things mean the world to me.

Let’s see what my list will be like for my 30s, and let’s hope that I get to be able to achieve these things.

I’d love to hear what you’d like to achieve in your lifetime.


Louise oxoxo


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