A Letter To My 14 Year Old Self

Dear Louise,

Even though this year will be heartbreaking, you will feel the effects for a long time, eventually the pain lessens and you will feel so much better.

You need to love yourself more and let go of the past of being bullied for your appearance and weight at primary school. Children can be so cruel and are unaware of the effects they have with their words.

You carry much more than your appearance. Your personality is amazing and you should be proud of how mature, compassionate and sensitive you are to others, because not many people are.

Stop worrying about being in a relationship and enjoy being young and enjoy the company of your friends. You will enter a negative relationship because of this, which will have a dangerous effect on your self-esteem and self-worth.

Having said that, you will get through it. You will become more certain about what you want and what you don't want in a relationship. You know the negative signs and you will realise that this relationship wasn't healthy.

Don't worry about drama at school. Focus on your education because everything gets forgotten once everyone leaves.

Stop being so serious! Read these books that changed your life at 17, 'the power' and 'the secret' and learn when you think more positively and act in a positive way, positive things will come to you.

You are perfect in every way, you need to stop wondering and being scared that others will think negatively of you. Love your own company and discover yourself. Live your life for you and embrace your own skin instead of chasing to look and be someone else.

You've got plenty of great experiences to come, whatever you do don't lose who you are and don't stick around people who make you feel insecure and negative. Be aware of the people who surround you, you will bloom into your own unique self, be proud.

Love, your 20 year old self,

Louise oxoxo

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