Use A Toner In Your Skincare Regime, Here’s why:

It's so important to use a toner part of your skin care regime.

When I first started getting breakouts my mum was the first person to say to me "why don't you use a Toner?" And I used to look at her as if she was an alien thinking "well what the hell is that going to do?" Without actually looking into it or at least trying it!

Using a Toner has been an important step in my regime and I now can see the difference in my skin when I haven't been using it.

It improves the texture, it prevents breakouts and my skin is less oily when I tone my skin. I do this every time I cleanse and then I apply moisturiser (currently using Fadeout to help acne marks which also contains SPF 25)

Using a toner revives your skins pH balance which often gets disturbed when we use soap and cleansing products. It also adds an extra layer of protection because toners close your pores which means impurities can't penetrate deeper.

Three months ago I saw a offer at Asda 2 for 1 and I decided to buy the Garnier Soothing Botanical Rose Water cleansing milk, Toner and moisturiser. Read all about it in my review here.

I started using this for a month, along with my Shea butter soap and using the moisturiser that is part of the cleansing milk and Toner Botanical Rose water collection.

Seeing the dirt that came off my skin on the cotton pad, even though I had exfoliated and washed my skin was insane.

I use the Toner on my face and my body, it makes my skin so soft and I love it.

I can also feel it close up my pores too.

You can check out other toners which will benefit your skin type, here's an article I've found which has great information and suggestions on toners.

Or check out the rest of the Garnier 96% Natural origin skincare range. I'm yet to try the Green tea gel wash and toner because it says it's for Oily/Combination skin which is what I have.

I picked up the rose water collection because it was the only set I saw in the deal at Asda, and it's worked wonders for my skin so I'm intrigued to know what the others do.

People also swear by apple cider vinegar as this also restores the skins natural PH levels. Read an apple cider vinegar DIY toner here.

I hope you liked my post and I'm hoping it's made you consider to try out toning your skin! Let me know if it's made a difference like how it has to my skin!


Louise oxoxo

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