Empties Post – My NYX Matte Lipsticks πŸ˜“

I'm completely obsessed with Matte lipsticks, but I look for the ones that feel velvety on my lips and don't dry them up as much.

For a couple of months I have had the NYX Lingerie Matte lipsticks. I fell in love with 3 of their colours and would wear these colours daily without fail.

Sometimes I would mix them together, or sometimes (nearly always) i would line my lips with a deep plum colour from L'Oréal called 'Intense Plum', and then put the lipstick on top. The reason why I do this is that it makes my lips look bigger, sometimes I find the brown lip liners don't make my lips look as big as this plum colour from L'Oréal, I'm not sure why!

The 3 colours I fell in love with are:

Lace Detail
• Push Up
• Ruffle Trim

Which are sadly completely empty!

A re order is over due.

They feel lovely on my lips and they last so long throughout the day.

You can wear these colours with any outfit, that's why my makeup always looks the same because I never switch my lip colour.

When I mix them together, I try to make a mauve colour or a pink nude, because I feel like this compliments me and I love them colours especially when I wear eyeshadow.

I still have a few colours that I'd want to try from the lingerie collection, and I also want to try other colours from the liquid suede collection as I've fallen in love with Sandstorm and Soft Spoken.

I'm obsessed with Matte lipsticks, tell me your recommendations!


Louise oxoxo

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