100 Followers Post! Thank You! 💖

I've reached 100 followers! I'm so excited!!

The reason why I created my blog was to help people realise that they're not alone and there is people who can relate whether that's to do with my difficulties during parenting, difficulties with my skin and overall mental wellbeing such as anxiety and depression.

Starting a blog was nerve wracking because I was writing so deeply and openly about my experiences in each post, especially about parenting and I was scared that someone I knew would look at my blog and think it's pathetic.

Recently I showed my friend my blog – Teacups&LipstickStains – and she loved it and it encouraged her to write a blog (she's amazing and writes about dealing with mental health issues which is so brave of her)

Writing has became so therapeutic I love it and I love the fact people like how I'm expressing myself through writing it gives me confidence and makes me feel like I'm actually not alone.

As I was writing about ways to deal with anxiety and my updates on life as a single parent, I then went on to writing motivational posts for people to read as a little pick me ups for when you're feeling down and that seemed to be the biggest hits on my blog which makes me so happy!

I write whatever comes to mind normally at night time when my sons in bed, that's when my creative mind comes alive.

I'm so happy and grateful that you enjoy reading my blog! And I'm also enjoying blogging and writing posts! Before I didn't take it as serious as what I have done this year.

I've realised the blogging community is so encouraging and supportive I love it so much, especially on twitter!

Thank you so much again for following me, keep updated with my posts and follow me on my other social medias:

Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest // Tumblr

This has been the best week ever! Two blogger awards and now a 100 follower milestone!

Lots of love,

Louise oxoxo


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