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Every Child Is Different

Each and every person is an individual being, with different emotions, different developmental goals and each of us will reach milestones at different stages.

Each of the child's developmental sectors (social, emotional, intellectual and physical) should be taken into consideration and parents shouldn't apply pressure on their child if they see another child hitting milestones. They will hit the same milestones at a different time when they are ready.

Who even knows, they might be focused on a completely different milestone such as walking, or talking (as the brain doesn't allow your child to focus on the two).

When one child is ready to potty train, another won't be. When one child cuts teeth early, one won't until a couple months down the line. Your child might walk early, but may not be great at speech just yet which can make you worry, vice versa, but once your child feels fulfilled and confident that they've reached their goal they will focus on something else.

There's so much pressure from adults and normally this stems from their doubt that they aren't doing a good job, this feeling is natural and we will always question ourselves.

It can also stem from other mothers constantly comparing their child to yours, or when you hear other children speaking well, see other children eating healthy or maybe down to your child being shy and seeing others be confident.

You must remember that every child is different you can always encourage them to learn new skills, and of course encourage them to become more confident and out spoken but never pressure your child because of others, in good time they will also hit that milestone.

When I moved out for the first time I was surrounded by young mums.

One kept comparing hers to mine because she had a child the same age, he was always a healthy eater, mine wasn't at the time, he slept through the night, mine still doesn't but she used controlled crying which worked for her but I'm uncomfortable doing that, and whatever my child was doing, he would always seem better.

This really began to play on my confidence as a mother until I did my own research, and instead of questioning myself I began to sit back let my child explore, I kept my old routine as I was trying to change things to how she did things which didn't work for us.

Each households values and routines are different too, what works for you may not work for another family.

I feel like adults should keep in mind every child is different. It's like when a child misbehaves I hear mums complain about the child instead of thinking "oh well, he could be teething", "she could be unwell", there could be many reasons why a child is the way they are.

I also hear mums say "her speech isn't good for two", "he isn't even walking yet and he's one", "she still breastfeeds and he's well over one now", she's made a rod for her own back by allowing that child in bed with her, I couldn't do it". Of course everyone has an opinion on everything but I feel like no one should judge or even come across like this especially when it's to do with the way a mother parents her child, and about children in general.

If parenting is positive, baby is healthy and happy and If that works for their child then great. If there's delay in speech or walking, let them deal with that. No need to add to their load of worries (as we already do as parents).

Be mindful, positive and always support your fellow parent. Times can be rough and if someone seems like they're struggling, offer a helping hand. They will be grateful and who knows you might be the one person to pick them up off the ground to continue with this magical journey of parenting.


Louise oxoxo

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3 thoughts on “Every Child Is Different”

  1. This is very true somehow other peoples babies according to the parents sleep 20hours a day, take well to milk, don’t ever act up or have bad days ,somehow better than the one they compare to. To be honest I mostly dont think its true. Adults feel the need to boast doesnt mean it true and like you said every child is different.


    1. Exactly I can’t stand when other parents boast about their children to make you feel inferior, every parent is entitled to talk and be proud about their child of course but when it becomes a competition I think that’s when it’s wrong. Xx


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