Keeping Sane – Motherhood 

Having a baby, toddler or multiple children can be challenging.

It's not that it's hard, it's just extremely testing and it can be exhausting.

When they don't listen to you and do the opposite of what you've asked them to do, when you walk into a room and they've smeared food or something worse, all over the walls and carpets. 

When you think it's 6pm when really, it's 3pm, so your counting down the hours until bedtime.

Your house is a mess your washing hasn't been done in a few days, there's food continuously scattered everywhere after tidying up every single night and you're ever so tired.

You are a superhero, and even though it's testing and all these things happen during Motherhood, it shows how resilient you are.

If you have a relative, a close friend or neighbour who you trust to watch the children for a few hours just so you can get the house together, or relax in the bath.

It will matter, you don't realise what an hour of peace actually does for you.

It'll be even better if you have someone you trust to look after your child(ren) over night so you have a couple of hours to yourself so you can chill, do what you need to do and to finally have some you time.

As mothers we forget to look after ourselves, baby is always first of course but we need to remember to at least fit in some 'me' time.

Even if it's something simple like getting your nails done, getting your hair done, pampering yourself, making plans with a friend so you can get everything out, planning a day trip. Just something to make you feel happy.

I felt like the first year of motherhood was so difficult because I had to adjust to everything. I've always said my son is a blessing, I would never regret him and I prepared myself the best I could when I was pregnant, but once reality hit it felt like my world had broken.

This wasn't because I hated being a mother, I hated all the anxious emotions, aware and cautious of everyone around him and not wanting to leave him with anyone other than myself or my mom (for a few hours) that's not because I didn't trust anyone, he was honestly my world.

I was broken because of my circumstances, in the future if him not having his father around would effect him, if he'll feel fulfilled enough and will he feel happy.

Questioning if I was enough. But I can answer confidently, I am more than enough because I love and live for my beautiful creation and I do the best that I can.

But life isn't always rosey, and that's okay!

Accept bad days, and start the new day fresh and try and make time for yourself even if it's after the children are in bed, just being able to sit down and do whatever you want is an amazing feeling.

It's fine if you feel stir crazy. It's fine if you feel overwhelmed and exhausted! Social media doesn't help us when we feel like this because every mum seems to be doing a better job than us, but they have bad days too.

As long as you offload to your friends or family, or even someone you can trust will make you feel human again.

If your thoughts are too negative about life as a parent and you're worried, make sure you speak to a health professional so they can help you. It doesn't mean you've failed, they're there to support you and offer you further services you may not of even heard of depending on your circumstances.

We are only human we're entitled to feel a different range of emotions.

Go on long walks, offload to someone about your worries, go and arrange something with your friends, just make sure you do something to lift the load off your mind.


Louise oxoxo

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4 thoughts on “Keeping Sane – Motherhood ”

  1. 💞 thank you Louise, for reminding me that I’m not alone! I will remember to read this post when I’m having a tough day. xxxx


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