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Stretch Marks – Gaining Confidence

Stretch marks can be annoying especially when you didn't have them before but can now notice them.

You can get stretch marks for a number of reasons such as gaining or losing a significant amount of weight, having a baby and when your body is changing such as going to the gym and muscles are growing.

If you've had a baby and you're self conscious of my stretch marks, I promise the first year they will look worse than what they will turn out to be. 

With time they eventually fade and they're not as pigmented.

I feel like this is the case for all stretch marks, although stretch marks come in all different sizes, it's a natural thing that occurs.

My stretch marks were a a deep purple colour, now they're a silver colour, and this is the case for majority of people.

Stretch marks are common on your arms, chest area, legs, stomach, hips and back. 

You can get stretch marks in any area, it's something that naturally happens.

There are creams that can fade stretch marks such as Bio Oil but you need patience to finally see results.

I've became comfortable with my stretch marks because I know it was because I had a bun in the oven. Some women are lucky and don't have stretch marks, but mine are for a blessed reason and I shouldn't be ashamed.

It's the same for my chest area, hips and I even got stretch marks on my thighs while I was pregnant because I did gain weight as well as being pregnant!

Like I said, at first stretch marks can be a darker colour until they fade into a silvery colour.

Don't be ashamed of your stretch marks. They're a part of you and you shouldn't feel the need to hide them.

Some people even find this attractive!

Embrace your tiger stripes! Just because you have stretch marks doesn't mean your body isn't as beautiful as ever. The problem with our society is everyone is aiming to be perfect. 

People aim to hide their flaws, and I get if it's a deep insecurity, but this is natural and almost impossible to not get. 

Majority of people have stretch marks, even before I had my child I had stretch marks on my hips because of gaining weight and then loosing it over the years, also on my thighs a little bit because I used to go to the gym. It's not necessarily a bad thing.

Remember, you're your own biggest critic. People don't even notice the flaws on you until you point them out and make it into a major deal.

Love yourself and always be kind to yourself,

Louise oxoxo

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