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Vanity Planet – Spin For Perfect Skin First Impressions

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I was so excited to have this delivered!

The spin for perfect skin came fairly quick. 

I ordered it on the Monday and it came by Thursday, which was so quick considering it was from the US.

The spin device came with 4 brushes

Cleansing Brush – for light exfoliation and to rid your skin of impurities 

• Exfoliating Brush – for deep cleaning your skin, purifying your pores and getting rid of left over makeup and impurities from the day (slightly a darker colour to the cleansing brush and bristles are more harder)

• Body Brush – to cleanse and exfoliate your body (good for body acne and to help lighten pigmentation) 

• Pumice Stone – for hard skin on feet, elbows and knees.

It also comes with a little booklet for more information on how to use the device and more information about what the brushes should be used for.

It advises that you use a gel cleanser which makes sense because it lathers up amazing on the brush. 

Instead, when I first used the device I used my African Black soap because I'm finally seeing slight changes in my skin, so I didn't want to switch up the product when I'm finally seeing results. 

So I lathered it up, applied it on my skin and then used the spin brush.

I had to lather up the soap a lot for it to foam up whilst using the spin brush. Like I said it advises to use a gel cleanser so I would try to find a gel cleanser suitable for your skin type. It also suggests not to use an exfoliation scrub along with the spin brush because that can be harsh on your skin.

Personally I thought the brush was going to be faster than what it is, but I suppose it's a good thing because if it was too fast I think it would damage your skin as too much exfoliation can make acne worse.

All the brushes are soft. They're firm, but when you run your fingers through them they are quality bristles specially designed for your skin.

The exfoliation brush is a little tougher than the cleansing brush because it's to lift the dead skin and impurities. The cleansing brush does lift impurities and takes off makeup but the exfoliation is a deeper clean for your skin.

My skin type is oily/combination, I wouldn't say it's sensitive although sometimes depending on the weather and time of the month, my skin will feel sensitive. 

Using the spin brush didn't hurt and it made my skin look radiant after the first use. I'm really impressed. Of course there's no change so far but my skin did look healthier after using it and when I looked in natural lighting it looked glowing.

My routine with the spin brush is to use the cleansing brush daily, and then the exfoliating brush twice a week. 

The body brush I'll be using every other day so it's not too harsh for my skin. 

One thing I will say is do not put the whole device under water. I did this and the device kept stopping and starting. The next day it was fine, but this isn't completely water proof. You can take this in the shower with you or bath but make sure it isn't dunked under the water. 

I'll be making an update on the vanity spin brush in a couple months time so I can follow up on my first impression. 

The original price was £77.38 and right now it's cut down to £23.21.

I didn't have to pay any taxes when it came, which I was surprised about I just had to pay for delivery which was something like £6. 

Reading up on reviews people have had good results from using this brush, on their pigmentation and for their acne. So I'm really excited to see changes.

I like the brush so far let's hope I see changes in my skin!


Louise oxoxo

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