I Challenge You To Get To Know Yourself

Haha as you’ve noticed I love floral people artwork and photography as you can see by my feature pictures.

That’s because people are like flowers, we bloom, we grow and it takes time and dedication to look after ourselves.

Do you really know yourself? Have you taken time out to fully understand who you are, what you like about yourself and what you dislike about yourself. How you can improve it and what are your dreams?

Instead of observing and getting to know other people take time to observe yourself.

Write down what you really would like to achieve. What you’re interested in, what hobby you would like to try, what subject really intrigues you and what fascinates you.

What do you enjoy doing? What is your favourite food? What small things make you happy, or what do you look forward to?

What’s your favourite colour? What’s your style, what is your favourite time of the year? Are you a shy person or outgoing? 

Do you like art? Do you love to read? Do you love to sing or dance? How creative are you.

There’s so many questions you can ask yourself and you need to make time to give yourself ‘me’ time to do this.

You have to look after number one which is you and you have to make time for yourself.

Getting to know yourself is like therapy, because knowing what you like and dislike you’ll consciously feel like you’d rather feel happier, you’ll rather be around the things that uplift your mood and make you happier.

Knowing yourself is fascinating and you’re forever blossoming into a beautiful flower. You have laters of petals and you’ll stem off in different directions which will change you in some ways, change your likes, dislikes, improve your creativity or you might discover you’re intrigued by something else.

Everything is a learning curve and an opportunity to help us grow. 

I challenge you to get to know yourself. 

Please make time getting to know yourself and take care of you!

What have you discovered so far? I’d love to know.


Louise oxoxo

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