We Are All Not Perfect People.

And that’s the beauty of it.

We can all aim for perfection which isn’t a bad thing,

But we must remember in some ways or another we are all not perfect people, or we weren’t in the past.

Your version of perfect could be completely different from another persons ideal of perfection. 

And if you want to achieve that, that’s food, & if you feel like you have achieved your idea of perfection then that’s great! 

But remembering your past and remembering that not everyone is/was perfect can be humbling.

Have you ever looked at someone and thought “wow, look at them. They have the perfect life, perfect job, amazing relationship, oh I wish I had that car, I wish I looked like them”. I’m pretty sure every single person has done this about someone.

Who knows, that person may of only just got on their feet and went through years of struggling.

That person might have 100 insecurities, and might think they’re not as blessed.

That person, may be looking at you, thinking exactly the same thing as you. You never know.

The same applies to us, when we prejudge others.

For example today, my mum thought this man was moody today, she was annoyed with him. I thought to myself, well we don’t exactly know what could of happened to him during the day for his mood to be ruined.

He could of lost someone dear to him, he could of had to deal with a vile customer, he might be riddled with debts.

We are all not perfect people.

Remembering the times when you were low, and remembering that you might have been there, before you go and judge someone is always humbling. Stop yourself in your tracks.

When you’re down don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s also fine not to be okay, we cannot be perfect all of the time. It’s about tipping the scale of happiness versus the negativity and sadness that comes in our lives in a while.

Striving for your ideal of perfection is great, but don’t get lost striving for the future, have the future in mind and love the presence. Absorb and observe the presence and enjoy your journey.

My ideal of perfection is to be happy within myself. To be happy about the person I’ve became and will become in the future. 

To not be insecure about my skin and my health (which I am getting ever so good at) and to not be such an anxious and shy person (working on it!).

I also want to learn patience and to eliminate my anger towards the past and about my circumstances by practicing mindfulness and meditation.

What makes me imperfect is also what makes me beautiful.

And what makes you imperfect also makes you beautiful. 

We are not perfect people, or we wasn’t. We’re human beings with emotions, feelings and thoughts. Striving for perfection is great, but be mindful and realistic about your goals and question your motives of why you want these goals.


Louise oxoxo


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