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Breastfeeding For Over a Year: What now?

I’ve been breastfeeding for a year and 6 months! How time flies.

My son is thriving and I’m happy I’m continuing my journey with breastfeeding however now my son is one, I’ve been getting a lot of pressure to stop breastfeeding and to wean him by health professionals and by family members and peers.

However doing research on the Kellymom website, I’ve gained a lot of confidence knowing I don’t have to stop just because other people have different views on what’s the norm.

I’m being told by people continuously when I mention “I’m going to stop when my son decides to self-wean” that “he won’t self-wean, he’ll be on the breast until he’s 10!” Of course it’s banter and it’s them being uneducated in that department.

If you’re breastfeeding and wondering if you need to stop just because of their age, If you’re enjoying breastfeeding and feel like your little one isn’t ready to stop then don’t wean your child because of the comments from other people or health professionals unless there’s a problem with weight gain, or any health conditions that is interfering with breastfeeding.

I’d recommend to find a breastfeeding support network in your local area, or to seek advice with the breastfeeding support team and phone them for more information.

The longer you breastfeed the longer your child is getting nutrition and there will be a time where your little one will self-wean themselves from the milk when they’re fulfilled in other ways and drinking and eating well. Read more about self-weaning here

Also, if your little one isn’t sleeping throughout the night and people are telling you it’s because you’re breastfeeding, they’re wrong. 

If you’re uncomfortable to do controlled crying like myself, there is no need to do that. Even though it’s frustrating that your little one doesn’t sleep throughout the night, they will hit a milestone when they feel ready to sleep through the night and that’s without doing controlled crying and forcing them to sleep through. 

The reason I was put off controlled crying through the night was it apparently has negative effects on their emotional state. It causes baby to feel as if no one is going to meet their needs, there’s more information here.

However saying this, plenty of family members have done controlled crying and it’s worked brilliantly for them. I just couldn’t bare doing it.

If controlled crying works for you then that’s great, every family does things differently and it works for them.

Just because you’re breastfeeding doesn’t mean your child isn’t getting enough. If anything they’re getting more than enough, I’m not sure why people act as if breastfeeding isn’t a natural thing when your body produces it and your boobs know exactly how much your baby needs and what nutrients they need! Which is impressive if you ask me.

If you do want to wean your child, that is your choice but don’t think you need to wean if you are starting work or other factors because you can continue through expressing bottles or expressing and putting it into a sippy cup.

Your child might even not depend on it as much during the day, and may want it on the night which is the case for my son at the moment because he’s so active and on the go.

Don’t feel pressured to stop if you feel like you’re not ready or baby is not ready. Please seek more information to gain more knowledge which will also build your confidence!


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