Slowly But Surely, You Will Get There..

Just like in my post patience is a virtue I spoke about how frustrating it can be to wait for things to come to you, things that you want or benefit you in your life.

Patience is an amazing trait to have. Normally anxiety thrives of you overthinking about what you don’t have or what you should be doing, and all this runs around having patience and your frustration to have things now!

You might even feel like you’re not getting anywhere. That you’re going to be on the ground forever, feeling these negative thoughts & not doing anything positive or at least feeling positive. 

You have to take the steps forward to get to where you wish to be.

Whether that’s even to have peace of mind. 

Go for walks somewhere private especially if you have anxiety. Staying in the house makes it so much worse. Try and be somewhere private full of nature (seriously) it really takes the edge off your emotions and you can just breathe, and have time for your brain to stop and take in everything around you.

Take advantage of nature. It’s therapy I’m telling you.

Slowly but surely, you will get to where you want to be.

Not everything is about materialistic things, it’s about your emotions and what you feel in your heart.

If you have to give up on something, and start from rock bottom because you know it’s going to make you a much better, stronger and happier person in the long run, or change your circumstances in a positive way for the future, then do this. Of course, your mind will be full of regret, but your emotional state is far much important.

It’s ever so frustrating and scary not knowing what the future holds. 

But if you’re doing nothing but positive things, or at least trying to do positive things even if it’s something ever so small, like giving a compliment to a complete stranger, smiling to people you pass on the street, being polite, going for private walks to think and have mind peace for the split second of chaos, the universe will return nothing but positive things to you.

Honestly, look up the law of attraction. It’s changed my life and has made me into a much hopeful person.

I’m a single mum, in a flat, no car, not a lot of money but I’m going to university, I’m getting an education which will enable me to have other opportunities where work is concerned, which leads to an income to have the things I want for my son.

Money and materialistic things are not important to me at all because I know that I will eventually be on my feet some way or another and guess what, as long as me and him are happy I don’t even care if I don’t have those things. 

You could say I’m just winging it because I know this will not be forever.

And your circumstances will not be forever either. Just pick yourself up and move forward to a positive light some way or another 

Easier said than done I know. But you can do this even in small ways such as mediation (to free the pressure on your mind), excercise (which releases endorphins which contribute to improvising your mood) or even writing out a list of goals to reach and at least reach one a day!

You don’t have to do anything major. It’s doing the small things which lead to bigger opportunities in the future.

Slowly but surely you will get there, be hopeful, mindful and believe you will and it will happen. 

Like I said, look up the law of attraction. It has changed lives.

The power of emotions, frequency and thoughts are incredible. You have to find balance and at least tip the scale of positive energy vs negative.


Louise oxoxo

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