My Love For Natural Products & Methods 🌿

When I was 16 I realised that I was more in tune with the holistic methods to deal with problems.

Dealing with Crohn’s disease, and having severe acne, I realised popping a pill all the time to keep these things under control worked, but I couldn’t relie on these things.

For example, my acne. I took the contraceptive pill called co-cyprindol which was amazing while I took it. I decided to give myself a break after a whole year of taking it because members in my family had trouble on the pill, such as blood clots and depression. So I decided to give myself a break.

As soon as I stopped taking it, within a month my acne was back with revenge. Which made me want to find alternative methods to help my skin.

With my Crohn’s, I’ve always rebelled against taking tablets and following doctors orders from the age of 8 when I was first diagnosed with it.

At first it had to be stabilised because I was borderline anorexic, and I was on steroid tablets which caused me to have Cushing Syndrome due to the affect of the tablets (which I only found out this year, as I thought the tablets just made me obese at the time).

Long story short, after dealing with my weight I refused to take tablets for my Crohns, and if I was to get the beginning of symptoms of a flare up I would go on a liquid diet – specially formulated liquids prescribed by the doctor – for a couple of weeks which 9/10 would work.

Meanwhile all of that, my mum changed my diet which has stuck with me and I’m careful about what I eat and very much aware of my triggers which has led me to go years without a severe flare up without the need of tablets.

It was only when I began drinking and smoking – unfortunately – when my Crohns would flare up more times & more severely. Which I’ve stopped both habits now and only drink socially on special occasions. 

With my anxiety and bounds of depression, being around family who have dealt with the same issues and have been on tablets, I made the conscious decision that unless it was severe enough I really do not want to be on tablets and I’d rather find ways and means to deal with these problems myself, and look at the root cause. 

Using methods such as meditation, essential oils and also reading positivity books such as the power and the secret helped tremendously (honestly I’ve mentioned these two books a few times on my blog but they really did change my life).

I’d rather find natural sources to keep things at bay, whether that’s to do with my skin, hair, health or mental wellbeing, rather than take a product that the doctor is prescribing unless it is really and truly necessary.

I love to do research, and I love to find natural products especially when it’s to do with trying to keep my skin under control, which recently, I’ve took very seriously.

I’m currently in love with natural remedies such as sugar scrubs with green tea and honey to exfoliate skin (try it!) 

And I’m also in love with Raw Shea Butter at the moment because I can already see my skin looks more warm and healthy.

At the moment I’m looking into oil pulling to help whiten teeth and to draw out toxins, this really intrigues me.

I also want to do more research about how to grow my hair longer and thicker using natural based products because my hair feels damaged especially in this warm weather. 

Anything natural based I will try!

Have you got any recommendations on products or home remedies to try?


Louise oxoxo

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4 thoughts on “My Love For Natural Products & Methods 🌿”

  1. As a nursing student I learned a lot about the different diseases and different therapeutic methods. In all honesty we are taught that pills and tablets are almost the last resort if something else can be done. Being of Caribbean background (Haitian) there is ALWAYS a tea or herb for something you have an issue with. So much so that I personally do them out of habit and simply due to how I was raised. I can’t think of one right of the top of my head but my parents/grandparents know. Lol. Enjoyed reading this post.


    1. Thank you I’m glad you enjoyed and that’s so lovely that you know natural remedies through your family backgrounds I wish mine were like this, it makes sense really that natural is better than something man made, thank you for reading I will check out your blog x

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  2. This first blog is more about poetry interpretation and analysis. However soon I will have another seperate Health/fitness slash nursing blog. You might enjoy the latter. Anyways glad to have met you. 👌👍


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