Patience Is A Virtue..

It’s ever so hard to be patient all the time.

Well.. You have no choice but the be patient with certain things.

Such as finding love, genuine love. Getting the job you’ve always wanted and maybe getting the qualifications you wanted.

But how frustrating is it having to wait for something you crave to have in your life right now?

It’s great to be positive, and it’s great to be patient. But some days you get a sense of panic that you haven’t got your life together, why haven’t you got all these things in place now? What have you been doing all this time.

This is how I feel right now.

Then I realise, 

I’m 20 years old. I have so much time stop panicking. Ok I have a child, doesn’t mean anything. He came early, that is all.

At the moment I’m craving love, but I’m conflicting in my brain telling myself wait until after university, and I also don’t want just anybody around my son. Just so many conflicting views spinning around my head.

Then I look back at the past, when I quit my last year of sixth form. Ok I have half a qualification. But I wouldn’t have to do 4 years at university of I would of just done the full second year.

All this panic and anxiety about my choices. But I am blessed.. Even though I don’t feel it.

Strangely enough, two of my friends and my brother feel this anxiety too. 

Debating to quit education, whether to just go straight into a job, craving love, etc.

They’re just looking at their choices.

The anxiety will pass. I think it’s just a test of the brain. If you are patient and stick to something (if you know it’s worth it and know you’re enjoying whatever it is your pursuing) then great things will come out of it.

Is anybody else getting anxious feelings about the future? 


Louise oxoxo

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2 thoughts on “Patience Is A Virtue..”

  1. Yess. I literally think about my future and start getting sad thinking of all the stuff I haven’t done, all the stuff I could have. It’s not just you.
    At times, you just need to connect with your heart and soul, you’ll find the answer there!


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