Shedding Negativity and Removing Unhealthy People From Your Life.

I hope you’re having a great day so far.

After some lazy days, I feel grounded and it really got me thinking about how I’ve changed as a person and how I view things now, compared to a few years ago.

As we get older I think we tend to not tolerate as much as we did when we were younger, naive and hopefull.

We all have instincts, but we never really follow our gut. Majority of the time when you have an off vibe with someone, feel like you can’t trust them you’re normally right. 

It’s harder with family because they’re blood. It’s harder to cut all ties with them, and if your family is anything like mine, they always suggest that family should stick together. But should they stick together if they’re toxic, self-centred and two faced about each other?

Before I left home and began my journey into mother hood, I would just believe what anybody would say. I did consider myself as very mature for my age, but I’d always give people chances and I would second guess my instincts for another persons perspective of that person.

Looking back now, even though I have no regrets, I can say that my instinct has always been accurate. If I feel funny about someone normally that person is someone who is going to cause trouble or drama in my life or turn out to be someone I can’t trust.

Also, when I was younger I used to hold grudges against people. Now, I simply do not want to waste time overthinking about the situation, to make myself even more annoyed and irritated of the outcome. There’s no logic in that. 

If I find myself to overthink about a situation where it involves someone, I will bite my tongue and get everything out when I’ve calmed down. So I nip it in the bud.

Sometimes in life it’s hard to get rid of negative people in your life, especially if you’re related or if you’ll constantly end up seeing this person frequently, but if they’re interfering, two faced, you could never trust them with your information and they are just negative people who like to talk negatively about other people, why would you associate yourself with that?

The people you associate yourself with, the more you turn out like them, even if you don’t mean to. You end up picking up traits, and you end up thinking negatively the way they do.

I always think whenever I have to cut people out of my life, no matter how hard it is, I’d rather go through the pain of it now and get it over and done with, than later.

Just believe that you deserve to be happy. Of course you do.


Louise oxoxo

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