The ‘Eventful’ Day, 

Do you ever get one of those days when nothing seems to be going right?

You wake up in a good mood, and something wrong happens, or you just wake up feeling ‘off’ for no reason? 

Today was one of those days.

I couldn’t find my bank card, I needed to top up on gas and electric, I needed to go shopping because I wanted to create my own pasta sauces after being inspired by a tv programme on bbc one.. I had a ‘busy’ day that I was actually looking forward to.

I sat there crying over this stupid bank card. Ridiculous and pathetic. What’s even more pathetic is it was my 4th bank card that I ordered.. In a month.

I just kept losing my bank cards and I literally thought there was something wrong with me.

Anyway. I walked into the kitchen and it was in one of my draws. Perfect! The day can go back to normal.

Well no. It didn’t.

So I got myself ready and my little boy ready, were literally about to go out the door when I see rain. No problem! I have the rain cover, which is always underneath the pram!

But, no it wasn’t under the pram. It was in the boot of my mums car.

So nearly having a breakdown because I was meant to go food shopping, top up my gas and electric and post some important letters, also tackling a screaming tired toddler. I was sweating buckets pretending to be Wonder Woman.

I called my mum who was supposed to be on the way to Sheffield, instead she was just around the corner which was pure luck. So the rain cover situation was sorted.

At Asda, when I finished shopping – I bought way more than what I needed for tonight’s spontaneous dinner – I was at the check out, anxiously thinking.. Well how the hell am I going to fit this all underneath this pram. I don’t have a car currently, and Asda is literally around the corner anyway.

I wasn’t prepared to put anything back because what I bought was useful.. Not.

So I’m on the floor at the self-checkout tackling my shopping, cramming everything underneath the pram. It wasn’t working out. Why was this morning so crap!

Thankfully, a lady approached me and saw my struggles. She worked at asda, and unpacked my 12 pack of wipes (because I just couldn’t settle for the odd two packs), and managed to pack them individually under my pram. 

Basically, she found ways and means to pack my multi-purchases and I was so thankful.

On my way home, in the rain, feeling quite proud of myself, a DPD van decided to skid around the corner and of course the biggest puddle possible was next to the pathway. The back of my legs got drenched, and I just felt sorry for myself. 

My shopping was safe apart from the box of washing powder, but I just about made it home before that disintegrated.

Amazing day so far.

So I’m cooking dinner and experimenting as if I’m a 5* chef. I pull the spaghetti out of the cupboard, and the dry jerk seasoning container comes flying out, with the lid hanging off and jerk seasoning gets all in my eyes, half over what I was preparing and all over the floor. 

Not a f#%*+ng problem! My eyes absolutely burning also attempting to find the dust pan and brush before my toddler decides to burn his mouth off with the seasonings. 

To top it all off I smashed my last bowl because again, like the bank card situation, I’m just incapable of being normal and have to smash 2 other bowls in a month.

Today wasn’t an awful day, it was just an incredibly unlucky day!

But, I’m happy that my home is tidy and I was eventually happy when my family members came down to see me and my little one.

I hope your day went better than mine!



Louise oxoxo


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