Tips for moving out on your own for the first time.


I hope everything is going well for you.

I know how stressful and overwhelming moving can be, especially of you’re moving out for the first time.

I moved out of my moms with my son as a single parent, and that was terrifying because I was completely on my own and now completely 100% responsible for this vulnerable human being.

But the process has made me stronger and now I love my home.

I’ve made a list of things that I think is essential, and I’ve wrote some tips too.

I hope you enjoy and find these things useful:


I used to be such a snob before I moved out, and I even used to look at furniture and plan out what I will have. 

Although I’m sure I still will have these things maybe in the future when I’m more financially on my feet and maybe when I’ve moved from my flat into a new home, I have to be grateful that I saved a lot of money and a lot of hassle by purchasing things second hand.

I got my sofa for £50 on the Facebook market (I would link but I have now deleted Facebook, but on the app it’s the middle button that bring up the market place).

I also got my TV stand for free from there, my little boys Mamas and Papas cot bed for £40 and I also got a wardrobe set for £50 on there.

Of course look at the furniture first. You need to make sure there’s no major damages, and if you’re happy take it.

I love my sofa it’s so comfy, and the man that sold it to me told me it was Italian leather, so I’m still kind of living the snob life style haha! 

There’s also groups on Facebook normally called ‘for sale’ then your area. 

There’s apps such as Shpock, EBay, Amazon and GumTree that also sell good priced furniture.

Also don’t be afraid to go in charity shops, I’m telling you there’s some nice things in there for good prices.


Maybe more.. It depends on yourself. 

My first shop came up to £150 because I also needed to get things for my little one.

Every week now it will cost me £50 the most for groceries but if I really have left it I will have to spend more.

I prefer to buy in bulk but with fresh fruit and vegetables I will have to buy weekly.

I made a week plan of the type of ingredients I need and might need if I fancy to make it.

I also needed to make sure I got things that would last.

I needed a ton of cleaning things, mop, bucket, polishing cloths, you name it.

Remember you need every single thing such as sugar, toilet paper, bin bags, food bags, toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner etc. 

You have to get these essential things because your mom is no longer going to!


Honestly my mom is the biggest bargain hunter I know so I drag her out with me every chance I get if I’m shopping, although I am getting good at it myself.

Also if you look at the product and compare brand labels to the store labels 9/10 they taste the same and there’s not much difference in the salt and sugar content. 

You can save a lot of money doing this.

I used to love Asda until I actually walked into aldis. 

I only spent £30 and I bought two weeks worth of shipping no word of lie.

Go to different stores and compare the prices, you will soon know which places hold all the deals.


I have made a diary for all my bills and I have reminders on my phone.

I have to be smart with my money because I need to make sure I have money just in case for the little one, or little things I might of forgot.

It’s good to write when you get paid, how much roughly you need to spend on shopping and then write down the dates when your bills come out.

You can set up a debit set up with bills such as tv licence, Internet and your water bill. 

You can even do a direct debit with your gas and electric.


Honestly if you can really afford it then great. But do you really need that brand new sofa or that 50″ 3D tv? 

Places such as bright house are so tempting but making do with second hand furniture, cheap furniture or just what you have for now, until you get settled and on your feet is the best way.

You don’t want to be in tons of debt when your home will build into its empire in time.

It’s much better if you can try your hardest to save your money and then purchase things out right.

Many places add interest onto the furniture anyway.

You have plenty of time to get all of these things in the future.


In the summer I’m finding gas and electric isn’t as high as it is in the winter because I’m out majority of the time as the gas does not need to be used.

However I am a bit of a eco freak and when I can save, I will.

Your electric will still be used if you don’t switch off and unplug your equipment when you’re not using them.

Which is a waste of money.


One of the things I love about living on my own is that I can cook whatever I want.

I mean I had the option at my moms, but because there’s so many of us that would come in and out of the kitchen it can be stressful.

I knew how to cook little things when I moved out, but not 7 days worth of meals.

If you look on YouTube, get some ideas online and look on Pinterest you will start to discover what you like and don’t like.

You’ll end up saving money too because you’ll know what you will actually need when you’re food shopping, rather than just guessing.


Ok I’m not just saying this because I’m a little bit of a hippy, but if you do have the option to recycle then do it.

Not only are you saving the environment (which is always a great thing) but you actually save space in your bins.

The first two weeks my bin was over flowing, it’s because I simply didn’t recycle properly.

I did recycle, but only huge cardboard boxes and milk cartons here and there which is nothing.

Take a look at everything you are throwing in the bin, and consciously ask yourself if you can recycle it.

There’s nothing more annoying than having no space left in your bins and having to suffer an over flowing smelly bin.


Every night I will tidy everything up and make sure my kitchen is spot less because I cannot stand when the kitchen is a complete mess and I have to get up in the morning to make breakfast for my son, it’s better to get things out the way.

But there’s a difference between just tidying up and deep cleaning everywhere.

Set yourself a day where you will polish everywhere, vacuum every room including the ceiling (cobwebs), wipe down the sofa or surfaces and bleach the bathroom and kitchen.

The reason I say this is if you don’t want spiders & other insects moving in, doing this won’t make your home more inviting to them.

You can also check for them as you’re cleaning so you can free them before they make a whole generation and start filming bugs life.

Doing this will also keep everything organised and your mood will be better.

There is nothing worse than just clutter everywhere and waking up in one of those moods, where you simply cannot be bothered but you have no choice but to tidy.

It’s best to keep on top of things. 


My home as so empty at first for at least a couple of months, but everywhere I went and when I got paid I would pick up things that would look nice in my home.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t feel like home at first, it’s a blank canvas waiting to become a master piece. You just have to add to it.

It’s a chance to show your personality in your home.

I hope you found this useful,

Let me know what you think.


Louise oxoxo


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