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Garnier Soothing Botanical Cleansing Milk, Toner and Daily Moisturiser with Rose Water Review 

Hey lovelies,

I hope you are well.

I decided to do a review on these products I got from the Asda event: 3 for the price of 2.

I got the whole set of Garnier Soothing Botanical Rose Water collection and I have been trying this out for a month.

I loved the fact that the ingredients are 96% of their natural origin and only the remaining 4% are preservatives to help the product last longer.

Every morning after my shower I use the cleansing milk, then the toner and then the daily moisturiser and I repeat this process on the night.

The cleansing milk ‘removes makeup and impurities’. 

It has a creamy thick consistency, and It smells amazing. It also makes my skin feel so soft.

However, when I do wear makeup I have tried to solely use this to remove my makeup but I feel as though it doesn’t remove every single bit of makeup and I didn’t feel clean enough. 

It also wasted so much product trying to remove my full covered face, and it wasted so much time. 

So what I do now is I wash my face with a Tea tree soap from Hollands and Barrets which is also a natural based product.

This works better as it doesn’t waste a lot of product and there’s less makeup to remove. 

Your skin will feel soft after using the cleansing milk, and even using this alone will make you feel pampered.

Next, after allowing the cleansing milk to sink into my skin, I use the refreshing toner. 

The toner also says it ‘removes makeup residue and impurities’. 

The consistency is watery, it’s smells delicious and it’s ever so refreshing on your skin. It really brightens you up.

I could honestly see the impurities on my cotton pad, even when I had showered and removed my makeup which makes me feel like I’m really deep cleaning my skin by using the toner to pick up whatever is left on my skin.

I know I’ve used refreshing so many times to describe the toner, but honestly I have never known a toner to be so delicate, smell so lovely and be so kind on your skin. 

I really feel refreshed when I use this toner.

The final step to my regime is to use the botanical day cream which is to ‘Hydrate and soothe’.

Although it states ‘day cream’ I do use this on the night too.
The consistency is creamy but very light weight. Again it smells delicious, it also rubs in easily and my skin feels extremely smooth.

Although the day cream is light weight it does feel like it takes forever to actually absorb into my skin. 

However I do have an oily skin type so this could be the reason why.

I love the cleansing milk and the toner, and even though I love how soft and refreshing my skin feels with the day cream, maybe I need to find a cream that is going to mattify my oily skin and maybe absorb a little better.

In saying this the cream is to ‘hydrate’ the skin and personally I think this would be someone with dry, sensitive skin’s new favourite moisturiser. 

My skin does feel more cleansed and clean by doing this regime every day and every night.

I get a few spots here and there, and I won’t say this has had a significant role in decreasing my acne breakouts, but I think the regime has made my skin smoother and properly cleansed, removing all impurities and excess oil from my skin.

I think with time the products will continue to reduce breakouts effectively which will allow my skin to repair itself.

I’m still going to try the whole collection for another month and I will update this post with my progress with the regime.

They say to try skin care products a try for at least a month to see if it’s agreeing with your skin.

I am actually impressed with the collection.

Let me know what you think of the Botanical Rose Water collection, and how it’s helping your skin.

I hope you love it as much as I do.


Louise oxoxo


4 thoughts on “Garnier Soothing Botanical Cleansing Milk, Toner and Daily Moisturiser with Rose Water Review ”

  1. I tried the cleansing milk I loved the smell of it. However it really didn’t seem to react well with my skin. I wanted to try the toner but after trying the cleansing milk but I’m really sceptical about how that would react.


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