Self-love and Self-Discovery 

Giving yourself love is a hard task to do when you’re insecure, or when you have a million and one things that need to be done so looking after yourself is out the window.
Maybe you just don’t know how to give yourself love.

It’s also hard when you don’t love your own company

This can make you jump from relationship to relationship or be In constant need of other people.

Discovering the little things about yourself, such as ‘I actually like fiction books’ or noticing your own style, noticing what you aspire to be and what you actually want in life, or maybe discovering you would love to learn a new hobby because you’re interested in it will fascinate you and you will get to know yourself more. 

You will then allow yourself to become comfortable with your own company which is a part of self-love.

Let yourself be free.

Take long walks by yourself. Listen to music. Read books. Work out. Learn how to meditate and give yourself mind peace, do whatever you want that is going to make you feel great. 

I hated my own company too a few years ago. 

I just came out of a long term relationship I was only used to their company. 

It really took me a long time to adjust. I read a ton of books, did squats and re decorated my old room when I used to live at my moms house.

I noticed I love querky and exotic things for example my bedroom had a wooden threaded bird with a long feather as the tail. I also had Moroccan fairy lights on one wall and a patterned statue elephant on my shelf. I liked my style because it was unique. 

Discover what you like and don’t like. 

Find yourself and put yourself first. It’s not being selfish it’s necessary.

Admire yourself!

Ever since I discovered myself and began to like my own company, I have never allowed myself to get too comfortable with other people’s company. I’ve allowed myself my own time when I can, to have my own time and I enjoy it.

Find time for yourself, make yourself a priority. 

The relationship that you build with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have with other people.

Once you begin to accept yourself the better you will feel within yourself.

Your confidence will grow and you will feel happier.

Take care,

Be kind to yourself always.


Louise oxooxo


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