My Lip Filler Experience In Detail πŸ‘„

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I hope whoever is reading is having a wonderful day

I’ve decided to be open and write a post about getting my lips enhanced and what the experience was like for me the two times I’ve had them filled.

Both times I have opted to have 1ml of Hydraulic acid aiming to make my top lip fuller and my Cupid’s bow more pouty.

The first time I had them enhanced, I went with a friend who had hers done twice before, and I was asking the lady who was doing the injections sooo many questions because I was so nervous!

Your lips are on your face, I had to make sure I was certain that I wanted this done and knew all the risks possible.. Even though they eventually do dissolve.

On arrival I had to fill out medical forms to rule out whether I had any medical conditions, taking medication and if there’s symptoms that I had been having.

When that was all okay and after I signed a few forms, she applied the anaesthetic numbing cream all around my lips which ended up on my tongue. It felt so weird and cold.

After 10 – 15 minutes once my lips were all numb, she assessed my lips and noticed that my left side was more fuller than my right, so she suggested to put slightly more filler in the right side to even them out.

She then began injecting.. 

I’m really not going to lie, I panicked and grabbed my friends hand and her hand literally turned blue.

I thought it was really painful..

Your lips are a sensitive place anyway, and having a sharp needle injected is going to hurt.

She did say that the filler contained anaesthetic, so eventually my lips from the inside will numb. Which they did during the end and while I got used to the needles.

When more than half of the filler was used she took a step back and observed where else she could put the filler.

In total I was injected up to 8/10 times, because she was evening out the filler so that it doesn’t look bumpy, uneven and to achieve my desired look.

After the injections, she massaged my lips to even out any lumps of filler, and to spread the filler out. 

This process didn’t hurt, it was just pressure on my lips and they felt fine after she stopped injecting.

My first response to my lips was that I wasn’t too sure about them, I thought they would of looked bigger and I thought they just looked like I was pulling a funny expression that’s my honest thoughts, but I wasn’t devastated or disappointed because I knew that the final results of how my lips would look would be in a couple of days or up to a week.

I was given information on aftercare, shown how to massage any bumps and lumps in my lips if I found any, and what to do if there was any symptoms. 
When arriving home my lips felt really sore, so I took paracetamol and iced them which helped a lot. 

On the night they did double in size, they were really swollen, shiny and sore so I slept it off.

The next day I woke up with no pain what so ever and the swelling did go down a tiny bit, but they were still considerably huge. I was just happy the soreness and aching stopped.

3 days passed my lips didn’t feel sore, swelling went down and they looked lovely. I was still getting used to them.

Personally I didn’t bruise, but some people do bruise easier.

I finally felt really happy with the results two weeks later

I felt like they had finally settled and that I was used to the appearance. 

They looked fuller and when I looked at older pictures of myself I was so much happier with the results of my lips.

I could tell when they were going down in size, my top lip went down first. 

I could still feel the filler in the lining of my lips but I knew I wanted them to be fuller again. This was in the 4th week.

My friends all said that my lips look so lovely, even when I personally thought they had decreased in size.

So I went back just over a month later to get another ml. 

The process was exactly the same but of course I didn’t integrate her with loads of questions because I wasn’t half as nervous!

It did still sting when the lady injected, but after the 3rd pierce of the needle it didn’t hurt as bad as my first experience.

My lips looked a lot bigger than the first time I had them done and I got excited. I was so happy to have fuller lips again!

The after pain was the same and I felt like they felt even more sore than last time. Maybe that’s because I now have 2ml in my lips in total, but this completely went the next day.

The feeling of the fillers in your lips at first will be rock hard, you can’t feel this when your talking but when you feel your lips they do feel hard but this will settle down.

The consultant explained that the first time you have your lips enhanced, the results will go within a month and to maintain it its best to go back after the month to top it up.

After the second enhancement, the results can last up to 6 months and for some even a year, it all depends on how your body gets rid of hydraulic acid. 

If you’re happy with the size of your lips then you would just have to maintain the size of your lips, every 6 months.

To gradually build the size of your pout, it’s best to come back within a month to two months.

I’m really happy with my results and you can tell a significant difference when you look at old pictures. 

My own mom said that she can tell her much more confident I am in speaking to people just because my lips are enhanced.

Some people may think that’s ridiculous but it just shows how much a difference it can make to your confidence in a positive way. 

Make sure when you go and get your lips enhanced, do your research on the place you’re having it done, the filler, check out more than one place, the reviews, what could go wrong and I think you should never go over 1ml each time you go to get them enhanced, because it’s a process that you have to build in getting your lips to the size that you’re finally happy with.

I’m happy with the size of lips so I will be maintaining them every 6 months.

If you have any questions, please comment below I’ll be happy to answer them.

**im going to add pictures soon**


Louise oxo


2 thoughts on “My Lip Filler Experience In Detail πŸ‘„

  1. I have really thin lips and I’d like to have them more plump. I really wanna get some but I’m barely 18 so I’ll wait a while and consider if I want some.
    Great post!

    Would love it if you would check out my blog πŸ’–


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