My Acne and Acne Scars/Pigmentation – What are YOUR solutions?

Hi guys,

It’s taken me a long time to make this post I’ve wanted to do this for ages.

I’ve decided to do it anyway because I’m convinced that it doesn’t even matter that my skin is disgusting at the moment because in the future it will have improved a lot, so.. 

I wanted to post some pictures of my face right now, and talk about what I’ve tried, what worked and which didn’t work, and just the story behind my dreadful skin.

I’d love to hear your suggestions because my skin really gets me unbelievably down. 

I feel disgusting and self-conscious about it and nobody that I know has it this bad, although I’ve seen acne (online) worse.

Here are some pictures (how embarrassing..)

My biggest problem is the dark marks and the pigmentation

The pigmentation marks are so bad it looks like I have active acne when I don’t. 

I’ve noticed a pattern though, a week before and a week after my menstrual cycle my skin will be at its worst so I’m more likely to break out. 

Even if I leave a spot alone, the mark will still appear where it has been which is so annoying.

I’ve I’m honest I have the same on my shoulders. It’s just pigmentation but it’s so bad that I’m too self conscious to wear certain tops.

What really worked was birth control. I was on Co-Cyprindol for over a year and my skin was flawless. Then I decided to have a complete break from it and all my acne came back in a month, more severely. 

Id rather find something topical or natural based than taking a tablet because I don’t want my body dependent on it and then for me to miss a tablet or come off them, my acne to flare severely again.

For my pigmentation I do a sugar scrub every three days, sometimes if I am breaking out and it’s really severe I won’t do this because before it really made my skin bad.

I use tea tree soap from Holland and Barrets daily, which has helped slightly and the Garnier soothing botanical milk and toner with rose water along with the daily moisturising cream (but this is still new in my regime, I will give this a try for at least a month).

So I’m writing this post for suggestions on what has helped for you. It’s taken me a lot of courage to posts pictures of myself! 

Comment below or simply email me at with your suggestions.

I know my skin will be better in the future even if I have to go through chemical peels when I’m more financially stable haha. I’m willing to do anything for normal skin.


Louise oxoxo


3 thoughts on “My Acne and Acne Scars/Pigmentation – What are YOUR solutions?

  1. Hey! I’m so sorry to hear this, acne sucks! I’ve created an acne related blog as I’ve recently suffered with cystic acne! Hopefully it will give you useful advice for what could work for you. Hope it helps xxx


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