Always be thankful

Gratitude is such a hard thing to grasp especially when your mind is conditioned to speak about the negative.

Learning to be thankful and to have gratitude towards our circumstances has such powerful and positive benefits that can be added to our day to day life.

Keep a diary, or get a thankful book.

I saw one at wilkinsons, I’ve linked it for you. I kept seeing on Pinterest for years ‘write 3 things to be thankful for every single day’ and I just wasn’t convinced it would have an impact.

I also read in a book called ‘the secret‘ and it also mentions in its sequel ‘the power‘ that gratitude is such a powerful thing to attract positivity & opportunities into your life.

I am telling you honestly, I’ve only done this for a month every single day but I feel emotionally lighter and happier. I’m actually aware of everything and the people around me that I’m thankful for. 

I’m more optimistic and more grateful for life and positive things are happening all of the time and I really think this daily ritual is helping a lot.

It’s not about just thinking ‘well people have it much worse off than me‘. 

It’s about thinking about the people who you’re surrounded with, the home you’re in, the job you have that gives you money to enable you to buy food to eat, to have little luxurys that make you happy.

Being thankful for things such as your family members, even if you have rocky times. 

For example my aunty, were not as close now but as a child when I was first diagnosed with a condition, she was there to help me through it and to understand why I take tablets and I’m so thankful towards her for that.

You can be thankful towards previous memories even if they’re negative as this is a way of letting go.

You can be thankful for small mercys such as public transport actually arriving on time because you need to get somewhere urgent,

Having £5 in your bank just to get you your essentials.

The roof over your head, although you may sometimes hate it and wish you had somewhere nicer to live, it’s shelter and somewhere you can call home for now.

The list can go on and on..

When you write in your diary or even your phone, don’t just write any 3 things

Give thought to it and make sure you actually feel thankful for the 3 things you write.

I’m intrigued to know what you think and how you feel after doing this for a few weeks.

Comment below or message me on Instagram to let me know how you get on,

Louise oxo


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