Do more of what you love

What’s your favourite thing to do? What ignites the passion inside of you? Have you got a vision of what you can see yourself getting into, career wise?

Do it.

Don’t consider the opinions of other people. Even if it is your parents or close friends.

If there’s something that gets you so excited inside, so happy and makes you feel fulfilled to think you could maybe get a career doing what you love, or maybe start a hobby that makes you happy then follow your heart and do more of what you love.

So many people shut down career paths that used to make them feel excited including myself, because of the opinions of teachers, friends and family members, even down to your own self-doubt.

Why couldn’t you be a doctor even though you don’t have the qualifications yet?

Why couldn’t you start your own blog and become successful even though you only 2 followers so far.

What’s wrong with loving sport even though your mother thinks it’s a ‘mans sport‘ and you should get into ballet? 

Why couldn’t you become a successful singer or actor even though it’s competitive and “difficult to get into“.

So what if becoming a psychologist is “going to be extremely hard” coming from the comments of a teacher who is supposed to support the upcoming generation of successful people.

It can all be done with hard work, perseverance and patience. If it sparks a passion inside of you, and you are interested in whatever it is you like, you should do it for you, no one else.

Because this is your life that you are living and it is you who needs to keep your soul happy and fulfilled.

You can only try, and without trying you will never know the possible outcomes.

Be kind to yourself always.

Louise oxo


3 thoughts on “Do more of what you love”

  1. I loveeeee this post! It really ‘speaks’ to me.
    We should all be doing things to make us happy & it is certainly something I need to remember and take into consideration.
    Sometimes its good to be a little selfish.
    Thanks for brightening my Monday morning. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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