Good morning to you, you’re appreciated 

Good morning to the person who has been stressing about studying, remember all your hard work will pay off, you will get your qualification and that’s when another door to opportunity opens..

Morning to the mothers and fathers, who have been up all night with their offspring, your effort and energy will also pay off as your child(ren) will be forever grateful and love you even more for fulfilling their needs..

Good morning to the boys and girls who have been awake most of the night overthinking anxiously about life wondering where life is taking them.

Good morning to the families who have been grieving for a loved one and have been emotionally and physically numb for months,

Good morning to the teachers who have been putting in the effort to plan the lessons for today, to fulfil a classroom full of knowledge and understanding..

Good morning to the expectant mothers who are patiently counting down the months until their child arrives into this world..

Morning to the hard workers, who are working to provide for themselves or their families, 

Morning to the people who have been suffering from an illness or a condition, who are exhausted with the pain..

Good morning to the people who are always caring about other people, being empathetic and helpful to others continuously..

Good morning to the children who are excited about today, and the rest of their days ahead as they soak up experiences and knowledge like a sponge.

Morning to the people who have made bad circumstances into something positive, by making it better themselves.

Good morning to the people who have had their hearts broken. Every day will get easier and you will eventually meet somebody better than that person.

Morning to the dedicated fathers who provide for their children, give love, respect and gratitude towards their children no matter what their relationship is with the mother.

Good Morning to the person who is riddled with anxiety and depression, isolated and feeling as if there is no hope..

Good morning to the people who have somewhat an addiction, maybe with gambling, drugs, alcohol, smoking.. One day you will overcome this addiction and your life will be back on track.

Good morning to the wanderers, who wonder about when they will get married, have a family, when will they feel fulfilled, when will they finally be happy?

Good morning to the people who are trying to be healthier, you’re doing a great job.

Good morning to the angry people who are upset about how their life has turned out, or why certain events have happened to them. Things will get better and the more you forgive and let go of the past, the stronger you will become.

Good morning everybody.

Of course I can go on forever about the different individuals in life today, but each and everyone of us is fighting a battle, and just getting by whether it’s small or big.

You are very much appreciated.

As long as you don’t give up on hope and you continue to see the positives on your journey or at least try to, then thats all that matters.

Each and everyone of us has a purpose in life and nobody knows what is around the corner, but your life an change for the better.

Have an amazing day everyone and try your best to make somebody else’s day.

Have a blessed morning and a better day.


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