Self-love and Self-Discovery 

Giving yourself love is a hard task to do when you’re insecure, or when you have a million and one things that need to be done so looking after yourself is out the window.
Maybe you just don’t know how to give yourself love.

It’s also hard when you don’t love your own company

This can make you jump from relationship to relationship or be In constant need of other people.

Discovering the little things about yourself, such as ‘I actually like fiction books’ or noticing your own style, noticing what you aspire to be and what you actually want in life, or maybe discovering you would love to learn a new hobby because you’re interested in it will fascinate you and you will get to know yourself more. 

You will then allow yourself to become comfortable with your own company which is a part of self-love.

Let yourself be free.

Take long walks by yourself. Listen to music. Read books. Work out. Learn how to meditate and give yourself mind peace, do whatever you want that is going to make you feel great. 

I hated my own company too a few years ago. 

I just came out of a long term relationship I was only used to their company. 

It really took me a long time to adjust. I read a ton of books, did squats and re decorated my old room when I used to live at my moms house.

I noticed I love querky and exotic things for example my bedroom had a wooden threaded bird with a long feather as the tail. I also had Moroccan fairy lights on one wall and a patterned statue elephant on my shelf. I liked my style because it was unique. 

Discover what you like and don’t like. 

Find yourself and put yourself first. It’s not being selfish it’s necessary.

Admire yourself!

Ever since I discovered myself and began to like my own company, I have never allowed myself to get too comfortable with other people’s company. I’ve allowed myself my own time when I can, to have my own time and I enjoy it.

Find time for yourself, make yourself a priority. 

The relationship that you build with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have with other people.

Once you begin to accept yourself the better you will feel within yourself.

Your confidence will grow and you will feel happier.

Take care,

Be kind to yourself always.


Louise oxooxo


Love the life you live..

And live the life you love.

I hope your morning is going to be amazing.

I wanted to make this post since I’m feeling really spiritual lately, I’m not sure why but I feel like the more I write these posts it’s at least helping one person which makes me feel great.

It’s easy to focus on the negatives in life, what we all don’t have, what we want and how others have got it better than us.

Of course that’s not your fault, it’s just how were conditioned to think this way through other people saying them things so it becomes the norm.

And media of course..

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. 

Looking on media especially when you’re going through a bad stage or feeling genuinely down can make you feel 10x worse.

Everywhere you go there’s negativity that is spoken about before the positives.

We can’t control the people around us, or the media, but we can condition our own minds into thinking more positive to make ourselves feel better, and to attract better things into our lives through the law of attraction.

I do believe that you should talk about your problems if they keep coming up in a destructive way. 

It’s good to speak to someone professional about this or someone you trust so you can get all your feelings out to let go of the past.

You are capable of having an amazing life, you just have to change your thought process and believe you will get the things you want in life.

You will achieve everything you desired,

And you will succeed and thrive in whatevrt you choose to put your energy in, as long as it’s positive and will make you happy.

Hard work does pay off. Focus your energy in a positive way, on getting the lifestyle of your dreams.

You’re perfectly capable of achieving your dreams.

Be thankful that you are breathing, be grateful you have a roof over your head, food, water, you have close friends or family you can turn to or just the one person you can speak to.

Being grateful for the little things will change you’re perspective of life, and instead of putting yourself down but instead, talking about yourself highly will change your life in great ways. 

It’s impossible to stay optimistic every single day. But if you can just stay positive, grateful and loving more than half of the month, you’ve tipped the scale which is a huge achievement.

Have a wonderful day, 

Try and be kind to someone today such as a stranger. Ask them where they got their hair done? 

Compliment their smile, hold the door open, make general conversation. 

Just make today a good day not just for yourself but for someone else!


Louise oxoxo

My Acne and Acne Scars/Pigmentation – What are YOUR solutions?

Hi guys,

It’s taken me a long time to make this post I’ve wanted to do this for ages.

I’ve decided to do it anyway because I’m convinced that it doesn’t even matter that my skin is disgusting at the moment because in the future it will have improved a lot, so.. 

I wanted to post some pictures of my face right now, and talk about what I’ve tried, what worked and which didn’t work, and just the story behind my dreadful skin.

I’d love to hear your suggestions because my skin really gets me unbelievably down. 

I feel disgusting and self-conscious about it and nobody that I know has it this bad, although I’ve seen acne (online) worse.

Here are some pictures (how embarrassing..)

My biggest problem is the dark marks and the pigmentation

The pigmentation marks are so bad it looks like I have active acne when I don’t. 

I’ve noticed a pattern though, a week before and a week after my menstrual cycle my skin will be at its worst so I’m more likely to break out. 

Even if I leave a spot alone, the mark will still appear where it has been which is so annoying.

I’ve I’m honest I have the same on my shoulders. It’s just pigmentation but it’s so bad that I’m too self conscious to wear certain tops.

What really worked was birth control. I was on Co-Cyprindol for over a year and my skin was flawless. Then I decided to have a complete break from it and all my acne came back in a month, more severely. 

Id rather find something topical or natural based than taking a tablet because I don’t want my body dependent on it and then for me to miss a tablet or come off them, my acne to flare severely again.

For my pigmentation I do a sugar scrub every three days, sometimes if I am breaking out and it’s really severe I won’t do this because before it really made my skin bad.

I use tea tree soap from Holland and Barrets daily, which has helped slightly and the Garnier soothing botanical milk and toner with rose water along with the daily moisturising cream (but this is still new in my regime, I will give this a try for at least a month).

So I’m writing this post for suggestions on what has helped for you. It’s taken me a lot of courage to posts pictures of myself! 

Comment below or simply email me at with your suggestions.

I know my skin will be better in the future even if I have to go through chemical peels when I’m more financially stable haha. I’m willing to do anything for normal skin.


Louise oxoxo

My Lip Filler Experience In Detail ūüĎĄ

Hello beauties,

I hope whoever is reading is having a wonderful day

I’ve decided to be open and write a post about getting my lips enhanced and what the experience was like for me the two times I’ve had them filled.

Both times I have opted to have 1ml of Hydraulic acid aiming to make my top lip fuller and my Cupid’s bow more pouty.

The first time I had them enhanced, I went with a friend who had hers done twice before, and I was asking the lady who was doing the injections sooo many questions because I was so nervous!

Your lips are on your face, I had to make sure I was certain that I wanted this done and knew all the risks possible.. Even though they eventually do dissolve.

On arrival I had to fill out medical forms to rule out whether I had any medical conditions, taking medication and if there’s symptoms that I had been having.

When that was all okay and after I signed a few forms, she applied the anaesthetic numbing cream all around my lips which ended up on my tongue. It felt so weird and cold.

After 10 – 15 minutes once my lips were all numb, she assessed my lips and noticed that my left side was more fuller than my right, so she suggested to put slightly more filler in the right side to even them out.

She then began injecting.. 

I’m really not going to lie, I panicked and grabbed my friends hand and her hand literally turned blue.

I thought it was really painful..

Your lips are a sensitive place anyway, and having a sharp needle injected is going to hurt.

She did say that the filler contained anaesthetic, so eventually my lips from the inside will numb. Which they did during the end and while I got used to the needles.

When more than half of the filler was used she took a step back and observed where else she could put the filler.

In total I was injected up to 8/10 times, because she was evening out the filler so that it doesn’t look bumpy, uneven and to achieve my desired look.

After the injections, she massaged my lips to even out any lumps of filler, and to spread the filler out. 

This process didn’t hurt, it was just pressure on my lips and they felt fine after she stopped injecting.

My first response to my lips was that I wasn’t too sure about them, I thought they would of looked bigger and I thought they just looked like I was pulling a funny expression that’s my honest thoughts, but I wasn’t devastated or disappointed because I knew that the final results of how my lips would look would be in a couple of days or up to a week.

I was given information on aftercare, shown how to massage any bumps and lumps in my lips if I found any, and what to do if there was any symptoms. 
When arriving home my lips felt really sore, so I took paracetamol and iced them which helped a lot. 

On the night they did double in size, they were really swollen, shiny and sore so I slept it off.

The next day I woke up with no pain what so ever and the swelling did go down a tiny bit, but they were still considerably huge. I was just happy the soreness and aching stopped.

3 days passed my lips didn’t feel sore, swelling went down and they looked lovely. I was still getting used to them.

Personally I didn’t bruise, but some people do bruise easier.

I finally felt really happy with the results two weeks later

I felt like they had finally settled and that I was used to the appearance. 

They looked fuller and when I looked at older pictures of myself I was so much happier with the results of my lips.

I could tell when they were going down in size, my top lip went down first. 

I could still feel the filler in the lining of my lips but I knew I wanted them to be fuller again. This was in the 4th week.

My friends all said that my lips look so lovely, even when I personally thought they had decreased in size.

So I went back just over a month later to get another ml. 

The process was exactly the same but of course I didn’t integrate her with loads of questions because I wasn’t half as nervous!

It did still sting when the lady injected, but after the 3rd pierce of the needle it didn’t hurt as bad as my first experience.

My lips looked a lot bigger than the first time I had them done and I got excited. I was so happy to have fuller lips again!

The after pain was the same and I felt like they felt even more sore than last time. Maybe that’s because I now have 2ml in my lips in total, but this completely went the next day.

The feeling of the fillers in your lips at first will be rock hard, you can’t feel this when your talking but when you feel your lips they do feel hard but this will settle down.

The consultant explained that the first time you have your lips enhanced, the results will go within a month and to maintain it its best to go back after the month to top it up.

After the second enhancement, the results can last up to 6 months and for some even a year, it all depends on how your body gets rid of hydraulic acid. 

If you’re happy with the size of your lips then you would just have to maintain the size of your lips, every 6 months.

To gradually build the size of your pout, it’s best to come back within a month to two months.

I’m really happy with my results and you can tell a significant difference when you look at old pictures. 

My own mom said that she can tell her much more confident I am in speaking to people just because my lips are enhanced.

Some people may think that’s ridiculous but it just shows how much a difference it can make to your confidence in a positive way. 

Make sure when you go and get your lips enhanced, do your research on the place you’re having it done, the filler, check out more than one place, the reviews, what could go wrong and I think you should never go over 1ml each time you go to get them enhanced, because it’s a process that you have to build in getting your lips to the size that you’re finally happy with.

I’m happy with the size of lips so I will be maintaining them every 6 months.

If you have any questions, please comment below I’ll be happy to answer them.

**im going to add pictures soon**


Louise oxo

Amazing post on Instagram. 

So I stumbled across this on Instagram I’ve been following @chakabars for a long time and his posts are always amazing.

This post really stuck to me and it’s been in my head for days. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

You love it when without a pen I write like this, words flow like rivers grow when glaciers cease to exist. 
Let’s go all the way back to the source, which starts with stars & her eggs of course. 

Many men are confused & feel inferior, 

Infinitely shallow so stunned by exterior, 

Don’t care for her mind but stuck on the rear of her, 

Try to get deep in her but never show depth near to her, 

It’s plain you never spoke to her brain, trying to tame her body using shame left you insane. 

He called her slut, Whore & sket, yet she was openly poetry, she was growing & yet he was still alphabet. 

She wanted to lead you to a higher level, but you weren’t ready for God so you became a devil, you tried to make her your wife just to devalue her life & when she ascended from hell you called her a rebel. 

This is the story of many beautiful Queens, broken Kings cheat, wedding rings keep incomplete dysfunctional dreams. His mistake was never listening, he saw her aura glistening, thought of marriage & him christening their newborn from her womb within, but she wanted more than his next of kin. 

She wanted to change this system of sexism, he wanted sex & of her less questioning. 

She wanted a change to female oppression, he wanted brains without fail & less of her questions. 

She wanted to be heard & seen as the goddess she is. 

He wanted her to be seen, not heard so he always dismissed, All of her suffering, even when she called him King, for years he couldn’t hear her tears so she told him this…

It is from me where all life is produced, I am reality without eye you will lose, all clarity, your vanity can’t banish me, your insecurities won’t vanish me, so you choose… Will you treat me with respect, love & intellect, or will you break your soul & neck trying to negate truth without regret. At some point honesty will interject, you will see women were correct balancing, these holistic cheques won’t bounce or try to collect fallacy, I was before, I am now & I am what is next. 

With this his ego began to crumble, his words began to stumble, & he started to mumble. You have spoken honestly, I needed this humility, you are everything & more, the way of reciprocity. 

Credit: Chakabars

Always be thankful

Gratitude is such a hard thing to grasp especially when your mind is conditioned to speak about the negative.

Learning to be thankful and to have gratitude towards our circumstances has such powerful and positive benefits that can be added to our day to day life.

Keep a diary, or get a thankful book.

I saw one at wilkinsons, I’ve linked it for you. I kept seeing on Pinterest for years ‘write 3 things to be thankful for every single day’ and I just wasn’t convinced it would have an impact.

I also read in a book called ‘the secret‘ and it also mentions in its sequel ‘the power‘ that gratitude is such a powerful thing to attract positivity & opportunities into your life.

I am telling you honestly, I’ve only done this for a month every single day but I feel emotionally lighter and happier. I’m actually aware of everything and the people around me that I’m thankful for. 

I’m more optimistic and more grateful for life and positive things are happening all of the time and I really think this daily ritual is helping a lot.

It’s not about just thinking ‘well people have it much worse off than me‘. 

It’s about thinking about the people who you’re surrounded with, the home you’re in, the job you have that gives you money to enable you to buy food to eat, to have little luxurys that make you happy.

Being thankful for things such as your family members, even if you have rocky times. 

For example my aunty, were not as close now but as a child when I was first diagnosed with a condition, she was there to help me through it and to understand why I take tablets and I’m so thankful towards her for that.

You can be thankful towards previous memories even if they’re negative as this is a way of letting go.

You can be thankful for small mercys such as public transport actually arriving on time because you need to get somewhere urgent,

Having £5 in your bank just to get you your essentials.

The roof over your head, although you may sometimes hate it and wish you had somewhere nicer to live, it’s shelter and somewhere you can call home for now.

The list can go on and on..

When you write in your diary or even your phone, don’t just write any 3 things

Give thought to it and make sure you actually feel thankful for the 3 things you write.

I’m intrigued to know what you think and how you feel after doing this for a few weeks.

Comment below or message me on Instagram to let me know how you get on,

Louise oxo

Do more of what you love

What’s your favourite thing to do? What ignites the passion inside of you? Have you got a vision of what you can see yourself getting into, career wise?

Do it.

Don’t consider the opinions of other people. Even if it is your parents or close friends.

If there’s something that gets you so excited inside, so happy and makes you feel fulfilled to think you could maybe get a career doing what you love, or maybe start a hobby that makes you happy then follow your heart and do more of what you love.

So many people shut down career paths that used to make them feel excited including myself, because of the opinions of teachers, friends and family members, even down to your own self-doubt.

Why couldn’t you be a doctor even though you don’t have the qualifications yet?

Why couldn’t you start your own blog and become successful even though you only 2 followers so far.

What’s wrong with loving sport even though your mother thinks it’s a ‘mans sport‘ and you should get into ballet? 

Why couldn’t you become a successful singer or actor even though it’s competitive and “difficult to get into“.

So what if becoming a psychologist is “going to be extremely hard” coming from the comments of a teacher who is supposed to support the upcoming generation of successful people.

It can all be done with hard work, perseverance and patience. If it sparks a passion inside of you, and you are interested in whatever it is you like, you should do it for you, no one else.

Because this is your life that you are living and it is you who needs to keep your soul happy and fulfilled.

You can only try, and without trying you will never know the possible outcomes.

Be kind to yourself always.

Louise oxo

Good morning to you, you’re appreciated¬†

Good morning to the person who has been stressing about studying, remember all your hard work will pay off, you will get your qualification and that’s when another door to opportunity opens..

Morning to the mothers and fathers, who have been up all night with their offspring, your effort and energy will also pay off as your child(ren) will be forever grateful and love you even more for fulfilling their needs..

Good morning to the boys and girls who have been awake most of the night overthinking anxiously about life wondering where life is taking them.

Good morning to the families who have been grieving for a loved one and have been emotionally and physically numb for months,

Good morning to the teachers who have been putting in the effort to plan the lessons for today, to fulfil a classroom full of knowledge and understanding..

Good morning to the expectant mothers who are patiently counting down the months until their child arrives into this world..

Morning to the hard workers, who are working to provide for themselves or their families, 

Morning to the people who have been suffering from an illness or a condition, who are exhausted with the pain..

Good morning to the people who are always caring about other people, being empathetic and helpful to others continuously..

Good morning to the children who are excited about today, and the rest of their days ahead as they soak up experiences and knowledge like a sponge.

Morning to the people who have made bad circumstances into something positive, by making it better themselves.

Good morning to the people who have had their hearts broken. Every day will get easier and you will eventually meet somebody better than that person.

Morning to the dedicated fathers who provide for their children, give love, respect and gratitude towards their children no matter what their relationship is with the mother.

Good Morning to the person who is riddled with anxiety and depression, isolated and feeling as if there is no hope..

Good morning to the people who have somewhat an addiction, maybe with gambling, drugs, alcohol, smoking.. One day you will overcome this addiction and your life will be back on track.

Good morning to the wanderers, who wonder about when they will get married, have a family, when will they feel fulfilled, when will they finally be happy?

Good morning to the people who are trying to be healthier, you’re doing a great job.

Good morning to the angry people who are upset about how their life has turned out, or why certain events have happened to them. Things will get better and the more you forgive and let go of the past, the stronger you will become.

Good morning everybody.

Of course I can go on forever about the different individuals in life today, but each and everyone of us is fighting a battle, and just getting by whether it’s small or big.

You are very much appreciated.

As long as you don’t give up on hope and you continue to see the positives on your journey or at least try to, then thats all that matters.

Each and everyone of us has a purpose in life and nobody knows what is around the corner, but your life an change for the better.

Have an amazing day everyone and try your best to make somebody else’s day.

Have a blessed morning and a better day.

Hold on for tomorrow..

Today is probably a terrible day. 

Nothing is going right, there’s problem after problem or maybe you’re tired of trying to be strong.


There’s always tomorrow to start the day fresh again.

A new beginning.. Opportunities. Nobody will know until tomorrow comes and we live it.

Who knows,

You could get a new job, or promotion..

You could meet the love of your life,

You could even meet new people that will end up being your friends for life or a person to help you progress in a positive way.

Maybe you’ll find exactly what you are destined to do in life, 

Or maybe you will take up a new hobby, find something you’re interested in or possibly begin to plan your own buisness..

You might get offered the accomdation you’ve been wanting..

Maybe you will be the change in somebody else’s life, to help them become a better person.

The great news you’ve been waiting for could be received tomorrow!

Nobody will know what is destined for you, until you go through tomorrow.

And if those things don’t occur tomorrow, there’s always the next day.

You are an individual with plenty of opportunities, so don’t let one bad day make you want to give up.

My point to this post is, just because today is a crap day. There’s many days ahead of you that will make your future brighter. 

There’s many days ahead to create amazing opportunities and there’s a lot more to life than this one bad day. 

There’s plenty of exciting paths to take in this world, so take advantage because you are amazing.

Just wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Be kind to yourself, always.

10 advice notes for New mothers 

Do not feel bad if you want space from visitors!

Ok, I get that every single family member, friend, neighbour etc want to have a cuddle with the newborn. But you have just had a baby and you need time to adjust, heal and get settled in. Maybe you’ll only want one close family member or friend around to help out or perhaps you will just want some alone time to settle in. 

Of course it’s different if you are feeling really emotionally upset and are turning people away, then I do think it’s best to talk to somebody about how you are feeling. It doesn’t mean you’re not coping what so ever and there are people to help such as your Heath visitor or midwife.

If you genuinely do want space from people to adjust to motherhood and to get to know you’re little one now that they are born, don’t feel bad. If they were there for you, they will understand and allow you to bond and heal. 

Everybody is going to have an opinion on how you choose to parent.

Unfortunately it’s true and people will give you tons of tricks and tips on feeding, sleep routine, weaning.. The list goes on. 

they won’t be afraid to give out their opinion even when it’s not wanted. If you want to do something your way as long as it’s safe, then do it your way and be confident in your decision to do so. 

Kindly accept their opinions/tips but don’t take them on board. Do your research, follow your instincts. Every household and parent do things differently as every child is different!

If you want to breastfeed/bottle feed then so be it!

It is completely up to you how you feed your child and you don’t need to answer to anybody. As long as your baby is putting on weight, is healthy and you are following safety guidelines I think the way you are feeding your baby doesn’t need to be explained. 

I breastfed my son and I’m still going, so I can only relate on that level. A lot of people will be happy to sway you from breastfeeding or try and give you advice when they have been poorly educated or have heard tales. 

If you want to breastfeed then do so, make sure you have a great breastfeeding support team to help you with any problems or enquires you have whilst feeding your baby and don’t feel pressured to stop before baby and you are ready due to other people’s opinions. 

Research on the Kellymom website really helped me feel confident after hearing people say “how do you know he’s getting enough?” “He’ll sleep better if you just gave him a bottle” “he’s one? And you’re still breastfeeding?” Also my local breastfeeding team really helped me. 

There is also a national breastfeeding helpline available to contact that I will link.

The same applies to bottle feeding. If you’re happy to bottle feed as long as you are safely following guide lines, baby is putting on weight etc then perfect. Other mums I’ve spoke to have told me they feel guilty that they bottle feed, but if your baby is well you should feel confident in your decision to feed and as long as baby is healthy, and happy you are doing a great job.

Keeping your baby close is not going to make a clingy baby.

I’m not sure if you have heard this but speaking to my friends who are mums have all said that they have come across this saying when their baby was a newborn including myself! 

Think about it
. Your baby was in your womb for 9 months. They were always close to mum. They know your voice they know your smell, they want to be close to Mummy. 

You will certainly not make a clingy baby if you want cuddles, allow them to sleep on your chest and if you pick them up. Do whatever you feel is natural and follow your instincts. A baby who is picked up more, attended to more and is close to mum is a secure and happier baby.

Age and circumstances do not have an impact on how well of a mother you are

If you’re a young single mum like me, no doubt people have judged you and spoke to you like you are naive and don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. 

Age has nothing to do with how amazing you will be at parenting. Just do your best and I swear by research and instinct! 

Never ignore your instincts. Your baby is an amazing bundle of joy who needs protection, warmth and a lot of love and you are not incapable of doing a great job just because of your age or circumstances.

It’s okay to not have your sh*% together some days

You have just had a baby you’re adjusting to broken sleep, this new precious life and also trying to keep sane at the same time. 

Your house is probably a mess and you probably don’t even know what day it is and the last time you actually had time for yourself to have a shower. 

That is completely normal. When you’re having one of those days when things seem to be on top of one another, just take it as a bad day. 

Leave the chores, forget the fact the house is a mess, get somebody to make you dinner, let somebody that you trust have your little one for an hour or so, just so you can have that hour to yourself. 

Invite someone over that you can talk to, do whatever you need to feel better.

The worst thing to do is to go online on social medias. 

We all have that one mother who were envious of because her hair is always sleek, her makeup is on, her house Is immaculate and her child is 24/7 smiling and never seems to cry but the truth is in reality that one picture took a second to take. Reality is, not every mother is going to have amazing, stress free days and that’s absolutely fine and don’t feel bad or guilty if things don’t go to plan that day. 

Talk to other mums

I was the first friend out of the group to have a child and whenever I spoke to them they couldn’t relate so I’d feel like a failure and as if I were an alien. 

When I began attending mother and baby groups, speaking to other mums I realised its normal to feel the way I do sometimes. It’s completely normal that my son is doing certain things and I stopped feeling crap about my parenting and began to get confident in what I was doing through speaking to other down to earth mothers.

Never compare your child to anybody else’s child

Even though speaking to other mums is great and you do feel human, but when they start saying things like “well he started walking at 7 months”, “oh well, my daughter started speaking sentences from 5 months” “he rolled over when he was a day old”. I mean what I’ve said is over exaggerated but it can make you feel like ‘well why isn’t my child doing this?’ 

Honestly the amount of time I wasted always worrying about my sons development, he didn’t crawl but once he started cruising and taking his first steps that’s when he began to crawl. Every single child hits milestones at different times. 

When one child is learning how to talk, the brain doesn’t allow them to learn how to walk at the same time, vice versa with learning how to walk. 

Every child develops differently as long as you are doing all you can and if you are concerned then speak to a professional such as your health visitor and see what they suggest but 9/10 they will reassure you that nothing is wrong as you are doing a great job.

Don’t feel bad if you want time for yourself 

As mothers we carry a lot of guilt. Having a baby, trying to cook, clean and keep sane is exhausting and every single mum deserves a break now and then. 

Don’t feel guilty for that as you are only human. Arrange with someone who you trust to look after your little one so you can have a day’s rest and to catch up on house work. Even if its for a couple of hours.

Enjoy the journey of motherhood

At times it will test you to the maximum at some points in the day. Your little one will also make you laugh so hard and you will appreciate all these amazing moments. 

Just remember they think the world of you and they love you so much. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got the high tec stuff for your child, you’re all that they need.

Have an amazing day, 

Louise oxo