You are beautiful, here’s why..

There is something about you that makes you beautiful. 

Each and every individual has something different and unique about them.

Whether theres something beautiful about your personality, the beauty in the way you speak about your passions and your interests, or your beautiful smile, your beautiful eyes. 

There is something beautiful about each individual in different ways.

Even if you don’t notice your beauty, somebody will.

You offer the world so much of your potential, even if you think you offer nothing.

You are loved, and you will impact somebody’s life in magnificent ways that you could ever imagine.

You will leave your own personal imprint  on at least one person in life. And that’s pretty amazing. 

For example..
You could give somebody advice, which could mean nothing to you, but the world to them. It could make them rethink about actions that could of impacted their lives negatively.

You could walk into a room and smile at somebody who has had a bad day, and you could easily change their mood with your smile.

While studying, a teacher could really warm up to you as they can see you take an interest in what they’re teaching, you are taking in all the information which then gives them confidence and courage to continue teaching effectively.

Even holding the door open for a complete stranger and chucking and making small conversation can change somebody’s bad day to a good day. 

You are powerful and you are beautiful.

And you are even more beautiful when you smile, laugh, and when you’re happy.

You owe it to yourself to be happy, to make changes to make your life easier and positive.

Positivity attracts positivity..

The only person who is in charge of your life is you and you can and achieve anything and everything you have ever wanted. 

Through your beauty, and positivity: life follows you.

Life is beautiful, and you was born to make an impact on someones life, in the most beautiful way that you could ever imagine. 

Life is a journey. Events happen for a reason.

Even if it’s to teach you valuable life lessons to enable you to adviser  someone who will go through the same in the future, or to give you life experiences positively to impact you in more beautiful ways.

Of course. Things will happen in life to make us feel all those negative feelings. As if your drowning. But you have to pull yourself back up, and want to become happy again. 

Easier said than done. I get it.

Work on it. No excuses. It can and will be done. You will get there, never give up.

Allow your beauty to be exposed to the world, never conceal your passions, your interests, your cheesy jokes, your sense of humour.

These are all things that make you beautiful.

ALWAYS be kind to yourself. You owe yourself that, it’s the least you could do.

Be confident, kind and loving. Always.


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