My son is turning 7 months this month, and there’s been times when I’ve been out thinking “I wish I had this, I wish I would of packed this” so if I know I’m going to be out the next day I try to pack it the day before so I’m organised, I can get baby ready and myself ready without worrying about the changing bag. 

My changing bag is called ‘Babymel Grace Changing bag‘ from John Lewis and I love it. It fits everything in, and it looks lovely.

Here are the things that I put in my changing bag which are essential.

Nappies: Of Course the number one thing. Anything could happen, accidents can happen and it’s not fair to leave your baby in a dirty nappy for hours. It’ll be uncomfortable for them. I take about 5 nappies just in case, and fit them in one of the pockets in my changing bag.

Wipes: Again something that is essential. If he’s sick, wet wipe at hand is handy. I need wipes in order to change him, wet wipes are handy for anything even myself! But we’re talking about baby. When he begins eating I will probably be using them all of the time. It’s a must to carry a pack of wet wipes in my changing bag at ALL times.

Baby petroleum jelly: I use this as a protection barrier when I change my child. I used to use Vasaline but switched to Boots baby petroleum jelly. I love it it’s exactly the same as Vasaline but stretches out better and is cheaper. This helps prevent sores and helps him not get sore from his nappy. 

Three toys: Distraction is handy when baby is close to tears and irritable. Toys are needed in situations when you need to distract them or keep them entertained. I put three of his favourite toys in my changing bag so if he gets bored of the one, I’ve got two more to keep him going! 

Two bottles: I’m currently breastfeeding at the moment, but I like to do a bottle of expressed milk just in case and a bottle of cool boiled water. It takes me an hour to express just 3 or 4 ounces. It depends on the day in all honesty I’m not too sure why because when feeding my child, he’s content and he’s gaining amazing weight so I’m unsure why I can only express 3/4 in one hour with breaks. 

Jar of puréed food: he’s began eating now, and the amazing thing about that is I don’t always have to go and find somewhere to breastfeed him. And like I said above its sometimes hard to express milk some days, and he loves his food so this is a must for my changing bag. Just don’t forget a spoon!

A reading book: He’s really into reading at the moment, especially the sensation books where they can feel different things such as fur imprinted in the books to go along with the story. It’s a great distraction and good development for them. If you think babies are too young to be read to, your wrong! It’s good to begin reading as soon as they’re newborn. It’s great development and good for a routine, such as if your getting baby ready for bedtime. Bath, then reading a book is good to help baby wind down. 

His red book: Anything could happen, I just love to keep it with me. The baby’s red book holds down any medical information and is available for doctors or nurses to write in anything they feel is important. You take this book to his injection dates at the hospital or doctors surgery. Not everybody brings their red book out with them but I feel at ease doing this.

Dummy: Again another distraction! If there is no hot water to heat up the bottles, or if I can’t breast feed my child there and then a dummy will keep him ‘satisfied’ for a few minutes until I can go back to my car to breast feed, or somewhere where I’m comfortable to breastfeed. Also the dummy helps him self soothe.

Two vests and Two sleep suits: Anything could happen. He could be sick all over his clothes so I would have to change him, he could get really messy and soaked when feeding, he could have an accident where I’d need to change him. Carrying two is important and always prepared. If I would only bring one pair out and he were to soak it with his dribbling again as he’s teething and hates wearing bibs all the time, then I would have no other clothes to change him in. It’s always good to be prepared!

A blanket: I always make sure I carry a blanket with me for his comfort and if the weather decides to dip as I live in England, I’m prepared by keeping him warm with the blanket. I use the blanket to cover up myself when I have to breast feed him in public.

Teething Solution: I could never leave the house without this. His teething is making him so irritable, so without this he would be screaming and very miserable. This helps numbs his gums and soothes them when they’re hurting him. I have Anbesol liquid as I find its better than the gel and you can get this at boots.

That would be it! 

What do you have in your changing bag? 



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