You’re probably in the last stages of your pregnancy and preparing for the birth of your little one.

Your birth plan can be very important to you, or you may wish to go with the flow of things and not have one. It’s entirely up to you and it depends on what you would want happening at your birth.

In your birth plan you will have to write down things, such as:

  • WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE YOUR BABY: some mothers may choose to have their baby delivered at home, or at a hospital. It is entirely up to you and where you find most comfortable. If you do opt for a home birth read about it here, and your options when opting for a home birth.
  • WHO YOUR BIRTH PARTNER IS: this is important so that the nurses understand who that person is to you and whether or not you would like them to speak for you whilst your going through a contraction.
  • WHAT IS YOUR PREFERENCE OF PAIN RELIEF: Some people like myself may choose they would prefer to try and do the birth without an epidural. It all depends on what you want. Here you can read up on the different pain reliefs you’re entitled to and what effect it will have on you and your baby. It’s important to educate yourself, also to bare in mind if you can’t handle the pain it’s okay and it’s okay to opt for another pain relief even if that wasn’t on your birth plan.
  • DIFFERENT POSITIONS FOR BIRTHING AND THE USE OF EQUIPMENT: it’s good if you could try and attempt to attend antenatal classes as they show you through the birthing process, breathing techniques and positions that help during your labour. Speak to your midwife about attending antenatal classes and ask for more information regarding the positions used and the equipment in the room that you will be entitled to use to hell hour labour.
  • HAVING TRAINEE NURSES THERE ASSISTING YOU: everybody has different opinions on this and this may not bother you but I just wanted strictly qualified and experienced nurses at my birth because of family experiences that I wasn’t comfortable about. Of course nurses need to learn in order to become qualified nurses and better at their job, the choice is entirely up to you. I would say if you’re considered high risk to really consider this option.
  • ASSISTED BIRTH AND IF YOU ARE OPEN TO IT: assisted birth is when you would need the help of forceps or ventouse to get the baby out. You have the option to have the help of those when baby is so close to coming out or the option not to opt for that. You must consider the safety of your baby and the easiest way to get your little one delivered.
  • SKIN TO SKIN CONTACT: on my birth plan I made this essential to be written everywhere. Even though I told them not to read my birth plan because I was in so much pain, I think they considered a lot of my points. You have the option to make skin to skin essential right after baby is born to help regulate their temperature, and remember it’s a scary time for your baby as they’ve been snug in your tummy for 9 months, hearing your heart beat and being close to mommy is very comforting to them.
  • DELIVERY OF THE PLACENTA: once baby is delivered you have the option of delivering the placenta naturally or you also have the option of having an injection to help speed up the process. I chose to do mine naturally and while I was holding my baby boy the nurse pressed down on my stomach and massaged it, and there popped out my placenta. Every experience is different and sometimes having the injection is the easiest option as you may be too tired to deliver it.
  • YOUR FIRST FEED WITH YOUR BABY: whether you would like to try and breastfeed your baby immediately after birth, or whether you would just like them to be formula fed. 
  • IF BABY HAS TO GO TO A SPECIAL CARE UNIT: it’s a good idea to write down what you would like to happen, in case this does happen. Would you like to care for your baby as much as possible or would you prefer the midwives to do this instead.

Once you have created your birth plan go over it with your midwife, family nurse, whoever you think would make you think of things to add or think deeply about. It’s important you get your birth plan checked.


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