When I was pregnant I was obsessed at looking at routines online because you think whilst your pregnant “how am I going to do this?” “How will I know what my routine is?” Trust me you will!

For me a routine is very important with my son. It allows me to know where I stand, what I’m doing for the whole day and my baby is in a brilliant mood.

Just bare in mind, my child is 4 months old and I am 4 months experienced in parenting. This will be frustrating to read and to follow with a newborn as they’re more needy and feed more regular.

If things are out of line such as bath time, he gets a little fussy and now he distinguishes between day time and nighttime, and goes to sleep for 7 hours before he wakes up ravishingly hungry, and then goes back off to sleep for another 2/3 hours. 

Also bare in mind routine always switches, sometimes things are out of line or are different, this is just what happens on average. Every baby is different so trial and error is a good place to start.


My first feed with him will be around 5am or 6am or even 7am. He will wake up hungry, and still tired and I will feed him straight away and he will go back to sleep for another two or three hours. This is perfect for me because I can either choose to go back to bed or get up and start my day which I normally do. This gives me time to shower, eat breakfast, get his daytime clothes ready and just get the whole day started. 

Once he wakes up finally around 8am, 9am or 10am, I’m normally awake before him and I greet him and speak to him so he wakes up really happy and excited for the day. I think it’s easier when your there to comfort them when they wake up. Sometimes my baby has woke me up screaming out of no where, so when you see them just waking up, talking to them is reassuring. 

I take him downstairs to get washed down or top-and-tailed. I wash him down using Johnson products, such as top-to-toe and johnsons baby bath everyday cleansing. I use baby powder on him because he’s a chunk, and has a lot of rolls I like to make sure I’ve got rid of any moisture that could cause him painful sores. It makes baby’s skin super smooth.

After his wash down, I feed him and sometimes he decides to take a nap, 7/10 he will take a nap. If not we play on his play mat until he wears out and eventually takes a nap.

He will nap up until around lunch time hours when he’s hungry again, so I will feed him and play and interact with him. 


Around 2pm I try to aim to take him out for a walk around the block just for fresh air and sanity! He’s very alert and loves to observe the scenery. I talk to him show him flowers, we listen out for the birds. I want him to know how beautiful life is. 

When we get home, he’s either knocked out by the fresh air and naps for an hour and half, or half an hour Or he’s hungry again. So I will feed him and then interact and play with him.

If we haven’t been out I just play with him and help him with rolling over and tummy time as that’s very important for development. I also take him out the back garden to listen to birds and show him scenery if the weather is decent. 

I also distract him by taking him in different rooms in the house. He finds that really fascinating and loves the different patterns on the walls.


Bath time is at 6:20pm. When in the night garden comes on. He loves the programme and focuses more when he’s in the bath. I’m unsure why but it actually does tire him out. I use Johnsons bath time bubble bath lavender, and once he’s out the bath I use the Johnsons baby powder nighttime blend which is amazing and smells delicious. I highly recommend Johnsons nighttime products they actually work and help promote bedtime. They smell delicious too.

After dressing him which will bring me up to around 7pm, I will feed him again and he will take his last light sleep nap for half an hour or an hour.

I would potter around while he’s asleep, making sure things are clean, ready for bed time, his sheets are changed and my bedroom is clean and cosy for him. 

Once he wakes up from his nap at around 8pm I read to him, talk to him softly so he knows it’s night time and wind down time, not hyper and active, which he loves to coo back to me and look at my expressions. 

We cuddle and watch in the night garden on BBC iPlayer until he gets tired. At that stage I feed him upstairs in my bedroom at 9:30pm/10pm/11pm, with his two night lights on and he will drift to sleep. His favourite night light is the Chicco goodnight stars projector. He settles on my chest and is more comfortable there, so I stay with him on my chest for 10 minutes so I know he’s in a deeper sleep, then I put him in his Chicco next 2 me crib which is amazing if your breastfeeding.

During the whole day as he’s breastfed, and he feeds on demand. There’s no timing or knowing when he will want a feed. 

I hope you’ve found this useful, if you’re anything like me I researched routines and information to help him go to sleep. I’m considering writing a newborn routine but saying this you and baby are both discovering each other and life with parenting so I think getting a routine would be important after 2 months. It’s good to implement it from early but it’s perfectly normal if baby is not sleeping throughout the night, my child only began this at 3 months.

Thanks for reading,

Louise x



    1. Haha everybody is different don’t worry too much about getting your newborn into a routine they will just be focusing on getting used to the world the first couple of weeks 🙂 xx

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