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I purchased the miniature version of the high beam as there was an offer at boots “3 for £15” or it might of been 4. I will lead a link to the boots benefits page and the offer should come up if it is still available. 

The product reminds me of a nail polish, when you unscrew the lid it is attatched to a brush where you can directly apply on your face, and the highlighter is the liquid in the bottle which you dip the brush into which makes it more practical compared to powders, I get it everywhere! 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: 5/10 I was in two minds when I tested this product, I couldn’t work out if I liked it or not. I think it’s important to blend the product properly and dab it around the area, not just the area that you actually applied it on if you applied it directly to the skin. 

Another way to put the product on would be from the sponge then onto your face, or your finger tips. I find that the highlighter is more effective when applying the highlighter directly onto my skin from the brush but in doing this, if you draw just a line of the highlighter on your face and don’t blend it out properly it won’t look as effective. It will look like a shiny line on your face. So I had to discover ways in what made the highlighter more natural looking. 

WEAR: 5/10 I’m still deciding whether I like this product compared to the powder. I think that the powder highlighters can actually come up more highlighted and pigmented, but the liquid version of the high lighter like this one it blends it better but it’s not as pigmented and you have to apply more than once to get the full effect. You can also built the product, you can choose how highlighted you would prefer your look.

DURATION THROUGHOUT THE DAY: 8/10. The product lasts longer than powder it does settle on the skin better than the powder. 

OVERALL: 7/10. I’m still deciding but I do like the fact the product settles in my skin rather than it sitting on top of my skin, which makes the makeup come off easier. I like that you can build the product depending on how dramatic you want to look but as I’m addicted to highlighter I think that I find the powder versions more pigmented. This product is excellent for natural looking approaches to highlighter, so I think it is worth buying and testing for yourself.

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