My beautiful baby boy is coming up to 3 months old. He’s happy, content and I’m getting the hang of parenting, routines and breastfeeding and he’s getting used to life outside the womb.

I was thinking for a few days of things I would of done differently and things I will do with my next pregnancy, and I thought it would be a good topic to write about. I don’t live to regret these things, I just would like to recommend some tips to those mothers to be out there.

1. ATTENDED ALL BIRTHING CLASSES – definetely number 1 here. Through out my pregnancy I was absolutely convinced that I would be strong enough to just deal with the pain. I would say “I would never embarass myself and scream and shout I think I’d be able to do it”. No. No. No!! You have never experienced such pain as contractions, it’s good to go to birthing classes to find out coping methods to deal with the pain such as breathing techniques, positions you can get yourself in. Instead of pacing round like a raging loonatic shouting and screaming for quiet!

2. SWIMMING – I would of loved to of gone swimming while I was pregnant. It’s supposed to be beneficial and your baby is supposed to like it in the womb. It apparent makes them kick more. I would of benefited from the excercise and I would of thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not too sure why i didn’t attend swimming classes but I will definetely be doing this next time round.

3. TAKEN CARE OF STRETCH MARKS – this is going to sound ridiculous but I think because I’m young I believed that my stretch marks would magically “disappear” or “I will deal with them after I have the baby”. I just wasn’t phased by my stretch marks whilst I had a huge bump (my excuse), until that deflated. I’m now left with long purple stretch mark scars because I was so big. I think it’s important to start treating stretch marks and even if there isn’t any visible, treat your bump for stretch marks.

4. NOT OVER SPENT ON NEWBORN SIZES – seriously. I went overboard on newborn outfits but didn’t focus on clothes with 0-3 and 3-6 months and so on. My boy only spent 2 weeks in newborn, then another 2/3 weeks in 0-3 months and then he was in 3-6 months. He gained so much weight quickly and he is a long baby. Now he is in 6-9 month clothes and he has just turned 3 months old. So my advice would be to stock up on other clothes in the ranges 0-3, 3-6 months and so on. So if your baby does gain weight and grows fast you’re prepared.

5. I WOULDN’T OF HAD A BIRTH PLAN – I imagined my birth to be a water birth, no pain relief, I could move around breathe, labour my child whilst having the freedom to move and it would be peaceful with aromatherapy oils. NO! Not for me anyway. My case was different my baby was 3 weeks early and my blood pressure was sky rocket so i was strapped to a bed couldn’t move but it was so important because they had to monitor my heart beat, blood pressure and also he baby’s heart beat and check whether he was distressed so I literally could not move. Which was horrible going through every contraction but here we are. When I was going through contractions I couldn’t handle noise. HATED NOISE! Anybody talking I would be shouting Shhhhh! I’m not sure why I just couldn’t focus and get through the pain. Because I wrote a birth plan they kept interrupting me asking me “on your birth plan Louise..” I literally ended up saying “F%#* the birth plan!” It was too much. I ended up having pethadin and Gas and air which wasn’t too bad. I’m just saying anything happens on the day and the birth plan is the last of your worries. I would recommend just going with the flow but also educate yourself with pain relief and the different things your entitled to when you’re giving birth such as an excercise ball that you can roll on, a birthing pool and even running yourself a bath. I remembered the bath before I was given any pain relief and it was the first thing I did. It helped and was relaxing.

6. I WOULD OF BEEN MORE ACTIVE – throughout my pregnancy all I did was stay inside and sleep, or just lounge around. Realisticly I should of went swimming, I should of forced myself to go out of the house but I was just too scared of loosing him for the first 4 months and the other month I was too exhausted and I turned lazy. I couldn’t get out the house I didn’t have the energy to move. This has kind of turned into a good thing now he has arrived because I’m used to staying in the house. But I believe my stretch marks wouldn’t of been so bad, and I think my energy levels would of been higher. 

7. STOCKED UP ON FUTURE SIZED NAPPIES – This is important because you go through nappies like no tomorrow. My baby stayed in size 1s for a month then we had to switch to size 2s. The size 2s lasted for 2 weeks then we began putting him in size 3s because to me they seemed more comfortable 

8. TAKEN MORE VITAMINS – I felt really unhealthy during my pregnancy. I had 0% energy and I was just plain lazy but if I would of taken vitamins I believe I would of felt more energised and healthy. It’s important to make sure you have the essential vitamins to help the growth of your baby. I took 3 iron tablets when I could remember and for the first couple weeks I did take folic acid. In my third trimester I bought these vitamins from Asda. You can get them from boots but it just one tablets 

9. ATE HEALTHILY – cravings make you want everything and anything especially if you have morning sickness and can’t eat just anything. For me whatever I craved I got because I couldn’t stomach anything else and majority of the things I craved were really unhealthy. Although I sort of couldn’t help it I could of began eating healthier when my sickness wore off but I chose not to which has caused my severe stretch marks!!!

10. SPOKE MORE ABOUT MY WORRIES – it’s crazy when your in the moment of feeling really anxious and worried, you feel like you will never feel better you question yourself how life is going to be when baby is born, will this situation improve, will I be supported enough? How will I be able to financially look after myself and baby? In the end things always work out but instead of letting my head go 10 to the dozen I should of offloaded to somebody that I trust, maybe my blood pressure wouldn’t of been so high.



  1. Loved this! I keep second guessing myself on whether or not I should be stocking up on those nappies or not, I guess I probably should be ! Everything written is so true especially expression of worries I find it helps clarify everything in the end. Hindsight is amazing 🙈

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