I purchased this product at boots. The main reason I went for this is to control my oily skin from coming through in my makeup, and to help my skin look smoother and matte. 

The benefit’s POREfessional matte primer comes out like a gel, rather than a cream which is the normal texture of primers I’ve used in the past. It glides lovely, but it does comes out quickly, which could make you waste the product. 

The texture on my skin is lightweight and pratcially non existent. You can’t feel it underneath your makeup, it feels lovely.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: 8/10. The product feels lightweight and absorbs well. It’s a good base for my makeup especially for my oily skin. Without this matte primer as my base, my foundation is extremely oily and shiny on my face. I found that because it absorbs so well I tend to put more layers on than I need to, just so I make sure my face is fully matte for my foundation. 

APPLICATION: 8/10. The primer is thin which goes along way, and also absorbs quick, it also leaves a matte finish exactly what it says on the bottle. I hate when products fail to deliver what they claim to do, but this product does Infact matte the whole face, and makes a fresh and smooth surface for your foundation to be applied on.

DURATION OF PRODUCT: 6/10. Ok, so this product does matte your foundation and your face doesn’t look shiny at all, but after a few hours but I’ve found that my foundation does begin to feel oily again within 5 hours. That’s still a bit of time. Even though my face feels oily, you can’t notice that it is oily and nearly sliding off my face. My makeup still looks okay. I was expecting it to last a bit longer for the price I paid. This still is a great product especially for those with oily skin. 5 hours is still an okay amount of time.

PROS: mattes skin and foundation on top, lasts an okay amount of time, great packaging, gel based, light weight and not heavy, absorbs wonderfully.

CONS: gel comes out very watery and goes a long way which can result to wasting the product. Cannot put the product on top of your foundation as it makes it patchy (this is my experience).



  1. I’m very sceptical about this as I have super dry skin… I wonder if the normal one might be good for me or not… Thanks for sharing 🙂


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